Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 395: Beginning Of The Storm

Both Li Qiye and Langxuan returned to the betting table. Langxuan was surprised to see Li Qiyes postnatal material and blurted out: “You are truly unfathomable, no one else in the contemporary would try to take this kind of risk.”

Any appraiser with a hint of rationality would know how unwise it was to challenge a prenatal material with a postnatal one. The victor was already determined unless Li Qiye could somehow pull off a miracle.

“Just relying on luck, thats the real fun in gambling, certainty is not as exciting.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

“Such boldness is commendable.” Langxuan was in awe of Li Qiyes daringness in the face of death.

“Haha, relying on luck? Wait a bit and youll lose your life.” The prince sneered cruelly: “I cant wait till I can start slowly cutting off your head.”

He was certain of Langxuans victory since there was no way this mortal could be so lucky. One or two inaccurate appraisals were one thing but three in a row? Even the appraisers from the workshop wouldnt believe it.

Langxuan had a prenatal Golden Inlaid material; the resulting fetus would be just fine. However, Li Qiye had a postnatal material, even the highest grade wouldnt likely beat Langxuans.

Li Qiye ignored the prince and said: “Lets begin.”

“Since I found my first, Ill start.” Langxuan cupped his fist and didnt try to be overly polite. He wanted to know what fetus would come out and his confidence was overshadowed by his restless curiosity. After all, this was still a bet. He needed to see his ace card before having peace of mind.

Li Qiye agreed so Langxuan began cutting his dao material.

“Bang!” He took the fetus out in just a short time like a skilled butcher.

Once it came out, primordial chaos energy of the Dao Sage level shot out in the form of thin, bright rays.

“Prenatal fetus of the Dao Sage level!” Even before seeing the fetus, people here could tell what type it was due to the chaos and primordial energy oozing out.

“Its a Heaven Bestowment!” After finally looking at the fetus, someone blurted out in astonishment. This was a seal fetus emitting shiny strands of light.

“The finest among Dao Sage fetuses.” Another commenter added.

“Congratulation, Young Noble Langxuan, you got something that fell through the cracks.” Even an appraiser from the workshop cheered for Li Langxuan.

Originally, it was appraised as a Golden Inlaid but a Heaven Bestowment came out. Langxuan got the better end of the deal by buying it for cheap.

From another perspective, it proved the well-earned reputation of the workshop. They didnt purposely brand and sell only shoddy dao materials.

Langxuan heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the grade of the dao fetus. During his selection process, he was certain that a prenatal Golden Inlaid fetus at the Dao Sage level would definitely come out. There was a chance that it could even be an Orange Martial, and if super lucky, a Heaven Bestowment.

He felt that he had at least eighty to one hundred percent chance of victory and glanced over at Li Qiye. A postnatal dao fetus wanting to beat his? That was harder than reaching for the heavens unless the guy had chosen the best fetus in the world that had been erroneously appraised.

All eyes were on Li Qiye. Some experts slightly shook their head and said: “Hes done, no chance of winning unless he can get something incredible but thats virtually impossible. Li Langxuan probably has a 90% chance of victory now.”

Unless Li Qiye were to reveal a prenatal fetus of the Dao Saint level, his defeat was assured.

“Ha, little animal, you have lost already.” The prince was ecstatic after seeing Langxuans Heaven Bestowment fetus. He smiled deviously and raised his sleeves while imagining the cruel torment forcing Li Qiye to scream! He felt an unprecedented pleasure from obtaining revenge!

“Whats the rush, I havent cut mine yet but you already know you have won?” Li Qiye said dismissively and treated the prince as if he was invisible.

“Haha, keep on struggling, if death wants you by midnight, theres no surviving till dawn.” The prince sneered.

Li Qiye held his knife and began the slicing process. One appraiser saw his refusal to give up and said without optimism: “Its too hard to reverse the tide. Langxuans dao fetus is very good for the price, too hard to beat it.”

“He took the wrong step, wanting to benefit greatly from buying cheap but instead, hell be paying with his life.” The experts here caused a ruckus debating.

It was clear that Li Qiye didnt rely on just luck, having picked the right materials twice. However, challenging Langxuan by repeating the same formula made everyone think that he had become complacent.

“Bang!” When Li Qiye took off the thin stone layer, the resulting fetus was actually a White Adornment.

“Just the white grade…” The crowd was shocked because even though it was a postnatal fetus, the appraisers of the workshop still evaluated it as a Heaven Bestowment.

But now, this meant that these appraisers have also mistakenly graded this particular material.

Shen Xiaoshans group lost their color from realizing that Li Qiye had lost.

“He lost…” Everyone confirmed that Li Qiye has thrown away his life.

“Losing everything after one wrong decision.” One sect master became remorseful. So many great powers would want to invite this capable mortal appraiser to work for their sect. But now, his life was forfeited to Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince.

“This is…” Langxuan slightly raised his eyes.

Meanwhile, the prince guffawed: “Hahaha, little animal, how do you want me to cut off your head now? Many chops or just a single split?!”

The bloodthirsty prince was already holding a long sword, ready to torture and kill Li Qiye.

“Whats the rush, its not over yet!” Li Qiye interrupted the jubilating prince and moved his knife again to cut off another layer.

“Fine, I want to see what other amazing things you can do. The more you delay this, the more Ill torture you.” The prince wasnt in a rush since victory was already within his grasp.

Li Qiye went on with his business and more layers were peeled off with his wondrous and inscrutable techniques. Suddenly, he severed the dao material in half. This was very taboo for appraisers due to the potential damage to the fetus.

The entire crowd was shocked. The result looked like a watermelon that was split in halves. However, multiple fetuses were revealed inside and stacked in an orderly fashion. Li Qiyes knife easily separated them with such swiftness that made the crowd gasp.

If his technique was brought to the point of perfection before, it has become completely devilish and out of this world. It was a work of art that stole the gazes of everyone in the audience. This was the cutting apex of an appraiser.

In just a short time, the removed White Adornment fetuses were neatly placed on the ground.

“A full set of White Armament!” The mass finally calmed down and saw the fetuses arranged on the betting table.

“Not just that, it consists of 639 pieces!” one cultivator carefully counted all the fetuses.

“639!” The appraisers in the workshop became crazy.

This news swept through the entire workshop. Everyone came running in order to look at this White Armament!

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