Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 451: Ancestral Flow

Li Qiye sighed after hearing Peng Yi and replied: “The High God has always kept the hundred races in mind, bearing the responsibility of bettering the overall situation.”

He wasnt surprised to hear about the ambush because it was all too common in the tenth world. It would happen at least once every generation, going up to more than ten at times.

Despite having a pact, the three races and the hundred races still had conflicts and disputes. The imperial path was the most heated area since both sides didnt want to see new emperors for the other.

There might not be any battle beforehand, but at the day of ascension, a High God or a behemoth sect would start an ambush.

Even though the tenth world had seventy-two Heavens Wills, not all would be shouldered in a single generation.

If all seventy-two were shouldered, then a difficult period would drape over the thirteen continents. All of its chaos and origin powers would be drained. Descendants would have a hard time cultivating. Even older emperors and gods would be affected, especially the High Gods. It meant that they would be stagnating during that generation.

Because of this, High Gods didnt want to see all the wills taken, same with the older emperors. Once there werent that many wills left, the behemoths would start ambushes so that no one else could shoulder the wills. After ten thousand years, the remaining wills would disperse and return to the world.

Due to these factors, some wills would always be left behind in each generation. This became the norm.

It meant that the candidates needed to be one step ahead of the others. Otherwise, they could bear the risk of being ambushed by the previous generation at the later stages.

“Right. The forefather has always cared about the matters of the hundred races. He taught us that our clan will definitely cease to exist if the hundred races were to face a perpetual decline.”

“A calm nest will have eggs.” Li Qiye said with a tinge of emotion. The High God had a keen understanding of the hundred races current situation. Without it, the hundred races will surely decline.

“I wonder how forefather is doing right now.” Peng Yi eventually said with a sad expression: “We havent heard from him after that battle. No news of him either.”

Star Stomper was quite fierce during that battle but rumor has it that he suffered some damage as well. After all, the War-Monarch Clan was no slouch. This was an imperial lineage with five emperors. Even if these existences didnt come out, just their number of High Gods alone was frightening enough.

Peng Yi was only a junior and wasnt qualified to know the hiding coordinates of the High God so he had no contact channel.

Even their older generation had withered so the clan couldnt communicate at all, let alone letting their descendants come to meet the High God. This was the reason why the High Gods birthday celebration was so low-profile.

“Dont worry, your forefather has the Nine Cauldrons bloodline and can handle this much. As one of the two great ancient bloodlines of the human race, its power is beyond your imagination.” Li Qiye consoled.

The thirteen continents strength was predicated on ones bloodline. The major ones were the four great immortal bloodlines, eight ancient bloodlines, and twelve ancestral bloodlines.

Generally, the age of the bloodline was proportional to its power. Because the older, the closer it was to the origin and the primal state of the world.

Because of this, an ancestral bloodline was referring to atavism, returning to the beginning of each race. An ancient bloodline could be traced back to the eras in the legends. As for the immortal bloodlines, they were even more mysterious. Rumor has it that immortals once existed in the older eras and they passed down their lineage.

“Right, the forefathers Nine Cauldrons bloodline is mighty. I heard the seniors in the clan said that it was extremely pure. Unfortunately, it couldnt break through the bottleneck to become a Human-monarch bloodline.” Peng Yi said with admiration.

The bloodlines were divided into four branches: heaven, devil, divine, and the hundred races with the humans as the main representatives.

The reason was very simple. The first immortal bloodline of the hundred races appeared on a human. Thus, though some people considered a Human-monarch bloodline to belong to the hundred races, it was more of a human bloodline. Of course, the other races from this faction have also produced Human-monarch bloodlines.

Human-monarch was one of the four immortal bloodlines, the most prestigious of the hundred races. The Nine Cauldrons was one of the two ancient bloodlines right below the Human-monarch bloodline. It was a big reason why Star Stomper was so powerful despite having only nine totems.

“Its impossible for an ancient bloodline to turn into an immortal one.” Li Qiye explained insipidly: “So many people have tried to do so before. There is a chance for an ancestral bloodline to turn into an ancient bloodline but not an ancient into an immortal one. No need to think about it since the possibility is simply zero.”

Bloodlines were different from physiques. In the nine worlds, a physique could go up in rank but the possibility of bloodline fundamentally improving in the tenth world was low to a negligible level.

As Li Qiye had said, there was a chance going from the ancestral to the ancient level. However, there was no chance of going from ancient to immortal. An immortal bloodline represented the ultimate authority with an unfathomable power beyond imagination.

“I heard when one has an ancestral bloodline for a long time, there is a probability of giving birth to an immortal bloodline in the future.” A tiny sliver of hope flashed in Peng Yis mind.

No descendant in their clan had inherited their forefathers Nine Cauldrons bloodline. This was the most regrettable thing in their entire clan. After all, it was too precious so the clan wished that it could continue to pass down. Alas, they couldnt get any of the three atavistic bloodlines of the human race either.

Their only remaining hope was the rumor that after a bloodline existed long enough, it would have a certain chance of evolving.

“It does exist but the chance is predicated on ones bloodline power.” Li Qiye smiled and elaborated: “If one doesnt have a powerful bloodline already, it wont be possible. Well use your Nine Cauldrons bloodline as the example. In order for it to become a Human-monarch bloodline, it requires the polishing of an imperial blood. In other words, after three generations of Immortal Monarchs in your clan and one of them must have the Nine Cauldrons bloodline on top of further refinement of the bloodline, there is really a tiny, tiny chance of an evolution.”

Peng Yi smiled wryly after hearing this. An Immortal Monarch was something the clan didnt dare to think about. Just revitalizing their clan was already good enough.

“No need to be sad because this is the norm.” Li Qiye said: “Many imperial lineages cant even grasp such a precious bloodline. They tried to have marriage alliances for generations with matching bloodlines but still cant get an immortal one. Of course, they still have a better chance of getting this bloodline more than ordinary clans since their bloodlines are innately more powerful.”

He continued: “This played a big part as to why the three races are stronger than us in the beginning and have immortal bloodlines before us. Their bloodlines are simply greater at the start. Later on, the hundred races became stronger, so did their bloodlines. Thus, the first Human-monarch bloodline was born in Six Dao Human-Monarch. Even though this wasnt a twelve-will emperor, it was still enough to contend against the ones with twelve wills!”

Li Qiye sighed emotionally. The evolution of the four great bloodlines was the same as the evolution of the races. Growing stronger was essential in keeping up with the others in term of innate bloodlines.

“Thats true.” Peng Yi agreed that it is a fools wish for his clan to have an immortal bloodline: “The clan only hope to have another person with the Nine Cauldrons bloodline. At the very least, this will prolong our lineage.”

“There is a chance as long as the clan sticks around.” Li Qiye said: “This is up to fate but also, just keep growing stronger in order to produce more formidable offsprings.”

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