Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 410: Yin Yang Pond

It took a long time before Laoliu regained his wits. His eyes widened in astonishment: “I still cant believe that this Ultimate Armament exists!”

Though he had heard of the Ultimate Armament before, they were only unreliable rumors, baseless, even. Because of this, he remained skeptical about its existence.

“Who has it right now? Is the legend true again? Only the top emperor can wield it?” Laoliu asked again.

“Close enough, this White Armament can be considered one of the best so it isnt that easy to obtain. Its a great test for those with great determination and dao heart so the person who got it back then was indeed amazing. Only someone as holy as him would be able to get it under those circumstances.” Li Qiye said.

“So it belongs to Holy Emperor! The legend is true!” Laoliu jumped up after hearing the confirmation.

“Holy Emperor is indeed an amazing character.” Li Qiye slightly nodded.

“Yes, hes a Grand Emperor worthy of respect.” Laoliu said with reverence: “Well, virtually all emperors held him in high regard.”

For imperial titles, anyone with one word before “Emperor” was incredible enough. However, the word “Holy” as the prefix was completely unique.

Thus, there was only one Holy Emperor in the thirteen continents. He was the only one worthy of this title; this was a fact acknowledged by many emperors.

It wasnt due to his strength or how many Heavens Wills he had. In fact, he was among those with the fewest Heavens Wills. This still didnt deter his worth as a person.

His talents were quite pitiful at a young age. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he was stupid.

It wasnt until the age of 100 did he break through the Dao Dust realm despite cultivating his entire life. Yes, one could already envision this emperors aptitude from this speed alone.

Remember that Dao Dust was the lowest realm in the thirteen continents. Geniuses only needed two or three days to break through. Even those with inferior talents only required one or two years. The dumbest of mortals would only need two or three decades to do it.

Alas, Holy Emperor actually came from a great power yet still needed one hundred years. This was completely preposterous.

His seniors lost all hope in him and thought that he was a rotten piece of wood that couldnt be carved. Nevertheless, he persevered one step at a time.

If requiring one hundred years to get through Dao Dust was one miracle, his other miracle was also unbreakable even for his peers.

It was him only opening three fate palaces throughout his life, the lowest number of all emperors.

All cultivators understood one logic – the more palaces, the more powerful. One palace could shoulder one Heavens Will so twelve was the limit for emperors.

Of course, not all emperors had twelve palaces. This wasnt a requirement to become an emperor since many with less eventually ascended to the throne.

However, the majority had six or more with some having nine or ten. Holy Emperor was the only one across the ages with only three palaces.

Each palace opening was very arduous for this emperor. Ultimately, this was another angle showing that he wasnt suitable for cultivation at all. This opinion was shared among his seniors and masters.

A few of them kindly tried to persuade him against cultivating. It was better to spend his life as a rich mortal.

Alas, his lack of talents didnt stop him from yearning the grand dao. After the long years of struggle, he eventually became a peerless emperor at the apex of the dao.

The reason why his peers respected him so much was due to his dao heart and love for the dao. This alone was enough.

In the history of the thirteen continents, some emperors managed to obtain twelve Heavens Wills but none of them could make their peers earnestly refer to them as a “saint”.

Even Deepsouth Divine Emperor and World Emperor used the title “saint” when talking about Holy Emperor.

Laoliu curiously asked with this newfound knowledge: “How strong did Holy Emperor become with this Ultimate Armament? Where does he rank among the emperors?”

His possession of this artifact certainly boosted his battle potential in spite of having only three wills.

Li Qiye shook his head: “Youre mistaken about something. This Ultimate Armament isnt the reason why Holy Emperor is powerful. The best aspect about him is his unswerving dao heart.”

He pointed at his heart and continued: “His existence tells the world that a firm dao heart is more important than anything else on the arduous path towards the dao. Even a determined fool could eventually become an emperor.”

If Laoliu were to hear this from someone else, he would let out a snort of derision. However, the speaker was Li Qiye and Holy Emperor was a prime example as well. It made him contemplate further into the issue.

Li Qiye didnt wait and continued on. Laoliu eventually gave chase and laughed: “Sir, then does the unique armament that the Mad God had compare to Holy Emperors Ultimate Armament?”

“What, you want it now?” Li Qiye glanced at Laoliu and nonchalantly asked.

Laoliu waved his hands to deny it: “No, no. This lowly one would never dare to compete for a treasure that you want. If you want the treasures here, they are all yours. If anyone dares to say otherwise, Ill be the first to take care of them!”

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “Even if you wanted to try for it, you cant outcompete me anyway.”

“Of course, the myriad realms trembled the moment you take action, sir. I am only a firefly, how can I compete against the bright sun?” Laoliu instantly responded.

This wasnt mere flattery because who would dare to compete against an overlord like LI Qiye? Perhaps if the emperors were to come out. However, these beings wouldnt do so unless it was an earth-shattering matter.

Because of this, Laoliu believed whoever wanted to compete with Li Qiye was simply courting death.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Mad God indeed got quite lucky and found a rare dao material. He cut it open to find a White Armament with 88,888 dao fetuses.”

“88,888 fetuses!” Laoliu gasped and was truly shaken at the existence of this armament in this place.

If this news were to spread, it would definitely alert the entire thirteen continents. Many cultivators would become crazy. High Gods wouldnt sit still and some emperors might even join in!

“Another Ultimate Armament…” Laoliu had seen many treasures in his life but never an Ultimate Armament of this level.

“Theres still a big gap compared to Holy Emperors set. After all, it is still a difference of 11,111 fetuses. This disparity might not matter before the imperial level but it is greatly amplified afterward.” Li Qiye explained.

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