Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 423: Companion

Laoliu became silent after hearing this, aware of the significance and difficulty behind leaving ones palaces. If an emperor wanted to do so, the price and pain required are simply unimaginable. Just think about it, how deep was their love to carry out this task despite the pain in order to protect their descendants?

“Go look around.” Li Qiye told Laoliu: “Outside of the White Armament, you can have all the other treasures.”

“Hehehe, if ancestor says so, then this lowly one wont be so reserved. Thank you.” Laoliu became excited with a bright flash in his eyes before bowing towards Li Qiye.

Mad God must have accumulated countless treasures and artifacts throughout his life. Outside of the peerless armament, the other treasures were already incredible enough to make Laoliu extremely rich.

Of course, even if Li Qiye didnt give anything, he wouldnt dare to utter a single word. Li Qiyes current reward showed how much he liked Laoliu.

Laoliu stared at the twelve palaces, the treasuries in his eyes. The happy guy didnt know where to start.

“That one then.” He randomly picked one before running for the main hall of that palace.

“Hahaha, who dares to cause trouble in my domain?!” When Laoliu got close, a deep voice suddenly came from above.

”Mad God! ” Laoliu turned pale from shock.

”Thats right, it is I! ” The voice came again: ”Who would have thought people would still remember me after millions of years, how rare. ”

”Oh, mommy! ” Laoliu was truly scared and immediately hid behind Li Qiye: ”Ancestor, please save me, Mad God didn ’t die completely. ”

He looked just like a turtle peeking out of its shell at this moment, ready to let Li Qiye handle the sky falling down by himself.

It wasn ’t because he was a coward but Mad God ’s reputation was too notorious. An existence with eleven totems could threaten the thirteen continents in any generation.

He wouldn ’t be weaker than an ordinary emperor, no, he even had the ability to slay one.

Just imagine, one would be fooling themselves to say that they weren ’t afraid when standing before such an existence.

Laoliu was very powerful but he was still a junior. The best course of action for him was to run as far as possible. Opposing Mad God would only result in his death. Only peak emperors could deal with this fella.

Li Qiye looked up and smiled: ”Stop trying to dress up as a god. If Mad God was still alive, he wouldn ’t let his corpse rot like this. ”

”Hahaha, junior, what do you know?! Break and rebuild, from death comes life, how can someone like you understand this? ” The voice sonorously responded.

”Is that so? ” Li Qiye smirked: ”If you are indeed Mad God, then go all out. I shall exorcise you to the afterlife for the beings that you have killed! You deserve eternal damnation! ”

”Exorcise me? The voice scowled: ”Junior, I ’ll be the one sending your ignorant souls towards the light. ” With that, starry lights descended from above.

The world of silent, lifeless darkness was invaded by starry lights everywhere.

”Buzz. ” It seemed that a new world was opening and the twelve palaces disappeared. Only a vast expanse remained with flowing galaxies and celestial planets.

The stars were so close to them and gave the feeling that one could actually grasp these celestials, that they were the center of the world.

”Buzz. ” One galaxy turned into a bridge, expanding from Li Qiye ’s feet all the way to the depth of space. In this place, immortal energies were expanding with laws. One could see figures of mysterious immortals. This gave a sense of envious yearning.

In the blink of an eye, a majestic figure stood on top of this bridge, too faint to have a clear look. The holy light he emitted made him look like the welcoming emissary to the immortal world.

”Young one, even though you have shamelessly boasted, our meeting here is still a touch of fate. Let me take you to the immortal kingdom. ” The figure ’s voice was extremely warm and friendly since it harmonized with the grand dao. This was an extraordinary feeling.

”This kingdom is real? ” Laoliu peeked out from behind Li Qiye and stared at the bright kingdom.

”Less daydreaming. ” Li Qiye slapped the back of his head and laughed: ”This is just a common bewitching spiel, how can your heavenly gaze not see this? Are you too scared to think straight right now? ”

He continued on: ”This is only child ’s play yet you dare to do it before me? ” With that, his eyes flashed radiantly.

”Crack! ” Li Qiye didn ’t exert any power at all. His truth-seering gaze destroyed all bewitching illusions.

The galaxies, stars, bridge, and the majestic figure all popped like water bubbles.

The sky was dark and lonely again. There was no immortal kingdom at all.

”Junior, daring to break my divine art? I ’ll forever be the maggots in your bones! ” The dark voice became furious.

An ill wind ravaged the area with a black fog. This fog seemed to have its own life and rushed for the two as if wanting to infiltrate and take over them.

”Dam! What the hell is this? ” Laoliu immediately sealed his body after seeing this.

”Fiend, enough playing around! ” Li Qiye laughed with his eyes flashing again.

”Boom! ” Two endless light rays spewed out from his eyes like two pillars crossing through time itself.

They locked onto the dark fog and pulled it into the sky before twisting together and trapped it inside.

”Temporal Rays. ” Laoliu was envious to see the rays from Li Qiye ’s eyes. Young juniors like them couldn ’t have such a thing. This required countless years of life and allowed its user to see through all truths, origins, and mysteries. It was one of the most precious things in the world, created by experience and time.

The black fog was forced to reveal its true form before his glare. It was only the size of a palm and looked like a creature with sharp fangs, thorny wings, and a ferocious face just like a little devil.

”Who, who the hell are you? Release me right now or I won ’t spare you! ” The tiny creature was still as fierce as ever and shouted at Li Qiye.

”What is it? ” Laoliu asked with curiosity, finding the little guy ’s aggressive demeanor quite strange.

Li Qiye said: ”It ’s the resentment left by Mad God before death. It was too strong and became a living being. The Jilin Clan was right to worry, this will eventually be a problem. ”

”Junior, let me go now or I ’ll let you taste a fate worse than death! ” The immobilized creature screamed without any fear at all.

1. The idiom is dress up as god and playing as the devil. It is very commonly used to say that someone is pretending. I left it literal because the thing is actually masquerading as a god which makes the statement funnierPrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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