Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 417: Declaration of War

Jilin Princess came forward with all eyes on her. The young cultivators here craved for her attention but they were satisfied with just looking at her.

Jinlong arched his chest proudly and revealed a faint smile. He was assuming his most attractive posture with an unprecedented excitement. The princess was walking towards him; just this little action was enough to satisfy his vanity.

Everyone thought that she was walking towards him as well and became quite envious. Remember that there were almost one thousand cultivators from Jiin present with many leaders among them. However, none of them could even talk to her since she would only nod at them at best.

But now, Jinlong could lead this ceremony and talk direct to her. This was indeed a rare and envious chance.

The jealous youths still had to admit that in terms of background, bloodline, cultivation, and talents, Jinlong was the most exceptional here. Just imagine the scene when one gets to talk to the princess and even stand next to her, shoulder to shoulder. One would naturally feel proud because of it.

Jinlong continued to act cool and calm despite his internal excitement in order to attract her more.

As she drew closer, he smiled dashingly and said: “It is our honor to have…”

But the princess didnt stop and skirted by him. This stunned him completely. He had all kind of elegant words, ready to be said, but they were useless right now. His mouth was already opened but he had to swallow his words. It felt as if he had just swallowed a fly.

She headed for the precipice and stood next to Li Qiye.

The four from Sago Palm instantly prostrated and quietly said: “Disciples from Sago Palm greet you, Your Majesty.”

At this moment, the four of them had different feelings. Tieshu Weng was both reflective and nervous. Sago Palm was not even an insect so he would never have the chance to see the princess in the past, perhaps only from a hundred miles away in a sea of prostrating people.

But now, they were an arms length away from her. All of this was because of Li Qiye.

On the other hand, He Chen was unbelievably excited to the point where his legs started shaking. He stole a glance at the princess before deeply lowering his head.

This was something beyond his wildest dream. The princess was an unreachable character for minor characters like them. He believed that this would eventually become his hottest conversational topic in the future. After returning to Sago Palm, he could tell his fellow disciples all about it.

Shen Xiaoshan was lost in disbelief as well. She was completely overshadowed by the prettiest beauty in Pure. Even though she grew up to be quite good-looking, she was only a firefly compared to the moon. She unavoidably felt inferior, something less than even a maid.

The princess cupped her fist and said while standing next to Li Qiye: “Sir, looks like you have some inspiration after coming to Godwatching Peak, how should Mengying address you?”

This astounded the entire crowd and left them agape. They were speechless and couldnt believe their own eyes.

This was the princess of the Jilin Clan, a noble beyond the reach and sight of commoners. But now, she personally greeted Li Qiye.

Jinlong was livid after seeing this with an awkward expression. It looked like he was even below an unknown mortal.

He Chen and others were stunned as well. They were used to Li Qiyes arrogant and mysterious nature. However, they didnt expect for him to be at such a high level where the princess herself would come and greet him.

However, he didnt look at her from start to finish for all of his concentration was on the sky plane, moving from one star to another.

The crowd was shocked once again. Keep in mind that this was a very rude gesture. A mortal today had ignored Jilin Princess, despite all of her accolades and noble background.

After the initial shock, everyone became angry. It was unforgivable for a mortal like Li Qiye to look down on the successor of the Jilin Clan. Shen Xiaoshans group also became nervous for Li Qiye.

Tieshu Weng began to pray in his head:My little ancestor, please say something or youll offend the imperial clan too, therell be no place for us here afterward.

The princess was also dazed by a lack of response. However, she was an amazing character and saw that he wasnt just posturing. His eyes were fixated on the celestial coordinates up above. She became curious and also looked up, hoping to find some clues.

Thus, it became a scene of the princess standing there quietly next to him. This silence spread to the entire peak.

Cultivators exchanged glances due to this bizarre atmosphere. No one knew what to do. The leaders here misunderstood and thought that she was in a difficult position due to his rudeness. Thats why the atmosphere became so tense.

The crowd wondered what to do in order to defuse this situation. Tieshu Weng continued to pray for Li Qiye to say something to the princess in order to avoid further escalation.

Jinlong then blinked towards Li Tianhao. Tianhao understood right away and shouted at Li Qiye: “Ignorant brat, why are you not kneeling before our princess!”

The stillness was broken; everyone turned to look at Li Tianhao. The princess also withdrew her gaze from the stars and slightly frowned. She wanted to say something but her secret supporter advised otherwise so she had to stay silent.

Being glanced at by the princess left Tianhao wanting more. He became excited and the only thing in his mind was to try his best in front of the princess in order to leave a good impression.

He assumed that she gave him implicit permission to continue by staying silent!

1. Sir is more like teacher or scholar here, the same word that Tieshu Weng uses, but teacher or scholar here are even weirder in an English conversation with this context. She also addresses herself in third person as a way to reveal her name to show politeness. The first part is another phrase that doesnt translate as well. For example, when a poet sees a beautiful moon, he might say that he has some inspiration that night. Its just casual and flowery talks Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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