Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 415: Negotiation

Wang Xiaotian was hanging by his neck in the air just like a chicken. Death was knocking on his door.

The crowd was shocked to see this. Even though Xiaotian wasnt quite a genius among the young generation, he was still an exceptional fella with some abilities. But now, he couldnt resist or move at all.

Many people looked over at Li Qiye. Alas, the experienced cultivators could see that Li Qiye was only a mortal that had only started cultivating recently, only a nobody at the Dao Ant realm. He only had one or two hundred units of chaos energy, completely trivial.

“Who may you be, fellow cultivator?” Li Tianhao gazed all around in order to find the assailant.

Everyone else copied him but they couldnt detect anyone. Perhaps it was a master hiding in the shadows.

However, this didnt make any sense because a master would just directly kill someone weaker. There was no need to hide like this.

“I ’m right here.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and said.

“Boom!” West Bank Crown Prince was slammed into the ground right after Li Qiye finished speaking and seemed to be pushed down by an invisible palm.

“You?!” Li Tianhao was in disbelief. No matter how one looked at it, Li Qiye was only a beginner. This certainly wasnt an illusion since the guy only had two hundred chaos units. To put it frankly, not to mention him, even West Bank Crown Prince could destroy him with a single breath. Alas, it was the opposite right now.

“Provoking me time and time again? You think Im just a statue that cant get mad?” Li Qiye glared at the suppressed prince on the ground and said.

With a single thought, all the bones in the princes body started to issue cracking sound as if there was a mountain pushing down on him.

One Thought To Reign, this was one of the six techniques of the Thought Scripture.

It was different from the other eight scriptures. Instead of cultivation, it relied on ones dao heart.

As long as the user had a strong enough dao heart and will, a single thought could control everything. This was the reason why Li Qiye could easily choke the prince earlier.

Moreover, this was only a minor technique. If ones dao heart was strong enough, one thought could destroy the gods and devils or change the nature of the world.

Everything was under the control of the users mind. However, if the user forcefully went beyond the limit of their mind, then their dao heart would explode, resulting in death.

Who in this world had a stronger dao heart than Li Qiye? Just a single thought of him could easily kill the crown prince.

“Who are you?” Shen Jinlong grimaced and asked with authority. There was an imposing presence to him, proportional to his status as an imperial successor. His voice commanded respect just like a king.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye didnt bother looking at Jinlong when answering. At this moment, he was free to do whatever he wanted with the power of his mind alone.

“Fiercest!” Jinlongs expression became somber. He had heard about Heavenly Phoenix Crown Princes death at the workshop.

“Crack!” An invisible palm crushed the princes bones in accordance with Li Qiyes will.

“Young Lord Li, save me!” The prince was truly scared this time since his life was in someone elses hands so he cried out.

“Pluff!” But it was already too late. He poofed into a mist of blood in the next second, completely pulverized by the invisible palm.

One of the most terrifying aspects about the Thought Scripture was its invisible killing potential. Of course, it was also a double-edged blade that could harm the user.

Though both the Myriad Thoughts Pot and the Thought Scripture both used a mental power, there was a huge difference. The pot could give someone an unlimited power by gathering the wills and worshipping of others. On the other hand, the scripture required the user to be powerful in order to truly maximize its potential.

“You!” Li Tianhao tried but he was too late so he could only watch the miserable demise of West Bank Crown Prince.

His mood worsened because West Bank Crown Prince cried for help yet he failed to do anything. This was Li Qiye challenging his authority.

“Li, youre out of line, daring to kill the innocent here!” Tianhao was full of chaos energy with bloodthirst in his eyes since he couldnt stand for such provocation. He was the grandson of a High God and has never been afraid of anyone!

“So what?” Li Qiye didnt care at all and lazily responded.

Li Tianhao was already furious so this only fueled his rage. He wanted to take the guy down but Jinlong stopped him.

Jinlong told Tianhao with a soothing tone: “Brother Li, please relax.”

He then shifted his eyes toward Li Qiye: “Today is a rare event and everyone is welcome to join us. This doesnt change the fact that it is a serious ceremony to greet the princess. I hope everyone can stay calm.”

He showed great restraint at this moment for two reasons. First, he couldnt really see through Li Qiye. Second, he worked hard for this reception and didnt want to ruin it already.

More importantly, killing Li Qiye right now was rather meaningless and only served as venting. Perhaps this mortal could be used more effectively later.

Since Jinlong had voiced his opinion, Tianhao didnt feel like stepping on his toes and only snorted before threatening: “Brat, you better watch yourself!”

Li Qiye ignored them and told his group: “Go, get a table over at the cliff.”

Having said that, he walked towards it and looked at the sky. Tieshu Wengs group glanced at each other and could only blindly follow the order by grabbing a table and a chair over.

Seating arrangements were already prepared for the princess but they were meant for the big shots like Jinlong.

But now, Li Qiye was taking a pair for his own use. It was quite a domineering take.

No one tried to stop them since it was only a table. However, the experts here became even more puzzled about this mortals identity.

The guy wasnt pretending to be weak because his cultivation was as clear as day. However, he was able to crush a young expert like West Bank Crown Prince so easily. The more unbelievable thing was that he also killed Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince a while ago too.

At this time, a few experts speculated that this mortal must be the bastard child of a great character. Someone was protecting him in the shadows; this allowed him to be so unbridled.

After careful rumination, they found this to be the most plausible scenario.

Li Qiye sat down in front of the table and ordered Xiaoshan to hold the bottle, He Chen to light the cauldron, Tieshu Weng and his brother were the assistants. All of this was to boil some tea.

A while later, the tea fragrance wafted in the air. Xiaoshan poured a cup for Li Qiye.

He focused on the sky to read the stars while sipping his tea in order to calculate the grand momentum of the ominous ground.

There were many experts here but Li Qiye didnt give a damn. It was as if he was the only one on this peak; this attitude astonished the crowd.

All the cultivators have never seen such an arrogant person before. He didnt care about anyone else present!

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