Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 422: Snow-shadow Tribe

The fog resembled ink at the depth of the ominous ground. One would think that they were under a pond of ink. This fog was concentrated enough and nearly became liquified.

There was one broken star above the cracked earth. It was large enough to blot out half of the sky.

There was one particular pool here with thick blood of a black shade. More and more oozed out from the ground as if there was an endless supply below.

A large corpse the size of a hill was floating on this pool. However, due to its solidified state, people would easily mistake it as a hill if it wasnt for the body outline.

Laoliu cried out and dragged this body onto the shore. He breathed raggedly after finishing the task due to the fatigue.

Someone at his level could easily move mountains and oceans. However, he still found moving this body quite laborious.

Size alone wasnt a good indicator of its weight. This was the corpse of a god who had eleven totems, only one step away from being an Ancient God. Such an existence was quite terrifying with a body as immense as the sky. This remained true even though he had died a long time ago.

“Its finally out, good, less work for me to take it out from the ground.” Li Qiye nodded and said.

“Aizz, I could die right now.” Laoliu was covered in filth while panting.

Li Qiye gave him the side-eye and said flatly: “Your real form can take down a galaxy easily, let alone this corpse here.”

“Hehehe, my little ancestor, please dont play like that.” Laoliu smiled awkwardly: “If my master finds out that I was playing around here, hell definitely break my legs.”

He was hiding his real body in order to play around at Jilin and escape his sect. If he were to reveal it and his true strength, the seniors from his sect would find out right away. At that point, he would be taken back to his sect to be punished by his master.

“Its just a matter of time.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Laoliu felt his scalp tingling. Of course, he knew that it was inevitable but one more day was still better than nothing. Hell enjoy life one day at a time.

He cleaned the black blood off the corpse to reveal the true form. Mad God had brutish features and still had a stately aura to him. No one would dare to act arrogant before him.

There was a scepter marking on his forehead. It was still glowing like before as if made from gold.

He came from the Heaven Race, hence the unique marking. Plus, due to his eleven totems, his scepter had reached the most prestigious level. Even time couldnt erase this defining symbol.

“The corpse of an eleven-totem god… if its divinity is still present, it would be a priceless treasure.” Laoliu commented: “If that was the case, just this scepter alone will be a supreme weapon, enough to suppress everyone!”

Rumor has it that the first Ancient God of the thirteen continent had defeated Nether Heaven Emperor before and even challenged Origin Heaven Emperor. His title was Inconcealable.

Of course, there was no need to describe just how powerful Origin was. This was a twelve-wills Grand Emperor, the starter of the second expedition.

Nether was also a terrifying character. He was the first to have eleven wills after Immortal Emperor Purewood started the Grand Emperor Era and even helped the young Origin.

Alas, he still lost to Inconcealable Ancient God, a testament to this beings power. Of course, some did say that Inconcealable was the strongest Ancient god of them all.

But ultimately, this went to show how strong Mad God used to be with eleven totems. If his corpse still had some divinity, it would be priceless like Laoliu said earlier.

“The arrow from Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian wasnt that nice.” Li Qiye shook his head and explained: “Even though it was from many spatial spheres away, it wasnt just a casual strike from the emperor. That was his ultimate shot containing the fruit of lifelong effort and the extreme profundities of his archery. Otherwise, the Heavenly Execution wouldnt have come right after. The fact that Mad Gods body is still here after that attack speaks volume of his power. As for his divinity, probably not much was left and time took care of it later on.”

The battle back then was decided in a single move, one that shocked the entire thirteen continents. The fact that Mad God died with an intact body was truly impressive.

“What should we do now?” Laoliu looked at Li Qiye and said: “It might take a few decades for me to break into his internal world.”

Li Qiye looked at the body and jumped up on its forehead. He placed his hand on the scepter symbol with chaos energy rotating around.

“Buzz.” The scepter issued an immortal light and became even more dazzling than before as if it was coming back to life.

“Get in.” Li Qiye ordered.

With a cracking sound, the forehead had a crack like a valley and Li Qiye disappeared inside.

Since Li Qiye came in first, Laoliu stopped worrying and jumped into the internal world as well.

It was a dark world without any life. Anyone looking up would be greeted with a black sky without any stars. No light existed in this place.

When looking forward, one could see twelve huge palaces, as high as the heaven. They gave off the feeling of being unclimbable.

Alas, they were dimmed and mottled. Some even had cracks and were on the verge of collapsing.

“Twelve palaces and eleven totems… Despite a true death and destroyed totems, the fate palaces are still there. Quite tough they are.” Laoliu emotionally stated.

After Mad Gods death, even his eleven totems turned to ashes. However, under such destructive force, the palaces still existed. Just how tough were they?

“The palaces have undergone countless polishing. For a cultivator, to a certain extent, the palaces were everything. Without the palaces, there is nothing.” Li Qiye nodded: “But these palaces are still broken after the arrow strike.”

“It would be so nice if they were perfectly preserved.” Laoliu salivated.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “High Gods and emperors wouldnt die so easily without a fatal attack. In the case of sure death, they wouldnt be able to preserve their palaces anyway.”

“But, I have heard of a Grand Emperor leaving behind perfect palaces to protect their descendants.” Laoliu pondered before speaking.

Li Qiye agreed with a slight nod: “Indeed, a Grand Emperor had accomplished this task, and it is the best thing an emperor can do to protect their descendants, including staying alive. This is because even if they were still around, a Heavenly Execution would come eventually. Thus, if they were next to their children at this time, that would be a disaster for everyone. However, palaces are the safest guarantee in this world, the greatest of all blessing that allows for their children to live without worries. But ultimately, this is extremely painful and difficult.”

Li Qiye sighed when he got to this point.

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