Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 436: Ghost River

The sovereigns death silenced the scene. Grand Rules expression became austere.

First, it was his son, Shen Jinlong, who died to Li Qiye. Now, even his favorite disciple couldnt escape. It would be strange if he wasnt furious right now. This was an irreconcilable feud.

The other ancestors here didnt dare to say anything and only stared at him.

From beginning to end, he didnt even lift a finger and quietly sat there while Golden Python Sovereign had scattered with the wind.

“What kind of damn technique is this?” Southern Sun couldnt help but ask, forgetting about his initial goal of regaining face by defeating Li Qiye.

After seeing this display of might, Southern Sun was filled with curiosity and questions.

A while ago, he thought that everything was only an illusory art, despite its realistic appearance. After the death of the sovereign, he understood that this wasnt the case. It was a supreme technique that they have never seen or heard of before.

Keep in mind that these two High Gods have lived for a long time with great knowledge. They have seen and talked to emperors. There werent that many techniques they were unaware of in the world.

But the reality was that they had never seen the techniques from the Thought Scripture before. It wasnt strange for them not to know about it.

Purewood Divine Emperor was the only person besides Li Qiye who had trained with the scripture before. Alas, too few people in the thirteen continents have met him. A rumor existed stating that not more than five have actually seen the emperor and who knows how many among them had seen Purewood use techniques from the Thought Scripture?

Perhaps this was the first time the world had seen it, thanks to Li Qiye.

“A thought to create the myriad laws and all living beings; one will to grasp the universe.” Li Qiye freely smiled and said.

Southern Sun carefully repeated the words in his head and pondered the mysteries within.

Meanwhile, the rest of the ancestors thought that this statement was too arrogant. Only the high heaven was capable of such a thing! Even emperors didnt have this privilege.

“Such nonsense, you think youre capable of such a task?” Grand Rule snorted before speaking with authority.

Li Qiye didnt care for the skepticism and replied: “Come, try it and see.”

“Hmph.” Grand Rule had murderous glint flashing in his eyes. Each strand was as ferocious as the fiercest sword. They could easily make mincemeat out of someone. Even before Grand Rule did anything, the people present felt a faint pain on their skin due to his gaze.

Guanlu stepped up again and said: “Gentlemen, how about everyone takes a step back?”

Southern Sun had no objection. He only came to regain some face but after seeing Li Qiyes techniques, he felt the need to be prudent.

Hesitation surfaced about teaching Li Qiye a lesson. He wasnt sure that he was capable of doing so successfully. Once failed, it would only make matters worse.

Guanlu noticed this and continued: “The grand dao is long; feuds and revenge happen every day along with the competition of the youths. The path towards the throne is ladened with bones, every day, a genius would fall down…”

“High Gods, it might not necessarily be appropriate for the two of you to step up for your juniors. If you are willing, our clan will be the mediator for peace and prosperity.” Guanlu sincerely advised.

He was mainly aiming it at Grand Rule because he could see that Southern Sun was starting to change his mind. As long as he could convince Grand Rule, he would be able to diffuse the situation at hand.

At the same time, he had no hope of convincing Li Qiye. Just like the princess said, this was a supreme existence descending to the mortal realm. It could be a type of training for him.

Even though a few High Gods could compare to emperors, Grand Rule was definitely not one of them. Thus, Li Qiye would not be afraid of him. In fact, he probably didnt even take the guy into consideration at all.

Now, Guanlu had to convince Grand Rule. As long as Grand Rule were willing to acquiesce, it was no problem to do the same to Southern Sun.

“A death feud cant be forgiven, there is no going back!” Grand Rule uttered coldly.

He had no intention of settling this peacefully. His son and disciple have been killed; there was no way he would be able to swallow this indignation.

It didnt matter whether Li Qiye had an invincible technique or not, he must have revenge. Their death must not be in vain!

Guanlu continued to persuade the stubborn fella: “High God, it is admirable seeking revenge for your descendant and disciple. However, as an intelligent visionary standing at the apex, you should know that life is not a smooth road. The Jilin Clan does not want to see its members being killed inside our territory but we also dont want to see further conflicts. Will you let this go or not?”

He clearly made his point – the clan did not support the High God seeking revenge. It showed that they were standing on the same side as Li Qiye.

Though Guanlu wasnt as strong as him, Grand Rule needed to be careful because Guanlu represented the Jilin Clan. They had High Gods at the same level as him, not to mention the two emperors!

The ancestors here exchanged glances before shuddering. The clan had revealed its opinion on this issue.

It should be siding with its own tributary but it chose mediation instead. There was only one explanation – the opponent was too strong!

They became quiet and recalled the death of Golden Python Sovereign. Just how strong was this Li Qiye? No one was certain of this particular question.

A cultivator with only several hundred chaos units was actually unfathomable. Quite bizarre indeed. People began to wonder if Grand Rule could actually defeat Li Qiye in combat.

Under normal circumstances, everyone would naturally pick the High God instead of the junior. This wasnt the case right now.

“I will not share the same sky as my sons murderer! A life for a life! One of us will die today!” Grand Rule said with resolution. There was no changing his mind the moment his only son was killed.

“High God.” Guanlu began again. He was trying to protect Grand Rule, not Li Qiye.

His obsession with revenge would be his demise. A High God wasnt much against a supreme existence like Li Qiye.

“Elder Ji, this is my personal feud, it has nothing to do with the sects. Even if I die in battle, just send a message to Shrouding Sun, no need to avenge me.” Grand Rule interrupted Guanlu and calmly said.

“Take care then.” What else could Guanlu say after hearing this?

Southern Sun also wanted to chime in. His mouth slightly opened but it turned into a quiet sigh.

He didnt wish to stop Grand Rule from doing so due to their differing goals. Grand Rule must avenge his only son, even if the boy didnt accept him as a father. He was willing to do anything for Jinlong.

On the other hand, Southern Sun had several hundred descendants. He couldnt avenge every one of them that had fallen on the path towards the dao. Even ten clones wouldnt be enough to do so.

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