Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 416: Approaching Battle

The experts here were annoyed as well to see this fella drinking all by himself. Some of them were kings and sect masters, top existences in their respective domains.

If it wasnt for the princess, they wouldnt be waiting here like this. But now, the princess was nowhere to be found while this mortal was here posturing to this level and treated them like nothing.

Shen Xiaoshans group was naturally nervous as minor characters who have never seen such a grand scene before. Today was the opposite, they were standing before all of these leaders who chose to ignore them.

He Chen was both tense and excited while other three felt their legs giving in. Normally, they could only bow and lower their head in this situation. In fact, they werent even qualified to meet characters of this level. Now, these leaders were obediently standing away from them. It gave the sense that they were quite impressive and brave.

He Chen found this to be completely worth it because when he grew old later, he could still boast to his juniors that he once stood mightily against the countless leaders, a very proud deed indeed.

The leaders here didnt share his sentiment. One lord scowled and glared unhappily at Li Qiye: “Hmph, wonder who he got as his backing.”

“It doesnt matter, this brat is dead soon enough.” A different sect master leisurely smiled: “Theres no good end for him after killing Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince. Just wait for someone to take care of him.”

Everyone agreed with his comment. Heavenly Phoenix was an imperial lineage with a successor killed by Li Qiye. It definitely wouldnt think about dropping this issue. Moreover, Jin Ge was his brother-in-law and he would feel the same way. Those who dare to oppose a man who was about to become an emperor will die for sure!

Li Tianhao was dissatisfied to see Li Qiye sitting there all by himself. He quietly told Jinlong: “Brother Shen, you are too forgiving. If it was me, I wouldnt let this wretch do as he pleases! So what if he has a big shot as his backing? Im not afraid of anyone, same with you!”

Tianhao wasnt just boasting. Many sect masters and lords bowed whenever they met him due to his grandfather. Jinlong was also the same way because Shrouding Sun was quite powerful with Jilin behind it.

“Whats the hurry?” Jinlong smiled in response: “So what if you kill him right now? Yes, youll be less angry but everyone has their own uses. Just killing the enemy might not be the most profitable way.”

“You mean?” Tianhao thought that Jinlong wanted to let this go but it seemed that the guy had some other intentions.

“Her Highness is about to arrive and she wont let a junior do what he wants here. It doesnt matter where he is from and how capable he is, hes no match for her and the Jilin Clan! Theres no mercy for those who oppose Jilin. At that point, if you step up to maintain the clan and Her Highness prestige, thats a meritorious contribution.” Jinlong slowly explained.

Only the two of them were involved in this conversation right now.

“Hmm…” Tianhaos eyes lit up after hearing this.

Just think about it, how could the noble daughter of the Jilin Clan allow a mortal to act so presumptuously? If Li Qiye was still as ignorant as before, he would offend the princess. Thats when he would kill this arrogant fool. Not only would the princess have a better opinion of him, his status in the Jilins territories also would rise as well.

“But such a contribution should be yours, Brother Shen.” Tianhao finally understood why Jinlong wanted to keep Li Qiye around.

“No, it is yours, Brother Li.” Jinlong smiled and said: “I dont need it since well be married in the future. But brother, dont forget about today in the future.”

Tianhao didnt expect such generosity from Jinlong and immediately cupped his fist: “Brother Li, dont worry, if you need help from my clan in the future, just say the words. I will do my best.”

“This comment of yours is worth more than anything.” Jinlong smiled back.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didnt care about the unfriendly gazes or the conspiracies going on in the background. His focus was up above to find the coordinates of the stars then projecting them onto the ominous ground. This was the way to find the emerging location of the corpse.

Tieshu Weng was very worried while waiting that Li Qiye would antagonize everyone here. He paid attention to the big shots here and more and more of them became unhappy with Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” Space suddenly fluctuated. Golden powders poured down with clear and pleasant ringings. It was as if elves were scattering these powders down to the world.

Next, an imperial aura condensed in the sky like clouds with laws like the appearance of an emperor.

The entire place became quiet; no one dared to do anything before this imperial aura.

“The princess is here!” Someone shouted while everyone else was shaken.

A path was laid out in the sky with a woman walking closer. She was far in the horizon a second ago but in the next moment, she was right before everyone at the Godwatching Peak.

No one could see how she was so fast. Even heavenly gazes couldnt keep track of her. Her imperial aura paved the ground with an omnipresent glow just like a golden rug.

She wore a phoenix dress with an ancient yet wonderful crest. It was hard to describe with mere words. There was also a supreme noble aura to her but it didnt overshadow her beautiful features. Her personal style didnt shame her prestigious upbringing at all.

People could only use the words “imperial princess” to envision her. City-toppling at first glance, kingdom-toppling after the second glance, and completely peerless at the third. People finally understood why so many men lost sleep after seeing her the first time; they couldnt stop themselves from loving her. Everyone lost their mind at her sight, even those who have seen her in the past.

“Your Highness.” The majority of the experts here kneeled. It wasnt just because of her status, her imperial aura made the weak drop submissively on the ground.

“Greetings, Your Highness.” A few lords and sect masters didnt perform the grand ceremony but they still bowed.

Only someone of Jinlongs stature didnt need to kneel. He slightly bowed while staring at her supreme face. He was ecstatic and couldnt hide the obsession in his eyes.

He fell in love after seeing her the first time. That was the reason why he asked his ancestors to go ask for her hand in marriage.

“Rise, everyone.” Her voice was also very pleasant yet it contained an unquestionable authority and approached closer with grace.

The crowd stood up and couldnt look away. No one would ever get tired of such nobility and elegance. She was the goddess of this world, a mind-swaying goddess.

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