Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 412: Immortal Emperor Qian Li

Li Qiye stared at the fog and said: “Another way of finding the corpses location is to use celestial divination. Unfortunately, even the plane above was devoured so now, I have to go outside to indirectly calculate it.”

“Ancestor, this will be no problem for you.” Laoliu quickly flattered.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said: “Drop your act. Stay here and wait. Ill be going outside to look at the momentum of the stars for direction. If the corpse comes out of the water, I will tell you the spot so that you can drag it out. After getting it, I wont mistreat you. I only need the peerless armament, you can have the rest of the treasures.”

Laoliu hurriedly responded: “It is my honor and duty to work for you. I dont dare to think about the rewards.”

This wasnt a blatant lie because so many people couldnt meet such an overlord even if they wanted to. Being an errand boy for Li Qiye was a supreme honor. The rewards didnt matter at all.

“Stop blabbering so much.” Li Qiye slapped the back of his head and scolded: “You think I dont know how shrewd you are? Dont worry, I never mistreat anyone who works for me.”

This was indeed the truth. He didnt mind that Laoliu was purposely flattering him as long as Laoliu actually contributed.

“Thank you, ancestor but just your words alone will grant me a lifetime of benefits.” Laoliu cheerfully smiled and said.

“I know, Ill naturally put in a good word for you if I meet Qi Gong later.” Li Qiye could only smile at this crafty fella.

Laoliu was ecstatic to hear this because just Li Qiyes words alone were worth as much as any treasure.

As a junior in his sect, to earn the recognition of their ancestor, an invincible Immortal Monarch, was the greatest fortune and glory.

Even someone with his talents and bloodline found it hard to get into his ancestors sight but it would be a different story if Li Qiye were to say something.

“Stay here, wait for my coordinates.” Li Qiye ordered while the guy was walking on air.

“Sure thing.” Laoliu became spirited and straightened his back while patting his chest in a reassuring manner: “Do not worry, sir, this lowly one will complete your order without the slightest mistake.”

Li Qiye smiled after seeing the guys solo act and left.

There were many cultivators here at this ominous ground already. The majority were from the powers under Jilin, wishing to find the legendary treasures or some fortune in this place.

However, there was nothing but a silent emptiness in this place, nothing like their imagination.

A few of them didnt give up and infiltrated deeper into the area where the black fog was as thick as ink with a terrible corrosive force. The mass couldnt withstand this so they had to give up.

Of course, there were those confident in their power and took the risk. They also saw the spring gushing with black blood.

“What is that?” They were curious about the disappearing springs and talked among themselves.

Some even tried to find the source of the springs but it was too elusive and beyond their ability. Furthermore, the source was most likely at an even deeper region.

One person capable of moving even deeper inside was a youth with a golden dragon robe and a gallant temperament. Primordial energy surged and imperial laws floated around him. It looked as if a Grand Emperor was arriving.

He relied on his own strength to reach the deepest location of the ominous ground in order to find the source of the spring. Alas, there was no way of calculating its next appearance.

“Sun Shrouding Young Lord is truly mighty. Thats an imperial successor for you, surely to become someone great in the future.” Many experts outside were admiring the fact that he could enter alone.

Shen Jinlong was his name, considered to be the strongest right next to the Jilin Princess.

His sects progenitor came from the Divine Race but rumor has it that he used to be a student of the Jilin when he was younger. This was the reason why Sun Shrouding remained under Jilin despite being an imperial lineage. Of course, Jilin had never interfered with its business.

Sun Shrouding Divine Emperor had six palaces and six wills so he was among the bottom of his peers. For example, Jilin Immortal Monarch had ten palaces and eight wills and Nightfall Immoral Monarch had eleven palaces and eleven wills.

However, Sun Shrouding grew considerably stronger after many generations of hard work. During Sun Shrouding Divine Emperors reign, he got some help from the Jilin Clan. This was the reason why his sect still wanted to be part of the Jilin Clan.

The relationship between the two sects was quite deep and played a big role in why Sun Shrouding was so prosperous in this region. It was even considered the strongest sect under the Jilin.

People were in awe to see Shen Jinlong capable of reaching the perilous area. However, the fog there was too strong and Jinlong couldnt stay for long. After failing to find the source, he had to leave and wait outside to join the others who experienced the same thing.

They understood that there would be a great disturbance the moment a treasure came out with strange visual images. That was why some tried to find the best vantage point in order to wait for the right time.

Tieshu Wengs group listened to Li Qiye and climbed up the Godwatching Peak outside of the ominous ground to wait for Li QIye.

This was the highest peak around here with a panoramic view of the entire area. There was no better spot.

The crowd was still thin when the four got here. However, as time passed, more and more climbed the peak due to its advantageous geography.

The ones here were all from the great powers and were relatively famous in this particular region.

Tieshu Weng might be a sect master but he was a nobody in this place. Thus, in order to avoid trouble, the group went into an inconspicuous corner away from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Southern Suns Li Tianhao and his group also climbed up the mountain. Wang Xiaotian from West Bank was also there.

Tieshu Wengs group was nervous to see them because of their previous feud. Without Li Qiye as their backing right now, there was no way for them to escape.

However, Li Tianhao was too lazy to care for these “insects” at this moment. In his mind, he could destroy them whenever he wanted.

He began to talk to the masters and lords here and didnt look at Tieshu Weng at all.

Even Wang Xiaotian wanted to use this rare opportunity to befriend the big shots around.

“Young Lord Shen is coming.” Someone shouted amidst the rowdy peak.

It was Shen Jinlong landing from the sky. He met a great reception because everyone wanted to please a dragon among men.

“Her Highness is coming, everyone, get ready to welcome her.” Jinlong made small talk for a bit before revealing a shocking news.

“The imperial princess is coming?!” Many were astonished.

There was only one person that had the title of imperial princess in Jilin and referred by Jinlong as “Her Highness”. It was the successor of the Jilin Clan, the Jilin Princess!

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