Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 418: Patriarchs Spiri

“Arrogant fool, I, Li Tianhao, have never stabbed someone in the back. I will give you a chance right now to accept my challenge. It is your last.” Li Tianhao was emboldened and loudly yelled.

Li Qiye turned around and finally noticed the princess. He glanced at the sky one more time before looking at Tianhao with a smile: “A challenge?”

“Thats right!” Tianhao heroically replied with great confidence: “Your disrespect towards Her Highness is unforgivable. Kneel and apologize now or death awaits you!”

Tianhao was elated since this surely would leave a good impression on the princess since he was fighting for her sake.

“You alone think you can kill me?” Li Qiye couldnt help but laugh.

The excited Tianhao couldnt forgive this public humiliation, especially when the princess was present.

“Little animal, Ill let you have a taste of real power!” Tianhao retorted.

“Boom!” He released his vitality with chaos energy pouring out like a reverse waterfall pouring into the sky.

He didnt hold anything back as more waves of energy rushed upward, causing deafening explosions. The entire peak quaked just like a tiny ship amidst a storm.

“9,600,000 chaos units!” A royal lord carefully gauged his energy and was startled.

There was no doubt that he had reached the Dao Sovereign realm for a long time now. It wont be long until he could gather 10,000,000 units to break through the Dao Sovereign realm and reach the Dao Sage realm.

Keep in mind that he was still very young with this level of power. It was indicative of his potential in the future. It can be said that he didnt only rely on his grandfathers reputation. He himself was strong enough, not just a useless young master.

“Little animal, die now!” Tianhao roared and reached for Li Qiye with a large palm covered with chaos energy. He was aiming for a one-hit kill.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye focused his gaze and his mind.

“Boom!” An invisible palm crushed this palm made out of energy.

Tianhao was shocked and took out a divine sword. A sword hymn emerged along with a blinding glint. He slashed forward, intending on severing this invisible hand.

This looked like the attack of a god since this weapon was given to him by his grandfather. It carried the might of a High God, meaning that it was a very powerful dao weapon.

“Bang!” Sparks went flying when the slash struck the invisible hand as if it was cutting at the hardest substance in the world. Alas, this might be the right way to describe Li Qiyes dao heart.

“Clank!” In the next second, the divine sword was broken in half by the invisible hand. It was nothing before Li Qiyes will.

“Boom!” Before Tianhao knew what was going on, this hand slammed him into the ground with the force of countless mountains, causing him to vomit blood.

This scene was astonishing. Li Qiye didnt lift a single finger from start to finish but Tianhao was already subdued.

Everyone suspected that he wasnt the one doing anything. There must be a big shot from the older generation protecting him in the shadow because he couldnt accomplish this with his current cultivation.

Even the princess was shocked. She could see that Li Qiye wasnt hiding his power. This was only a Dao Ant cultivator.

“Crack!” Tianhaos bones crumbled under the grinding of the palm. His blood stained the ground as he felt death approaching closer.

The princess wanted to step up on his behalf but someone in the shadows stopped her. She had to keep on watching.

“Boom!” In this moment of life and death, a divine aura surged with a rune floating up from Tianhaos body. It looked like a god was coming in person.

It ravaged the entire area and made many experts shudder. They knew that this was the power of a god.

There was no doubt that his grandfather was protecting him by planting this rune inside his body in order to save him in fatal moments.

“Rumble!” The entire peak was shaking. A god seemed to be trying to lift the invisible palm off of Tianhao.

“Southern Sun High God!” People realized that this was something his grandfather prepared to protect him.

Many leaders here were awed by the divine power. Even though the High God wasnt here in person, this remnant power alone could easily crush them.

“No more hiding in the shadows, show yourself!” Jinlong took advantage of the moment and instantly took action.

Imperial aura surged and he didnt save any of his power at all as a Dao Sage. His silver spear as white as snow aimed straight for Li Qiyes throat.

This was the art of a Grand Emperor. The spear roared like a dragon with a peerless light, capable of breaking through any defense. It was already inches of Li Qiyes throat due to its lightning speed.

“Boom!” But it was stopped before it could pierce through the flesh. Just like before, no one else took action but an invisible hand.

“Sneak attacking?!” Li Qiyes eyes turned cold and began to think. Next, the spear was broken in half.

“Ah!” Jinlong was gripped by the neck before he could react.

He thought that his sneaky thrust could kill Li Qiye but it was completely ineffective. He ended up being choked like a chicken and could be crushed to death at any moment.

“Your Highness, save me!” He gasped for breath before calling for help.

She had to take action now because both Tianhao and Jinlong were disciples of sects under Jilin.

However, Li Qiye simply glanced towards her direction.

This insipid stare made her heart flutter. It represented a supreme will and an absolute judgment!

She had seen real masters before so after seeing his eyes, she understood the gravity of the situation right away. Her body was cold as if trapped in an ice pit. Only a supreme existence would have a glare like this!

“Crack!” In the next second, Jinlongs neck was broken without a chance to resist.

“Not bad.” Meanwhile, Li Qiye smiled while seeing the divine power stopping his thought. He simply focused a bit more.

“Rumble!” The explosions became louder. The divine rune had a hard time withstanding his empowered thought.

One Thought To Reign allowed him to do whatever he wanted by just relying on his dao heart, including massacring gods and devils as well as making the sun and moon tremble.

“Bang!” The rune shattered to pieces that eventually lit up. From the light came a majestic and towering figure.

“Boom!” A divine power crazily erupted like an ocean wiping out a continent.

This figure resisted Li Qiyes powerful thought.

Even though the High God didnt come in person, this figure alone was powerful beyond words.

“Just a minor god yet you dare to be presumptuous before me?” Li Qiye chuckled with a flash in his eyes.

“Boom!” His thought became even stronger like a fist slamming down. It toppled the figure instantly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The invisible fist unleashed a relentless assault on the figures face!

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