Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 396: A Fiance Out Of Nowhere

A complete set of dao armament was the pursuit of many cultivators. However, ordinary experts couldnt ever get one due to the prohibitive cost.

It consisted of same-quality dao fetuses from one dao material. For example, if there were three White Adornment and one Golden Inlaid fetuses from the same material, then the Golden Inlaid would be excluded from the armament. So, five Violet Force fetuses from one material would be a set of five.

Each complete armament would have one dao chapter. This chapter contained the writings of the heaven and earth during the harmonization process. It was much stronger than remnant laws and such.

Three was the minimum number to form a set; they must be of the same grade and come from the same dao material.

At this time, Li Qiye gently blew as if he was casting a spell. Laws emerged on the orderly fetuses at the table. They danced together to form a perfect chapter with the image of a sword and armor.

“A sword armament, thats a common one.” An expert saw the chapter and said.

“Yeah but dont forget, only one armament would show up in every 10,000 dao materials, even at the white grade and only in a set of three.” An experienced appraiser reminded.

The higher the grade of the fetus, the lower the chance of a full set appearing. Since the start of time, only a few armaments of the top grade existed.

“639 pieces…” Another workshop appraiser was shocked and murmured: “Pure hasnt seen a set with this many pieces in a long time!”

Of course, a White Armament couldnt compare to the higher grades, not with just three pieces.

However, once the set had a certain number, it would normally change into a higher grade.

Many appraisers believed that 600 pieces were the soft limit of a White Armament. If it had more than 600, it would undergo a fundamental improvement due to the great amount of chaos and primordial energies from the fetuses.

If a white set had more than 600 fetuses, it could crush any weapon at the same cultivation realm.

For example, at the Dao Saint level, a white set with more than 600 could crush even a weapon of the Heaven Bestowment level. Even a prenatal weapon wasnt a match!

If it had more than 1,000, it could challenge other weapons of a higher cultivation level, with the exception of other sets.

An armament after reaching a certain number had clear advantages that a single dao weapon couldnt compare to.

Because of this, people have always tried to find them. Even a White Armament would be worth an unreal price if it had the right number of fetuses.

“This White Armament must be sold at the Dao Saint level.” One expert believed.

“In my opinion, if he were to auction it, the starting price has to be at least 100,000 Dao Saint Chaos Stones due to the extraordinary number of fetuses. If a powerful character were to gestate this armament, given ample time for advancement, it will crush any other weapon at the same cultivation!” One appraiser stated.

Li Qiye slowly turned towards the prince and said: “Which do you think is worth more, my armament or your prenatal dao fetus?”

The prince had an ugly expression, especially to his agape mouth, as he stood there motionlessly.

“Your skill in appraisal has reached an incomparable level. You win this bet.” Li Langxuan accepted his defeat.

It wasnt easy cutting an armament out of a dao material. Not even one might be present in all the current materials in the workshop.

However, Li Qiye simply picked one and found an armament. This was beyond luck. Such insight and abilities meant that he was at the apex of appraisal. Even a genius like Li Langxuan realized his inferiority.

He had lost to a mortal appraiser today yet he was without any complaint. It was a convincing loss.

“You have lost.” Li Qiye stared at the prince then seized the mountain of treasures and weapons on the table.

“Too much scrap metals, go sell them and have a drink.” Li Qiye gave Shen Xiaoshans group both the chaos stones and the items.

Astonishment came before jubilation. When the group regained their wits, they felt as if money was raining down straight into their pockets from the sky.

The crowd became envious at this extravagant master. This was an amount beyond a lifetime of earning yet he casually threw them to his followers.

The princes treasures werent bad but they were nothing in Li Qiyes eyes; scrap metals indeed.

Shen Xiaoshans group finally realized why Li Qiye was so arrogant before. He never paid any mind to a sect as impoverished as Sago Palm. They felt embarrassed by their previous sense of superiority over him. The ones who were arrogant in the past were they, not him. It was their luck being able to meet Li Qiye, a blessing from the heavens to accompany him.

Meanwhile, the prince stood there with a blank mind. He didnt care about the consequence at the start of the bet, feeling so confident in torturing this mortal before everyone before killing him. It would let everyone know the consequence of those who wanted to oppose him.

But now, he had lost completely. Li Langxuan was no match the second time around either.

The prince had bet all of his money and resources on top of borrowing 5,000,000 from the workshop. He was a poor wretch on top of being in debt.

His country might be able to repay this amount but if his father and the elders from the royal clan were to find out, not only would his father break his leg, he might even lose his position as the crown prince. This left him horrified and furious.

“What now, scared?” Li Qiye chuckled at the frozen prince: “I can sympathize since you have lost everything. Okay, take this so you can at least make it back to Heavenly Phoenix.”

He grabbed a pile of chaos stones and threw it at the prince.

“Little animal! No, there must be foul play, its a conspiracy!” The prince pointed at Li Qiye while thinking of all the possibilities.

“What?” Li Qiye lazily said: “Cheating before everyone here? Even if I had tried to scheme against you, you think Li Langxuan had participated too, same with the Jilin Clan? Im sure someone here would have noticed something.”

The crowd knew that the prince couldnt accept this total loss. Anyone would go crazy after losing ten million in one go. Few could afford such a loss without batting an eye.

So many people were staring at the prince, the most humiliating part of this whole thing for him was losing to a mortal!

Li Qiye purposely provoked: “Dont be a sore loser now, it reflects negatively on you as a crown prince, but I can understand, a tiny country like Heavenly Phoenix is naturally poor. However, gamblers have their own codes and do not accuse people falsely after losing. A loser like you should just go back to your mothers teats.”

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