Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 433: Follow Me

“Rawr!” The golden dragon circled around Li Qiye as if protecting him.

“Buzz.” The rest of the golden spring turned into a tyrannical throne, full of imperial aura. Only emperors were allowed to enjoy this seat.

“Rawr!” The dragon roared with a frightening draconic tempest, capable of destroying the sun and moon. It blew away several ancestors sitting on the step and nearly made them run from fear. It almost lifted both the High Gods off the ground until they used their divinity for stabilization.

It made the throne look like a supreme imperial draconic treasure, only an unreachable emperor would be able to sit on it. Li Qiyes ordinary self became the ruler of the world and the myriad races. Everyone would want to kneel before him.

The two gods were astounded by this scene. They opened their heavenly gaze but couldnt see whether this was real or just an illusion.

After reaching a certain level, cultivators would gain magical abilities. For example, when the two High Gods came with their real body, golden springs and immortal flowers would arrive with the grand dao. All of this was quite inspiring to any spectator.

However, only High Gods or emperors would have such a grand scene. This Li Qiye was neither an emperor nor a High God. The more bizarre thing was that something like a golden dragon shouldnt be part of these abilities.

Even a High God couldnt summon a golden dragon because a mature dragon was just as strong as a High God. How could they summon one so easily?

A High God could use his ability to create a dragon that would look quite real with draconic aura, at least to the weak. But others on the same level could tell that it was only an illusion or an image at a glance.

The problem now was that the two High Gods couldnt tell whether this golden dragon was real or fake.

If it was fake, then Li Qiyes illusion art was too devilish and peerless, capable of hiding it from High Gods. But if it was real, how could a junior like him summon a golden dragon? Not even an emperor could do so easily. After all, the dragon race was exceedingly rare in this world, especially a mature golden dragon.

In the end, the two of them believed in the former scenario, that Li Qiye had an ultimate illusion spell that was hard for even High Gods to tell.

“Golden serum of the earth.” Jilin Guanlu couldnt help but murmur after seeing the golden spring turning into the throne and dragon.

This ancestor of Jilin instantly knew what it was since he couldnt be more familiar with it.

The spring that came along with High Gods was only a type of technique but this wasnt the case for Li Qiye. It was truly a golden spring, an underground resource of their clan called golden serum; their ancestral ground relied on it as a power source. This was the reason why he became so surprised to see it pouring out.

The two High Gods were outsiders and didnt know much about the Jilin Clan. Moreover, they were only focusing on his abilities. Meanwhile, Guanlu was fixated on the golden spring belonging to their clan!

This shocked him to the core. Remember that this was the ancestral ground of their clan that had been empowered by countless sages, High Gods, and even their three Immortal Monarchs.

Only an emperor would be able to force the spring out of their home. He finally understood that the princess was right. This Li Qiye at the Dao Ant realm could actually be an emperor using some sort of strange means to return. Even though his cultivation was limited, he still had all the supreme techniques and abilities of an emperor!

Ultimately, all three didnt understand what was going on.

This was One Thought To Create, one of the six wills of the scripture. Creation was possible with just one thought. For example, this golden dragon was created for battle. Of course, it couldnt be done out of thin air without a particular foundation. Just imagination and thoughts alone werent enough. Nothing could create something out of nothing, outside of the high heaven.

Thus, in order to create the throne and dragon, his foundation material was the golden serum. It already had a majestic power so Li Qiye used it for creation.

Of course, one would need a powerful will and vast knowledge. If one had never seen an imperial throne, the divinity of an emperor, or a golden dragons power before, they wouldnt be able to create anything. At best, they would be able to create an ordinary chair or a yellow flood-serpent.

The last prerequisite was having a strong enough willpower and dao heart to support them. Otherwise, the power of the throne and the dragon would crack the users mind.

This single thought creation technique sounded amazing on paper, but truly creating something was exceedingly prohibitive. Only a talent like Li Qiye with all of his conditions could create anything he wanted!

This was the reason why the two High Gods came to the wrong conclusion. It wasnt due to their shallow knowledge but the chance was simply minuscule.

Just imagine, a person with the greatest dao heart and boundless knowledge on top of cultivating the Thought Scripture, how many of these beings have come out in history?

Only one. Thus, the two High Gods were rightfully mistaken.

“Alright, the two of you got a bone to pick with me?” Li Qiye looked just like an emperor while sitting on his throne with surging imperial aura.

Everyone was shocked to see this, especially the ancestors from the great powers. They turned pale from this amazing scene. Someone at the Dao Ant realm could create this imperial atmosphere. Even if it was only an illusion, it seemed so real and made others lost inside.

“No need to be so reserved, use whatever means you have and Ill entertain you both. Killing a High God or two is no big deal.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

This domineering statement naturally astounded the ancestors from the great powers. Outside of High Gods themselves, only emperors would dare to utter the words, “killing a High God”.

These two werent so easily provoked because they have seen countless storms in the past. Nevertheless, their eyes still burned with furious murderous intent after hearing this. It was akin to the eruption of many suns, scaring all spectators.

“Cough.” Jilin Guanlu interrupted at this time: “Gentlemen, there might be a misunderstanding going on. Everyone here are influential masters in the contemporary, just talk it through and turn animosity into friendship.”

Guanlu naturally didnt want a fight to happen in his clan. One was a supreme existence of unknown origin, the other were two High Gods. If a fight broke out, it would literally be world-shattering, not a fun event regardless of the victor.

“A life for a life, a fitting end for a murderer.” Grand Rule High God spoke in a definite manner.

“This cant be forgiven!” Southern Sun added. Even though he wasnt as resolute as Grand Rule, his tone was still aggressive.

This was the difference in the intent between Southern Sun and Grand Rule. Southern Sun wanted to win some reputation back while Grand Rule aimed for vengeance.

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