Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 427: Catching Nightfish in Nightsea

as certainly going to happen. His intuition had always been apt.

He Chen, on the other hand, was excited with his eyes flashing after hearing this. It was definitely an exciting thing, being able to visit the Jilin Clan, almost like a dream coming true. He wished that he could be there at this very second.

Shen Xiaoshan didnt care too much. She only wanted to follow Li Qiye wherever he went, even if it meant jumping into a cauldron of boiling water. She was willing to do anything as long as she could stay by his side.

“Sir, I heard that both Southern Sun High God and Shrouding Sun High God are at the imperial clan right now.” Weng had also received some news despite staying at the peak.

He didnt dare to tell Li Qiye that these two High Gods wanted Li Qiyes head. The best thing to do now was to avoid the Jilin Clan so he was indirectly reminding Li Qiye.

“So what?” Li Qiye smiled freely: “They should be thanking their ancestors that Im not causing trouble for them but if they choose to be blind, then its their own fault for seeking death.”

Weng was scared out of his mind. For a minor character like him, just talking about a High God was terrifying enough, let alone actually opposing one.

However, this seemed so trivial to Li Qiye as if he didnt care about a High God.

Despite his fear, he still closed his eyes and followed Li Qiye to the clan. After choosing the path, he had no choice but to follow Li Qiye to the end. This amazing man was their only chance to rise.


Imperial Jilin, one clan with three emperors, a renowned lineage in Pure.

In the nine worlds, there were many imperial lineages with no lack of three emperors. However, it was a bit different in the tenth world.

A lineage from the nine worlds was only a legacy left behind by an emperor, but in the tenth world, some of these emperors were still alive. Thus, an imperial lineage from the nine worlds was weaker than one in the tenth world.

There was a big probability of a lineage from the nine worlds collapsing. However, even without any decline, other great powers had a chance to surpass them if these imperial lineages couldnt produce any capable successors.

This wasnt the case for the tenth world. As long as their emperors were still alive, these sects could last forever.

It didnt matter how strong other powers grew to be, they still had something incomparable – their emperors!

Thus, even the strongest great power wouldnt dare to talk about destroying an imperial lineage. Even the strongest High God wouldnt dare to do so.

After all, destroying an imperial lineage meant opposing an emperor which is why the High Gods had to tread very carefully.

This was the reason why Shrouding Sun and Southern Sun High Gods remained vigilant and acted properly in the Jilin Clan.

The clan had three emperors. Two were still alive while Nightfall Immortal Monarch had embarked on the ultimate expedition. There had not been any news about her but this didnt affect the Jilin at all.

Her influence and fame were still there in Pure. She played a great part in Jilins current success. It was because of her that the clan was able to become a present-day behemoth.

Before Nightfall, despite having two emperors already, the clan was still much weaker compared to the War-Monarch Clan and Dragon Citadel. But after the appearance of Nightfall with eleven wills, everything became different. Henceforth, the clan became a force to be reckoned with!

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