Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 409: One Triumphant Move

Tieshu Weng was horrified by what Li Tianhao said before he left. He didnt know whether to be happy or not about the upcoming examination at the Jilin Clan.

As the day approached, all the territories would be under watch and some big shots will personally preside over the event to keep the peace.

But now, Li Qiye had antagonized so many great powers under the Jilin. If these powers were to fan the fire in front of the imperial clan, it would be quite a predicament. Their sect might be annihilated in the process.

Thus, he didnt know whether it was wise or not to follow Li Qiye but he had no other choice. Regardless of the outcome, the fate of his sect was already placed on Li Qiye.

“Have fun, everyone, see you later.” On the other hand, Laoliu was very nonchalant and kept on waving at the departing group in a boisterous manner.

After Li Tianhao left, Li Qiye finally looked at Laoliu and said insipidly: “Why did you come to this ominous ground?”

“Ah, sir, please dont misunderstand, I didnt follow you here.” Laoliu was scared out of his mind and quickly justified: “Im only here to make some money. Rumor has it that this was the place where Mad God was killed and his body is still nowhere to be found, hehehe, so I came hoping to get lucky and didnt think I would meet you here.”

“Very well, I need an errand boy anyway, its good that youre here.” Li Qiye didnt care at all.

“Im here to obey as long as you need me.” Laolius eyes brightened even more so than if he were staring at a gold ingot. He rubbed his palms and excitedly agreed.

His identity was quite frightening with a vast knowledge. He didnt care for successors from imperial lineages but Li Qiye was different. This was an untouchable overlord. If he were to earn Li Qiyes favor, it would be a lifetime of benefits.

Even though he didnt understand why this overlord was strolling around as a mortal, he didnt dare to ask either. He was certain that something shocking was going to happen in the future.

This was the reason why he wanted to go along with Li Qiye. Intuition told him that this was a wise move and he had always listened to it.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye smiled at the excited man and continued forward.

With a new party member, Li Qiye carefully looked around the ominous ground before finally gazing at a deeper region.

“You guys stay outside and wait for me at the Godwatching Peak.” Li Qiye gave the order before preparing to delve deeper.

Tieshu Weng and his disciples bowed deeply without any objection. Shen Xiaoshan quietly said: “Take care.”

“You, come with. Its coming. This land has been quiet for a long time now, the withered tree will grow again.” Li Qiye told Laoliu.

Laoliu was extremely excited to hear this. He knew this land better than the other three but judging by Li Qiyes action, he realized that Li Qiye knew even more and there was no need for him to display his slight skill before an expert.

Li Qiye still perused the land carefully after coming in with Laoliu.

“Sir, may I ask for your purpose?” The fearless old man eventually asked along the way.

“What is your purpose then?” Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said.

“This lowly one is here for treasures.” Laoliu didnt try to hide anything before Li Qiye: “My bold guess is that the body of Mad God is still here after being killed by Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian since no one had found it yet.”

“Makes sense.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Laoliu smiled wryly and continued: “If that body is still here, so are all of his treasures. But even that arrow used to kill him must be an incredible tool for murder. Thats a big harvest in and of itself.”

“Thats it?” Li Qiye said.

“I really dont have any other intention.” Laoliu was scared because of Li Qiyes glance and quickly defended his innocence.

“Im sure you have heard of some rumors given your background.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Laoliu was caught off guard and asked: “Sir, are these rumors real? I dont really believe in them.”

“Real or fake, who is to say?” Li Qiye said flatly.

“Could it be that Mad God had obtained an extremely heaven-defying treasure back then? One that is on the same level as the High Heaven Scrolls, or even better?! No, it cant be a True Immortal Armament!” The old man blurted out.

“True Immortal Armament?” Li Qiye laughed and said: “You are too greedy, how can there be something as nice as a True Immortal Armament. If this was the case, all of the emperors in the thirteen continents would have come running already and it wouldnt be your turn. Since the start of time, there have only been five sets of this level.”

“You are right, I got crazy.” Laoliu agreed: “If Mad God had a True Immortal Armament, he wouldnt have died to one arrow.”

These armaments were coveted by all the emperors. Of course, one wouldnt be found here.

“It might not be of the immortal level but Mad God indeed got an armament with great significance. Otherwise, he wouldnt have rushed to become an Ancient God in order to refine it. It could have been a miracle, an armament that would allow him to become the strongest god in the world!” Li Qiye revealed.

“What kind of armament?” Laoliu loved this topic. His knowledge of this topic only consisted of some legends, not anything concrete.

“A White Adornment set.” Li Qiye calmly answered.

“A white set?” Laoliu didnt expect this response. Many would think a white set was already quite amazing but not Laoliu.

“No, dont tell me it is an armament with more than 10,000 fetuses!” He thought of something and cried out.

White was the lowest grade of all the armaments. However, it had a unique advantage since it could contain a higher number of fetuses compared to the higher grades. Thus, once this number reached a particular level, the set could still be quite amazing.

600 was a soft limit; anything beyond this meant an exponential rise in quality.

In fact, any white set with 600 was already exceedingly rare. Anything above 1,000 was as uncommon as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

There was one more myth to this – a white set could break through 10,000 but the world couldnt imagine, let alone seeing one.

“Does such a thing exist?” Laoliu was a bit stunned: “The white set with the highest number that is verified is 7,777, considered to be the strongest White Armament and is in the possession of a High God.”

“Only 7,777 yet it claims to be the strongest?” Li Qiye shook his head: “Then where the hell are you gonna place a 99,999 fetuses set then?”

“99,999?!” Laoliu took a deep breath after hearing this number. He eventually said: “The legend is real then! The Ultimate Armament truly exists.”

“Thats right, it is also the strongest white armament with the highest number of fetuses.” Li Qiye confirmed with a nod.

Laoliu was momentarily stunned and murmured: “Even though it cant compare with a True Immortal Armament, it can definitely compare to a High Heaven Scroll.”

“The one-and-only Ultimate Armament, it does have some special charms.” Li Qiye nodded.

Laoliu began to daydream about this Ultimate Armament. Just how wondrous was it to be made from 99,999 dao fetuses? Its power must be unimaginable.

1. This is an idiom from the Red Chamber. It states that fake or real is rather relative and has varying degrees. A fake can be more “real” than the real thing itself during the process of pretension. For example, when a bad person tries to be good, he resembles a good person more than an actual good person. I dont know man. I personally havent read the Red Chamber because its a tragedy of sorts; I was spoiled through other novels since Red Chamber is a very famous book. One day, one day… Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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