Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 444: Heaven Sealing Pentagate

After staying at Jilin in the last several days, Li Qiye was ready to leave since the time was right.

He wanted to see old friends at Jilin but alas, he didnt even get a chance to say goodbye.

“Your Excellency, may I ask where you are heading to? If you dont mind, this lowly god is willing to follow you.” Southern Sun respectfully said.

Despite being an amazing High God, he assumed the position of a junior when speaking to Li Qiye.

In fact, this wasnt shameful at all. There were so many emperors from both the nine and tenth worlds who considered themselves as Li Qiyes juniors.

This was an existence who started Emperor Hunt. He gave commands to the emperors from the hundred races, only World Emperor could stand on the same level as him. The other emperors had no chance.

Thus, a god like him was no different than an insect before this supreme existence.

Li Qiye smiled and chuckled: “Even though the chance for a Heavenly Execution is very low for a High God and virtually non-existent for one without anima, the chance is still there.”

He looked at the High God and continued: “Knowing propriety is rare so thats commendable on your part. You have a way to go before grasping anima since it isnt easy to turn your totems into a set.”

“Right you are, Your Excellency. When a High God has a set and anima, there will be a chance of contending against emperors but it isnt easy to reach that step.” Southern Sun said with a tinge of emotion.

“Very well, out of appreciation for your good judgment, I have written about anima in the last two days. Try your best to learn it since it will be quite beneficial.” Li Qiye took out a manuscript and handed it to the High God.

Southern Sun was startled to see this. Each emperor and powerful High God had their own method with anima. This particular domain was too important and ladened with secrets; these powerful beings wouldnt pass their technique down so easily.

But now, Li Qiye casually gave him some knowledge on anima. This was a priceless treasure in Southern Suns eyes.

His hands were shaking while accepting the manuscript. He gently opened it and confirmed that it was indeed related to anima. Ordinary cultivators wouldnt be able to understand this.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” The High God kowtowed and said: “My Southern Sun Clan will forever remember your kindness. If you ever need us, just say the words and we shall jump into the boiling water for you.”

This manuscript was truly too much for the High God. If he could grasp anima, then he would take a huge leap forward, allowing him to form a set with his totems!

Li Qiye nonchalantly accepted the grand gesture. The High God bowed once more before leaving quietly.

Li Qiye called for the Jilin Princess and said: “I wont take your clans item for nothing. So be it, you are a smart girl so I will give you a fortune. Wait at the Outer Realm City, I will take you somewhere.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She gently bowed her head. This was indeed a peerless opportunity in her eyes to be favored by a supreme overlord like this.

“I need to go somewhere first, just meet me over there.” Li Qiye ordered.

She agreed but still became curious: “Where are you going first, Young Noble?”

“Quite a distant place, to see an Immortal Emperor.” His eyes drifted to the horizon.

“An Immortal Emperor?” She was surprised to hear this.

Everyone in the thirteen continents knew that all emperors would hide after the end of their generation without seeing outsiders. Only the most amazing characters could meet them.

“You are off to Exploration Ground?” The princess asked after regaining her wits.

Exploration Ground was an endless space, full of mysteries. The emperors were usually hiding in this place.

“No, right in Pure.” He flatly responded.

She thought she had misheard him because she wasnt overly startled to hear him meeting an emperor. After all, he was indeed capable and could do so whenever.

But to meet an emperor in Pure was a shocking story. Her eyes widened in disbelief: “Thats quite something, there are still emperors hiding in Pure and not Exploration Ground?”

This would shock everyone, an Immortal Emperor from the nine worlds staying at Pure?

“There are exceptions to everything. Of course, one or two emperors can be staying in the mundane realm along the river of time.” Li Qiye said slowly.

“But if the emperors dont hide in Exploration Ground, a Heavenly Execution will surely come.” She wasnt questioning him but this was too astonishing. All the emperors needed to hide because no one could handle these executions.

“Its true that only Exploration Ground would allow them to hide from the execution. But so much time has passed, a few eccentric emperors could avoid this rule for different reasons.” Li Qiye said with a tinge of emotion.

The princess wasnt too surprised about the exceptions. Just because she hasnt heard about it didnt mean that it didnt exist.

“But there are trade-offs to everything.” Li Qiye continued: “For the emperors from both the nine and tenth worlds, certain things are out of their control.”

The princess had no response. She also wanted to see this emperor, to see how amazing they were.

Of course, Li Qiye wouldnt take her to see the emperor. She had a prestigious background but this was not enough to qualify her an audience. Even if she were to inherit the legacy of her clan, she might not be able to do so either. Only when she herself became strong enough would she be able to meet her progenitor and the other emperors. If her progenitor had to meet with every future successor in each generation, he might as well not be in seclusion.

“Well meet at Outer Realm City.” Li Qiye reminded one more time before leaving.

He didnt tell anyone as he left outside of the princess. There was no need for a goodbye ceremony either as he disappeared into the vast sky.

Pure was boundlessly large. When one stood high enough above to look down at this world, they would find this territory exceeding their imagination.

Mountain ranges resembling dragons situated themselves on the earth. Divine peaks towered into the blue clouds to shoulder the sky with the celestials floating around them. Rivers surged torrentially just like furious dragons as well. All of these things were grand but paled in comparison to Pure as a whole.

On such a grand place, the hundred races were mere ants, no, even smaller than ants.

Not to mention mortals, even cultivators couldnt reach all the corners of Pure or be able to gaze at its entirety. Only emperors had such vision and control.

An existence in Pure was the same as a drop of water in the ocean, blending in with its peers. Just imagine how difficult it would be to find a particular drop.

If a person at Pure didnt want to be found, someone could spend the rest of their life and fail to find that person.

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