Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 407: Venerable Yang

Wang Xiaotian of West Bank gritted his teeth with a mean expression. After being knocked unconscious by Laoliu last time, not only did that old man take away all of his treasures, the guy even stripped his group completely naked before tying them on a tree in Jilin.

Just imagine, cultivators and mortals saw his group naked at dawn. It created quite a furor; they became a joke in the city and lost all face. Even West Bank suffered from this.

The prince didnt only loathe Laolius group but also Li Qiye and Sago Palm.

If this was in the past, he would have visited Sago Palm. It wasnt hard for West Bank to destroy this tiny sect at all. However, they had no energy to do so recently because some mysterious debtors came knocking on their door. They said that a duke from his country broke their treasure and needed to pay up.

There was no justification why their country and royal family should be responsible for their duke, Liang Hengyis debt. However, these debtors didnt care for logic and rummaged through their country. Anything a bit expensive was taken by them. Even their father was taken away while sitting on his throne because they wanted the countrys throne.

These merciless bloodsuckers left their country in a sorry state with no time to worry about Sago Palm. However, Wang Xiaotian was able to befriend the Nanyang Young Lord, Li Tianhao. Thus, despite the setback of West Bank, the king still let the prince stay at Jilin, hoping that he could climb to the upper echelon of society.

Their humiliation was due to this group ahead so the prince was quite enraged to meet his enemies again.

“Young Lord Li, its that mortal.” Wang Xiaotian pointed at Li Qiye and said: “Hes the one picking up the trash from Sago Palm and announced that he would sweep through the borders of Jilin, dispatching Southern Sun with one punch and defeating Sun Shrouding with one kick.”

Xiaotian was indeed capable. He made many friends at Jilin City including Li Tianhao.

The blatant lie in order to fan the flame shocked Tieshu Weng and his disciples because Li Qiye never said such a thing.

“Young Lord Li, we never said that.” Weng quickly cupped his fist and acted awfully humble since he was quite aghast.

Southern Sun Clan and Sun Shrouding Gate were two of the most powerful lineages under the Jilin.

Southern Sun had a living High God while the latter was an imperial lineage started by Sun Shrouding Divine Emperor.

When the West Bank Crown Prince was involving both of these behemoths, he certainly had nefarious intent towards destroying Sago Palm.

“Dont be so tense. You think I would falsely accuse you if you didnt say it? ” Li Tianhao glared at the old man. For a young lord like him, someone like Tieshu Weng was only an insect.

Wengs expression became worse. He understood that this type of people didnt care about right and wrong. The only thing that mattered was whether they perceived his group as enemies or friends.

For Li Tianhao and the Southern Sun Clan, it didnt matter if the West Bank Crown Prince was lying because it required zero effort to stomp on an insect.

Who would they side with, their hound or an insect? The answer was too obvious, they would certainly help the West Bank Crown Prince.

After realizing this, Tieshu Weng had cold chills all over his body. Their Sago Palm was nothing in West Banks eyes and was even more insignificant for a powerful clan like the Southern Sun.

“If you didnt say it, then who did?” Li Tianhaos eyes skirted by the old man and fell on Li Qiye: “Was it you?”

Despite having no past history between them, Tianhao already had an antagonistic impression towards Li Qiye. The reason was very simple – he had met Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince before while Li Qiye was only a stranger.

He had heard of the crown princes death, hence his prejudice towards Li Qiye upon their first meeting.

“Dispatching Southern Sun with one punch and defeating Sun Shrouding with one kick? What a joke, I just need to flick a finger, no need for a punch or kick.” Li Qiye finally looked at Tianhao and responded.

“My little ancestor, can you please stop talking?” Wengs group was scared out of their mind. This retort was a slap on Tianhaos face.

Li Qiyes enemy-making skill was peerless in this world to the horror of his followers.

“Such a big tone.” Tianhaos expression turned unsightly. It didnt matter where this mortal was from but such a blatant insult was unacceptable.

“Its the truth.” Li Qiye had no interest and waved his hand dismissively: “If you dont have any further business, scram to the side. I still have matters to attend to.”

Weng was at a loss for words. The fire had been lit now; the original intention of Sago Palm no longer mattered. The old man was praying for Li Qiye to stop arguing so much.

As the grandson of a High God with the divine bloodline flowing through him, Tianhao had never been insulted in this manner.

“Brat, this isnt Jilin or the workshop, no rules will protect you here!” A murderous glint flashed in his eyes.

Wengs group became startled. There was nothing in this land, if Tianhao actually wanted to kill all of them, no one would ever find out.

“Haha, a lawless place is even better.” Suddenly, someone jumped out of the ground and laughed: “We can do whatever we please then without any constraint.”

Everyone was surprised at this newcomer outside of Li Qiye.

“Young Lord Li, its that guy! That one who ambushed us!” West Bank Crown Prince hurriedly blurted.

The newcomer was no other than Sheng Laoliu.

He glanced at West Bank Crown Prince and cheerfully smiled: “I heard you ran naked around Jilin, you must have quite a fetish.”

The prince hated talking about that debacle the most so his face turned ugly. However, he didnt dare to provoke Sheng Laoliu.

“Who the hell are you?” Tianhao stared carefully at the old man before asking. He was aware of West Bank Crown Princes cultivation. Someone who could easily take the prince down was certainly not simple.

“Just a little merchant.” Laoliu said: “Im here working for this gentleman because he is very rich.”

He slightly tugged on Li Qiyes sleeve and looked like a greedy sycophant.

“You better not interfere with Jilins internal matters. They do not allow anyone to cause trouble, same with my Southern Sun Clan!” Tianhao uttered coldly.

Despite certain apprehension against this unknown and powerful foe, he wasnt completely afraid due to his clan.

He was very confident because his grandfather was a High God!

“Gotta work when paid, if you are unhappy, then speak with your money.” Laoliu greedily replied.

After seeing that the old man wasnt afraid of his threat at all, Tianhao glared at the group before imposingly stated: “Anyone who dares to cause trouble during the Jilins assembly will die a miserable death!”

With that, he flicked his sleeve and left.

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