Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 449: Who The Hell Is Your Brother-In-Law?

as indeed injured.” Peng Yi revealed.

There was no point for Peng Yi to hide this matter because many big shots from Pure were aware of it.

Jin Ge was a supreme genius and was one of the most hopeful candidates to become a top emperor. His talents were amazing enough and he was highly regarded by the Heaven Race.

If Jin Ge had three smooth seizing events, the most common and conservative estimate was that he would get ten wills. If all stars aligned, he might even be able to obtain twelve wills to become someone like World Emperor.

Having twelve wills meant becoming a top emperor. If one were to come out in this generation, it would reshape the political landscape of the thirteen continents.

In history, only nine emperors had twelve wills and only four were still alive to the present.

Of the four, the only person from the hundred races was Immortal Monarch Yi Ye.

Outside of the extremely mysterious Purewood Divine Emperor, the other two emperors were World and Profound. World Emperor came from the Heaven Race while Profound Emperor came from the Divine Race.

Because Purewood was too elusive, the other three top emperors created a balance of power situation.

If Jin Ge were to catch the right wind and become a twelve-wills emperor, he would definitely stand by World Emperors side since he was a heavener as well.

Moreover, the War-Monarch Clan always had a great relationship with World Emperor. At that point, World Emperors faction would have two top emperors. Even if Profound Emperor maintained a neutral stance, the Heaven Race would have an absolute advantage and became a great threat towards the hundred races.

Even though Immortal Monarch Yi Ye was a supreme existence, he wouldnt be able to fence off two other emperors at the same level.

Because of this speculation, Star Stomper High God joined the ambush without any hesitation.

Wen Sheng from Arrogance was also a top genius in the contemporary. Only Jin Ge was his match so the two of them have been rivals for a long time. Each of them had different strong points so a victor was virtually impossible to decide.

However, one generation simply couldnt have two emperors with twelve wills. First, not to mention the high chance of a Heavenly Execution from the appearance of two top emperors, no one in the world wanted to see it either. It would deliver a great blow to the thirteen continents current political landscape.

A Difficult Dao Era would start as well. These two emperors would absorb all the primordial chaos energy of the origin during their reign. Thus, other emperors would immediately interfere whenever this possibility arose.

Because of this, if two top emperors were to come out in this generation, it certainly would be Jin Ge and Virtuous.

Thats why Virtuous had this plot during Jin Gens ascension attempt. Killing Jin Ge would have been the best outcome but stopping him from becoming a top emperor would have been fine as well.

Virtuous went to find Star Stomper and stated his plan and the High God didnt refuse at all. Despite not being an Ancient God, Star Stomper was crazily powerful due to his set of nine totems and prestigious bloodline. Moreover, he was battle-hardened and experienced after surviving Emperor Hunt.

Thus, he alone was able to stop the High Gods from the War-Monarch Clan and contributed greatly. In the end, the ambush was a success. Even though Jin Ge came out without heavy injuries, he lost his chance to seize the Heavens Wills. He would never be able to become a top emperor with twelve wills from that point on.

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