Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 424: City of Ghosts

”Zero remorse even in death, looks like I can ’t let you live. ” Li Qiye stared at the little devil and said.

”Buzz. ” The end of his sentence was the start of the devil ’s combustion. It was only a resentful intent so Li Qiye ’s gaze could destroy it completely.

The devil finally became afraid as it was burning up and shouted: ”I ’m born from Mad God so I know all of his merit laws. Just release me and I ’ll let you have them all! ”

”Mad God ’s merit laws… ” Laoliu ’s eyes lit up.

An eleven-totem High God ’s merit laws were naturally tempting. Not too many would be able to say no.

”Merit laws your ass. ” Li Qiye slapped his head again and smiled: ”Your sect has laws from Immortal Monarchs, so much stronger than the deviant dao of Mad God. ”

”That ’s true… ” Laoliu rubbed his head and laughed awkwardly.

”I know where Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian ’s arrow is, if you get it, you ’ll be invincible. Let me go and I ’ll tell you! ” The devil changed its tone right away after seeing Li Qiye ’s lack of interest.

”The best arrow! ” Laoliu was startled to hear this because the strength of this arrow was as clear as day.

”If it isn ’t the emperor unleashing the attack, this arrow alone can ’t be invincible. ” Li Qiye was still unmoved.

”If, if you kill me, you ’ll never get Mad God ’s treasuries, I ’m the only one who can open his fate palaces. ” The devil cried out.

”No need. ” Li Qiye ’s eyes incinerated the devil.

”Ah! ” This little creature became ashes instantly!

”Rumble! ” The palaces crumbled, allowing treasures to rain down.

Wish Pearls, Immortal Steel, Cloud Wood, Heavenfeast Jewel… All of them were resplendent and fell down like a flood. This scene was quite shocking due to all the visual phenomena and blinding lights.

In the blink of an eye, treasures piled up in front of the two. Anyone would be astounded at this sight.

While Laoliu stood there in a daze, Li Qiye was already going through the piles in order to find the supreme Armament.

”Rumble! ” The internal world quaked and was on the verge of collapsing. Tsunami appeared out of nowhere as if wanting to drown out this place.

”Oh crap. ” Laoliu was half-submerged instantly. He gathered his wits and blurted out: ”Is this the worldly essence? ”

”To be more exact, this is the myriad essence from everything, from this land and the other beings. ” Li Qiye said: ”He didn ’t have time to refine these essences before being killed. They have been trapped in here until the palaces collapsed. Now, it ’s like a broken dam. ”

”This is priceless, so much of them. ” Laoliu stood there looking silly.

”Keep waiting and you won ’t even get a piece of scrap metal. So priceless then. ” Li Qiye said flatly.

”My treasures! ” After being reminded by Li Qiye, Laoliu finally noticed the piles of treasure being drowned out by the tsunami. He screamed like a chicken being butchered and immediately lunged forward to pull all the treasures into his pouch.

He eventually finished the task as this world was being ravaged by the unrelenting torrents of essences.

The two finally made it out but there were still nonstop explosions. Cracks appeared on the gigantic corpse with essences spewing out in a destructive manner.

“What should we do now?” Laoliu was feeling lost before this scene due to the sheer amount of essences.

Remember that this land used to be quite vast with many stars above. All of these powers and lives were devoured by Mad God. Thus, one could extrapolate the insane amount of energy he had gotten.

“Open!” Li Qiye was floating above the dark sky while touching one of his temples. His eyes lit up again and two more pillars of light shot out.

“Boom!” Debris scattered crazily as the rays pierced through the depth of the earth.

“Rumble!” The already broken place seemed to be completely collapsing with blaring fanfare.

However, this wasnt the case. After cracking noises, this dead zone had rays shot out from underground. They wove together into a huge symbol. But after the lights finished with their formation, Laoliu found that this wasnt a symbol but rather a wheel of time. It left its mark on this land.

“The mysteries of time, only emperors are qualified to step into this domain!” Laoliu was shaken to see the land marked with the wheel of time. Even ordinary High Gods couldnt do something like this.

“Buzz.” The land became ethereal from far away due to its current glittering state.

“Boo!” Li Qiye turned his gaze towards the dark sky.

Under the two rays of light from his eyes, the broken galaxies and stars were slowly pushed back to their original path.

Next, his gaze turned into countless tiny strings and pierced through these celestials. This eventually created a wheel of time up there too with a faint light.

“Temporal Ray is dependent on the amount of time accumulated, not someones power.” Laoliu gasped after seeing this.

Li Qiye was actually changing the world with his eyes. However, no one else noticed this because no actual power was being released.

This was a way to protect the order of the universe, a primal affinity. Li Qiye earned this due to the generations of hard work in the mundane realm. Other powerful beings wouldnt have this privilege since it wasnt within the boundary of cultivation.

Laoliu had only heard of it before in the legends, hence his astonishment after witnessing it in person today.

Meanwhile, Jilin Princess was paying attention to the changes at the ominous ground. In the beginning, she didnt notice anything strange until the strings of light over yonder. She finally used her heavenly gaze then to carefully look through the land.

When she saw the rays coming out of his light to change the land itself, she became astounded and took a deep breath: “Not an emperor but even more formidable than one, who, who the hell is he?”

The princess was completely lost at this moment about Li QIye. He didnt seem like a reincarnation of an emperor but it was impossible for him to be a new cultivator as well. What was the real answer behind his identity?

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