Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 427: Catching Nightfish in Nightsea

Li Qiye stared at the horizon and said slowly: “Why did some emperors want to embark on the final expedition while others chose to live in seclusion? This is a choice they made after reaching the apex for all kind of reasons. Does the former group think they will return alive? No, in fact, each of them knew that this was a fruitless war and fully aware that they would be going to their death. Nevertheless, they still made this choice for their descendants, their race, and all the existences in the ten worlds, but also themselves. After making the decision, they met it straight on without hesitation.”

He gently sighed at this point. Laoliu became quiet as well. The apex was both cold and full of heavy burdens.

“Go back, these are your best years. Itll be too late if you waste them now.” Li Qiye said: “Try again after reaching the apex. Maybe you wont be so attached to the mundane world then.”

“Master and the others will break my legs if I go back now.” Laoliu said with a painful expression.

This wasnt his first time escaping, just the longest and most fun. He would be done for if his master were to catch him. The guy might even peel his skin as a punishment.

Li Qiye chuckled and took out a piece of paper to start writing. He handed it over to Laoliu and said: “Give it to your forefather since Ive agreed to put in a good word for you. Take my personal letter and you will see Qi Gong but whether hell take you in or not, thats up to your own fortune.”

Laoliu was stunned at first but he eventually accepted the letter in a respectful manner.

His eyes shifted around with a new idea: “How about this, ancestor? Take me in as a disciple-in-name only and Ill just follow you.”

“Halt your wily nature.” Li Qiye slapped his head and scolded: “You dont think your Immortal Monarch is good enough for you?”

“No, no, of course not. Thats not what I meant.” Laoliu hurriedly denied.

“Leave now, well meet again if it is meant to be.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively.

Laoliu knew that Li Qiye had given him a great opportunity and this was the end of their relationship. He prostrated and kowtowed three times: “This lowly one hopes to see ancestors supreme presence again in the future.”

Li Qiye accepted the grand gesture and nodded before closing his eyes.

Laoliu stood up and saw that Li Qiye was already in a meditative state so he bowed once more before leaving.

Li Qiye sat there quietly as if sleeping. He reached a zen state in order to search for the mysteries of the dao.

He didnt leave the peak right away and continued to absorb energies up above. Occasionally, he would think about that White Armament and how to refine it.

This 88,888 fetuses White Armament was one and only in this world. The only thing that was greater than it was the ultimate 99,999 fetuses armament in the hand of Holy Emperor.

Li Qiye didnt want this armament to be the best in the world or reach the same level as True Immortal Armament.

However, this was a profound and challenging art, being able to refine ones armament and exert it to the maximum limit.

Thus, this armament was a great training tool for Li Qiye, allowing him to understand armaments even more.

Shen Xiaoshan was staying by his side to wait on him. At this moment, Tieshu Wengs group found that being able to serve Li Qiye was a blessing from the heavens and a supreme glory. Others would love to be in this position but couldnt.

At the same time, Jilin became very rowdy. On this day, with a loud blast, countless rays of light spread around like the wings of an angel. A divine aura surged all around and shocked everyone in Jilin.

An old palanquin was carried out of Southern Sun with celestials floating around it. The inside of the palanquin seemed to be gestating a world itself.

This majestic aura engulfed all of Jilin like an ocean. Its unstoppable pressure mentally assaulted everyone in waves.

The experts in Jilin were all alarmed. The weak cultivators were out of breath while those too close to the palanquin were forced on their knees.

“Southern Sun High God.” Even those who had never seen the High God knew that only a being of this level would command such a scene after coming out.

Another loud blast exploded not long after the emergence of Southern Sun High God. A world suddenly appeared above Shrouding Sun.

Everything was present such as stars and laws. When this world emerged, an unquestionable divine aura permeated the world. Nothing could escape its grasp.

With a hymn, a gigantic figure emerged from this world. Above his head were the sun and moon while he stepped on the stars. The laws of the world were present to his sides.

He controlled the universe and all the laws as the center of all. Not only was he the master of the world, he was also its creator.

“Let the Dao be free.” The hymn echoed across the world and resonated with the heart of people. They voluntarily kneeled down to worship.

In this blink of an eye, the figure started to grow hands until there was one thousand; each had stars floating around it and they seemed to be raising three thousand worlds.

“Grand Rule High God!” The people in Jilin immediately knew who was in the world.

“Shen Qianjun.” People started murmuring his name, the strongest High God from Shrouding Sun.

“After so many years, Qianjun has finally become a High God.” An extremely old ancestor said with a tinge of emotion. In the past, this ancestor debuted at the same time as Shen Qianjun but now, the guy was an invincible High God.

People knew a storm was coming in Jilin after two High Gods emerging at the same time, especially when they were heading for the Jilin Clan.

“Damn, those two are strong enough to do whatever.” A big shot had to say.

“Theyre just posturing while trying to raise their clans status too.” A smart man noticed something: “The successors of their clans were killed so if they dont demand justice, their position would fall in Jilin. Moreover, they have to be the ones asking the Jilin Clan for an answer, just the sect masters alone cant do anything. The Jilin wont care for some juniors.”

When Southern Sun High God came to the Jilin Clan, a golden bridge was paved out from inside the clan. Flowers started to fall down with springs gushing out on top of resonating hymns. In a short time, golden lights were everywhere. The clan was engulfed in the light of an Immortal Monarch with an unstoppable prestige.

Even though the Jilin didnt do anything too crazy, just the light of an Immortal Monarch alone spoke volume. This was indicative of their power.

Inside the clan, a big character came out to greet the High God.

The High God himself maintained a polite demeanor after coming here, exiting his palanquin early on.

Even though High Gods were strong and same with their clans, they needed to play nice before a monster like the Jilin Clan.

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