Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 442: Telling A Story

Li Qiye gazed at the item. It looked quite ordinary and seemed to be a rock that has been burnt to a crisp and full of cuts. These cuts couldnt have been done by the juniors of the clan since they were formed naturally at its inception.

Upon closer inspection, one would find that the charred appearance wasnt due to heat. They were laws of the grand dao twisting together and causing uneven surfaces.

Inside these surfaces were ancient runes. The ancestors from the Jilin Clan have never seen them before.

“It directly flew to the clan?” Li Qiye mentally shuddered after seeing this and asked.

“Thats right.” The princess nodded: “The ancestors said that a long time after our forefather embarked on the ultimate expedition, this meteorite fell from the sky. The ancestors couldnt see through its mysteries so our monarchs said to wait for the fateful person.”

Back then, the appearance of this meteorite shocked all the ancestors in the clan. Keep in mind that a great lineage like them had a land that was completely reinforced. Without their permission, not even a mosquito could get through. There must have been a reason why this meteorite was able to gain entry.

The ancestors understood that the item was shocking even if it wasnt a treasure due to the information contained inside. Alas, they failed to learn anything so they left it to the “fateful ones”.

The item was of the utmost importance since it fell down from the sky. It must have something to do with the ultimate expedition so the ancestors kept it a secret from outsiders. Today, it wasnt easy for them to let someone else see it.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and gently placed both hands on the item. He had always been unperturbed regardless of the circumstances but his hands were uncontrollably trembling this time around. This wasnt good news for him because there were many things encompassed within that he didnt wish to face.

Alas, he still had to face them. He couldnt personally send the last expedition away with Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen but it was time to look at the item from the sky.

The world fell into a terrible silence with time stopping. The princess stood there calmly and was willing to keep him company. From start to finish, she didnt issue a single sound and even purposely slowed down her breaths.

Eventually, he withdrew his hands. The princess could see that they were trembling.

Li Qiye slowly said: “I want and will take this thing away.”

He didnt wait for a response before putting it away.

“I will let the ancestors know.” She spoke softly.

What else could she say? He didnt give their clan any time to negotiate at all nor had any intent to do so in the first place. Their opinion simply didnt matter.

Li Qiye sat down and ordered: “Tell Tieshu Weng and his disciples to see me.”

The princess called for a disciple to send the message.

After Tieshu Wengs group came in and saw Li Qiye, they simply didnt know what to say. Tieshu Weng and He Chen had no power in their knees and dropped to the ground. Shen Xiaoshan was also kneeling.

“This, this lowly one greets Young Noble.” The old man was stuttering. He was truly frightened after the last two days. Alas, there was also a trace of excitement.

Just imagine, even the ancestors from the Jilin Clan were respectful towards Li Qiye while Southern Sun High God served him. In the past, just an ordinary disciple from the Jilin Clan was already a big shot to a small sect like his. As for the princess and Southern Sun High God? They were simply unreachable. His sect wasnt even qualified to see them.

But in the last two days, the four of them not only met many big shots and ancestors from the clan but also received great hospitality. They might not be VIPs but they were still guests nevertheless.

This was something they had never dared to dream of in the past. Just making friends with an ordinary disciple from the clan alone was the blessing of the heavens, let alone staying here as guests.

This period was more colorful and eye-opening than the first half of their lives. They finally understood that being able to wait for Li Qiye was the good karma accumulated by their ancestors. Being able to stand by his side was their honor, the happiest matter in the world. Unfortunately, they didnt hold on tight enough.

“Rise.” Li Qiye said.

The group finally stood up for a quick glance before lowering their head again, full of admiration.

“It is a twist of fate between her and me.” Li Qiye told the princess: “Let her cultivate at the clan. Her future achievements will be up to her own fortune.”

Shen Xiaoshan stood there in a daze and thought that she had misheard him. She pointed at herself in confusion and asked: “Young Noble, youre talking about me?”

After seeing a nod from him, she became even more out of it. Tieshu Wengs group were astounded as well. Such a good thing came too swiftly and caught them unprepared.

“Rest assured, Young Noble. I will find her a suitable master.” The princess agreed right away.

The clan didnt lack disciples like Xiaoshan. In fact, someone of her level needed to pass many assessments before entering. An exception was being made here.

It took a while before the group could calm down. They felt crazily happy afterward since they were already satisfied with visiting the clan. Being able to see the ancestors was a fortune in and of itself.

These meetings allowed their sect to have a firm position back at West Bank. At the very least, West Bank wouldnt dare to destroy them or do whatever they please like in the past. It needed to think twice now against this tiny sect.

Thus, Tieshu Weng had already accomplished his goal with this trip. But now, his disciple could actually enter the clan and have the princess find her a master?

It meant that their sects status at West Bank had soared. One could even say that they wouldnt need to rely on West Bank any longer and could establish their own businesses.

Shen Xiaoshan entering the direct branch of the clan meant that Sago Palm had a fundamental boost in status.

“Thank you for your grace, Young Noble.” Weng and his disciples kowtowed.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Go back from whence you came. This is a type of fate.”

Weng took a deep breath and kowtowed again, realizing that this was the end of their connection. Nevertheless, he was already satisfied and wouldnt ask for anything else.

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