Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 448: Crushed With One Hand

Outer Realm City was not in Pure. It was far away at the border of the sky, hanging in the galaxy.

Due to the prohibitive distance, ordinary cultivators couldnt fly from Space to this city. A portal from an imperial lineage was necessary.

Nevertheless, the city wasnt the final stop since it was actually the beginning of adventures and would lead to even more dangerous areas.

People loved to talk and go to the place right outside of it, Exploration Grounds. There were too many legends and each place was different.

For millions of years now, people came and went. Some ended up being buried there.

No one knew how vast it was or described it with details. Just talking about one corner of the place was difficult enough. Some even said that just one corner of this place was larger than Pure.

No one had been able to travel through the whole place, not even the supreme existences like emperors.

The reason why the place was so popular was due to its elusive nature. As long as it was the right time and place, Heavenly Execution couldnt come down. Rumor has it that the high heaven couldnt peer through this place completely.

This was the reason why emperors and gods chose to hide in this place.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that all the living emperors and Ancient Gods were hiding in the different Exploration Grounds. Even some High Gods were staying here as well.

This was the reason why many experts came to this place. Some of them wanted to see the appearance of these higher level beings. Others wanted to meet their forefathers just once.

Of course, the emperors werent so hospitable. Even if their descendants were to come, they wouldn ’t necessarily give them an audience. Only influential ancestors or High Gods were eligible to meet their ancestors.

This was also an adventurous ground, full of unimaginable excitement. There were supreme divine artifacts from older epochs and immortal panacea. In deeper regions, there were immortal ores that were created at the start of the primordial chaos.

One could come across treasures easily here that were not weaker than the imperial level. They could casually dig out a unique immortal ore or medicine that could bring one back from the brink of death.

These treasures were the other reason why so many cultivators wanted to come here. Of course, there was a proportional risk to the reward.

Artifacts were scattered about but so were the ominous items.

The latter had been found too many times to count in history. Someone excavated a corpse that laid waste to his group of one thousand, causing them to decay to death.

Another devil was found and it scooped out the hearts of seven High Gods. A golden spring in the legends was found and it instantly turned all of the imperial children into corpse liquid.

Finding an artifact meant becoming rich overnight, but digging out an ominous item meant complete destruction, a death without a grave.

Nevertheless, numerous experts still planned for it despite knowing that they may not return. The adventurous soul was uncontainable.

Outer Realm City was the start for these adventurers. They pulled up their anchor and spread their sails to follow their lofty dreams and aspirations.

It was created from a large planet, resulting in ancient ruins everywhere. It floated in the galaxy and had a sun and moon rotating around it. The sky here was no different than the one seen in Pure.

When one stood outside, they would find large walls covering the entire planet. These walls were simply impenetrable. The city was prosperous and rowdy, one of the biggest in Pure. Thousands of cultivators were staying here along with other beings.

Majestic mountains and grand rivers were present just like other cities in Pure. As time passed, people took root in this place and even started sects and businesses.

Li Qiye walked on the old street with many emotions. This was once the outpost where he declared war against the three races. The walls here stopped their great armies.

Today, the smokes of war have receded and this place had become a paradise for adventurers. People have forgotten the grisly carnage of the past. Wise sages traded their blood and bones so that the hundred races could stand strong today.

This great street with ten lanes was paved with bluestones, hard and lasting. Millions of years werent enough to damage it.

Li Qiye and the Jilin Princess were supposed to meet here. However, he wanted to see an old friend beforehand.

At the end of this street was a large mansion with a gate large enough to be a citys entrance. It was heavy and thick, capable of stopping an army. Two bronze lions sat to the left and right, looking quite stately.

The years have done a number on this mansion. The two bronze lions were rusting as well from the rains and winds.

There was an old plaque hanging above with the words, “Peng Mansion”. It carried an immense imperial power that has withstood the test of time.

Below its name was a signature, “Min Ren”. This made it look like an emperor was standing right there. Anyone would uncontrollably feel a sense of respect after reading this name.

In fact, some experts from the hundred races would always take off their hats and bow when they came across this mansion.

This was one of the ancient clans in Outer Realm and had produced several High Gods. Despite not having an emperor, the experts from Pure still respected it all the same.

The most famous and revered of their High Gods was Star Stomper.

He had nine totems that have formed a set but the most amazing thing about him was his prestigious Nine Cauldrons bloodline.

Keep in mind that the Nine Cauldrons was one of the eight ancient bloodlines and one of the two most magical and precious bloodlines of the human race.

This was an exceedingly powerful High God due to his set of totems and bloodline. However, this wasnt the reason why he was so respected.

His contribution to Emperor Hunt was the main reason, on top of surviving the war.

Because of this, Immortal Emperor Min Ren of the human race personally wrote the name of the mansion and even his own signature. This was the highest form of ceremony that an emperor could do for these title inaugurations.

Today, the Peng Mansion wasnt as unstoppable as before. It looked a bit cold under the rays of dusk. Only a few lamps were lit up inside its abandoned ground.

In front of the mansion were two red lamps. One of the words was “longevity”. This prompted Li Qiye to calculate with his fingers after seeing the longevity lamp.

“Looks like its Star Stompers birthday in several days. Looks like his descendants are having a celebration for him.” Li Qiye murmured.

Having said that, he headed towards the mansion. Though he didnt want to bother the High God, he still wished to congratulate his birthday.

Two disciple guards stood proudly by the entrance. One of them asked right away: “May I ask for Fellow Daoists name? How can I help you?”

“Star Stomper High Gods birthday must be near.” Li Qiye told the disciple.

This disciple was slightly surprised. Even though his forefathers birthday was no secret, not too many people could remember the date since the god had lived for so long, outside of his own descendants.

“Yes, sir. May I ask for your purpose?” The disciple calmed down and inquired.

Li Qiye calmly said: “If the gods birthday is coming soon, I wish to congratulate him.”

“Well.” The disciple hesitated for a moment: “Were not receiving guests for the forefathers birthday.”

1. I could have used regal instead of Nine Cauldrons since this was a symbol of imperial power, but that might be too big of a change and it loses the visual description. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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