Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 449: Who The Hell Is Your Brother-In-Law?

The disciple made it clear in a polite manner that they didnt want outsiders at the celebration of Star Stomper High God.

“I know.” Li Qiye said: “I came uninvited but so what? Will your estate not welcome a guest?”

“No, of course not.” The disciple hurriedly said: “Our clan is receptive to guests from all over the world. May I ask for your name and where you are from?”

“Li Qiye, a vagrant cultivator. I am here specifically to celebrate the High Gods birthday due to his great contribution to society.”

The two disciples exchanged glances. One of them said: “Please wait, I will go report to the higher-ups.”

Li Qiye nodded and stood in front of the mansion to stare at the old plaque. He was slightly moved by Min Rens signature. Everything flashed before his eyes as if it was only yesterday.

Back then, regardless of their personal feud, Min Ren still didnt hesitate in standing by his side and supported him just like the past.

He was the first to rush in battle during Emperor Hunt, the one to uphold an entire domain to fight against the top emperors of the three races!

Unfortunately, things didnt always go as ones wish. Not too many people were left, Star Stomper was one of them. This was one of the High Gods who followed him during this campaign.

He wasnt a match for peak emperors and Ancient Gods but he was ferocious enough with his spear dripping with the blood of his enemies.

During his sentimental recollection, the disciple who went to report came back and told him: “Young Noble Li, please come inside. The servants have prepared a quarter for you.” With that, he led the way.

Li Qiye nodded and followed the disciple into the Peng mansion. Even though he came uninvited, the clan appreciated anyone who was here to celebrate their High Gods birthday.

His stay was at a minor courtyard. It was not a VIP treatment but the clan didnt slight him. Their hospitality was attentive and thorough enough.

He took out the yellow page given to him by the old man and meticulously read it. The more he read, the more surprised he became.

As the teacher of Immortal Emperors and the dark hand that had experienced millions of years, which merit law had he not seen? Heavens Will Laws, heaven-destroying techniques, ancient arts… He had seen too many to count. Just naming a random yet famous one could shock people.

Alas, the content of the yellow page still shocked him. He murmured: “This old man is extraordinary to have this level of enlightenment. It must be due to the lack of Heavenly Execution. Other emperors wouldnt have a chance to see this so clearly and research further.

The old man himself was already brilliant. Despite turning back into a mortal, this didnt change his true nature as an emperor. Because he didnt suffer from the looming threat above, he had a better chance than the other emperors to peer into the high heaven!

Other emperors could be stronger than the old man but they lacked this opportunity because they needed to hide in Exploration Grounds in order to avoid the Heavenly Execution.

This old mans profound content was inscrutable. Even someone at the ancestor level wouldnt be able to understand it. Only emperors could read and comprehend it.

Li Qiye took his time perusing the page. It was only some thoughts written down and had nothing to do with laws and techniques. Thus, Li Qiye wanted to derive these ideas down even more in order to create a supreme merit law.

On the second day of his stay, a youth around the age of twenty came to see him. He dressed properly and was handsome to boot. His little gestures seemed experienced, same with his dignified expression. Alas, due to his age, there was still an unavoidable greenness to him.

The youth saw Li Qiye and immediately cupped his fist: “Brother Li came from afar to visit our humble abode yet I was overwhelmed with business and couldnt give you a better reception. Please excuse me.”

He was very polite and even slightly bowed with enthusiasm towards Li Qiye.

“I came uninvited so no need for a grand reception.” Li Qiye chuckled and nodded back.

The youth hurriedly said: “My name is Peng Yi, Im temporarily in charge of the mansions administration. Please forgive us for any mistake in hospitality.”

This youth was the current clan master of the Peng. He was startled to hear the disciple earlier sending the message about someone named Li Qiye coming to offer his respect.

Li Qiye took a second glance due to the age of this clan master. It wasnt because he looked down on young people or that he cared about the appearance of such a young clan master in this ancient clan. Ultimately, this was a bad sign for the clan.

An ancient clan always had orders and ranks. Thus, the role of a clan master was usually taken by someone experienced and this usually came with age.

If this clan had a youth like this as its master, there were two possibilities. The first being that this youth was exceptional and brilliant with enough experience. This type of genius was considered top-notch. The second possibility being that the clan had fallen. The older generation was gone before their time so the young generation had no choice but to step up and face the trials and hardships.

There was no doubt that Peng Yi didnt belong to the former type. His cultivation and talents werent bad but there was a big gap between him and a supreme genius. This meant that the second possibility was happening.

Peng Yi understood the inquisitive glance and smiled: “The seniors in the clan have taken a step back so I have no choice but to bear the great responsibility despite my naiveness and ignorance. Feel free to give me any guidance.”

“Being young is also an advantage. Keep accumulating positive experiences and your future will be limitless.” Li Qiye slowly said.

Peng Yi cupped his fist in response: “Im not worthy of your praise, Brother Li, but I will keep it in mind.”

Li Qiye smiled and nodded.

“Not too many people are aware of my forefathers birthday, your goodwill visit truly brightens our clan.” Peng Yi was very careful with his choice of words in order to keep the right amount of decorum.

It wasnt out of dubiousness but he needed to be careful. Outer Realm was far from Pure, especially the Jilin territories. Nevertheless, he had still received a message stating that someone named Li Qiye had taken down the crown prince of Heavenly Phoenix.

There was no doubt that the description matches this fella ahead.

In his mind, someone who dared to murder the crown prince was definitely ferocious. Keep in mind that Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince was an imperial successor and Jin Ges brother-in-law. Normal people wouldnt dare to provoke him, let alone taking him down in front of everyone.

Thus, when such a fierce character showed up in their clan in order to celebrate their forefathers birthday, it did bring up some questions in his mind.

Even though the forefathers birthday was coming up in the next few days, the forefather still wasnt back for many reasons. He was still hiding in Exploration Grounds so his descendants couldnt offer their respect in person. It was only going to be a small party.

Moreover, the Peng was no longer the same as before. This was another reason why they didnt want to invite outsiders.

So now, the uninvited guest made Peng Yi wondered if there was any ulterior motive?

Li Qiye could see through this and chuckled: “Dont worry, I am here with sincerity. Star Stomper High God had done everything he could for the hundred races. This is worthy of respect.”

“No, Brother Li, that wasnt my intention, I was simply curious.” Peng Yi became a bit awkward after Li Qiye exposed him. His young age meant that his skin was still quite thin.

Li Qiye took out a box and said flatly; “I wont bother the High God since he is in seclusion right now. This is a minor gift to show my sincerity.”

Peng Yi quickly accepted the box, opened it, and became frozen right away. Waves of fragrances came from within. Anyone who smelled this would feel as if they were walking on air after falling into a comfortable state with their energy channels opening up.

One could faintly hear the cry of a dragon as well. Just the smell and the roar were enough to let others know of the gifts extraordinary nature.

“This… this is the mythical resin of a dragon?” Peng Yi gasped and said in disbelief.

Even though their clan wasnt as strong as before, it was still an ancient clan so Peng Yi knew his stuff. Even though he had never seen the resin of a dragon, this matched its description in the books exactly.

Keep in mind that this was a True Dragons resin, not a pseudo-dragon like a half-serpent or a flood dragon. Only emperors could access this level of a treasure.

1. I dont know about this one, 脂 is fat, rouge, resin. Usually, if it was blood, the author would use xue (blood), not this character. Dragon fat seems a bit weird so I went with resinPrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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