Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 440: Divine Spark Prince

s. At that point, even their forefathers might not be able to save the offending juniors.

Meanwhile, the other ancestors present had an even harder time calming down. Even if they couldn ’t guess Li Qiye ’s true identity, judging from the monarch ’s decree and Southern Sun ’s attitude, this Li Qiye was definitely at the overlord level. Only such a being could alarm a monarch.

”Gentlemen, watch your words. ” Guanlu slowly told all of the ancestors present: ”Don ’t recklessly talk about today ’s matters, I ’m sure no one wants to invite a sect-destroying disaster? ”

He wasn ’t trying to threaten them, merely speaking the truth. A supreme overlord entering the mundane world for an unknown reason? He must have an earth-shattering purpose, something beyond their ability to speculate.

This wasn ’t the topic for a casual chat. It could have something to do with the hundred and three races or even the monarchs and emperors.

Thus, running one ’s mouth could end up offending somebody who was easily capable of annihilating a great power!

”Brother Guanlu, we ’ll keep it in mind. ” One ancestor shuddered before solemnly answering.

First, let ’s not even bring up Li Qiye ’s identity. Just the scroll from Immortal Monarch Jilin alone was a taboo subject. There was no need for the monarch to do anything himself, his clan would take care of the leakers.

The other ancestors hastily chimed in accordance, not daring to take this situation lightly.

”That ’s for the best. ” Guanlu nodded and said.

In fact, he also took this matter very seriously due to its mystique. After all, an overlord coming into being was truly shocking.

Remember that it was prohibitively difficult for any emperor and monarch to come into being since a Heavenly Execution could come at any moment. But now, an overlord even destroyed his own cultivation to avoid the execution for an unknown purpose? Something incredible was about to happen.

It took a while before the iron curtain blotting out the sky dispersed. The ancestors from the clan finally breathed easier.

The young disciples from the clan were curious about this great matter but they couldn ’t ask anything after seeing their seniors ’ austere expression.

Even if a junior was bold enough to ask about it, all they would get is a scolding to not do it again.

In the depth of the clan with brilliant sceneries, immortal lights were oscillating everywhere. Birds were flying in this auspicious place with deers resting. Lingzhi was everywhere next to the divine trees…

An ordinary person couldn ’t stay at such a paradise, not even ancestors from the clan. Only forefathers were allowed in this place, such as the monarchs and High Gods.

However, these high-level beings weren ’t staying at the clan. Their descendants wanted nothing more than for their forefathers to return to this wondrous place for a few days.

Alas, after their monarchs went into seclusion, they have never returned to this place. Occasionally, some High Gods would visit for a few days.

Even the individual blade of grass was familiar to Li Qiye, stirring emotions in his heart.

The grasses and trees were still here but what about the familiar faces? The Jilin Clan was different now. It was still as prosperous as before but he couldn ’t find the same emotions as before. The tinge of closeness and familiarity was gone.

After a long time, a knock came from outside. Li Qiye casually said: ”Enter. ”

The Jilin Princess came in while holding a large wooden trunk. She placed it in front of Li Qiye and took out an item from inside: ”This is the item that came down from the outer realm. The High God ancestors from out sect said that it has something to do with our Nightfall Immortal Monarch. Please have a look, Young Noble. ”

With that, she carefully placed the item in front of him.

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