Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 420: On The Road Once More

Li Qiye interrupted the princess momentary daze: “Your Jilin Clan has a good type of immortal tea. Make a pot for me.”

The princess was surprised again. This guy was not holding back and was really ordering her around like a maid.

Suddenly, an ethereal old man appeared next to the princess and handed her an old looking tea box before disappearing again.

“This geezer is quite smart.” Li Qiye smiled calmly at the old man.

The old man was the ancestor giving the princess pointers in the shadows all this time.

She sighed and personally readied the fire in order to boil a pot of tea for him. The crowd was naturally caught off guard by this development.

A moment later, Shen Xiaoshan calmed down and helped the princess by finding more firewood for the flame. She didnt dare to say anything and understood just how unreachable Li Qiye was. It was her fault for being blind at the start.

For the experts here, just being able to look at the princess was already a type of glory. Being favored by her was even greater like being blessed by the ancestors. Youths like He Chen felt the same way.

But now, the goddess in their mind was boiling tea for Li Qiye like a maid. Who else in this world would enjoy this level of treatment?

He Chen thought that he had eyes but couldnt see Mt. Tai. He was next to a treasure all along in ignorance and had wasted a chance in the last several days with Li Qiye.

After the tea was finished, the princess personally got him a cup. This was quite a magnificent and enviable scene, a beauty serving fine tea.

Everyone here never dared to imagine such a thing but for Li Qiye, this was too ordinary. Jilin Princess was only another girl in his eyes. Even real daughters of emperors have served him in the past, let alone the princess.

“Quite a reminiscent taste.” Li Qiye took a sip and said with a tinge of emotion.

The princess was shaken inside after hearing this because she understood some clues after carefully listening.

He turned his focus towards the stars in the sky again in order to calculate the appearance of the corpse. Occasionally, he would take another sip of tea while the princess continued to keep his cup full just like an ordinary maid.

She also joined him in perusing the stars in the sky but couldnt understand the mysteries within, only a little bit of clues, such as realizing that he was collecting spatial coordinates and reflecting them on the ominous ground.

It was now obvious to her that he came for the ominous ground. It looked like the rumor of a treasure coming out wasnt completely baseless.

After a long time, he finally got what he wanted, the location of the corpse. He withdrew his gaze and finally tasted this excellent tea, letting the unique taste permeate the tip of his tongue.

“Too many people, too many mouths. Leave us.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve towards the four from Sago Palm and ordered.

The four quietly left without daring to bother Li Qiye. The princess also waved her sleeve to signal for everyone to leave. All the experts on the peak left without uttering a single word.

Li Qiye and the princess were the only two left to enjoy the pleasant, light breeze.

He finally took a careful look at her with an unbridled gaze, starting from top to bottom.

She had a natural demeanor and let him be, able to tell that there was no intention of disrespect.

“You really look like Jilin Immortal Monarch despite being a girl, especially your eyes.” Li Qiye said after assessing her.

“You have seen our Progenitor?” The princess curiously asked.

Li Qiye didnt answer and only smiled while taking another sip of tea. He patted on the seat next to him, telling her to sit down.

The princess coolly sat down without any hesitation and stared back at him. The only thing exceptional about this ordinary man was his unfathomable eyes. People would be devoured by staring at them.

The eyes were the windows to the soul. After looking at his eyes, the princess understood that no one could ever spy into it.

It was a satisfying moment to drink tea and enjoy the breeze with a beauty keeping one company. Li Qiye became quiet without saying anything. This prompted the princess to do the same.

After a while, he gazed towards the distance and asked softly: “Has there been any news about your Nightfall Immortal Monarch?”

The princess didnt expect this question. After a brief contemplation, she shook her head: “Nothing for now, or at least the two other ancestors havent told us anything with regards to Ancestor Nightfall.”

Nightfall was the third monarch in their clan, the only female and also the strongest.

She had eleven palaces and eleven wills, much stronger than their Progenitor, Jilin Immortal Monarch. She was only one step away from being a peak emperor.

For their clan, Jilin Immortal Monarch was the one who created their clan but Nightfall Immortal Monarch was the one who made them untouchable.

After all, such an emperor was too powerful, more than enough to look down on anyone. Only someone like World Emperor was stronger than her.

As one of the few powerful female emperors, she didnt hesitate for a moment before joining the sixth expedition started by Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen.

There had been no news at all about the emperor so no one knew the result of the expedition.

Li Qiye already knew the answer but he still had to ask while grasping for a straw of hope. Alas, he knew full well that there was no luck to speak of after embarking on that path.

He lamented with a disappointed sigh: “Rare is a companion on the arduous path of the dao; how many have the privilege of growing old along the way?”

After numerous battles and close encounters with death, his heart has grown numb, just not enough.

He knew that this was a type of cycle, the fate of each emperor. Nevertheless, he still hoped for a miracle.

“Its not easy to become an emperor.” He looked at the princess and said: “But it is even harder for them to face their fate. Before the ascension, they were doing it for themselves but this isnt the case afterward.”

The princess was moved after hearing this and thought about many legends regarding the emperors that she had heard in the past.

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