Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 393: Dont Provoke Me

A crown prince like him still couldnt take out 10,000,000 Dao Celestial Chaos Stones in a short time.

He became the center of attention as his complexion kept on changing from rage. Even if Li Qiye was overestimating his worth, the prince was the one who told Li Qiye to name the price. If he couldnt come up with his end of the bargain, it was akin to throwing away his face.

This was a difficult position for him. Two successive losses were already too much to take. Now, Li Qiyes sneer made it even worse.

“If you apologize to me now, I can forgive your sin of being ignorant.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said.

The prince glared furiously at Li Qiye. It was impossible for an imperial successor to bow his head before a mortal, he would pick death instead every time!

“Are we doing this or not? If you dont want to bet again, then just accept your mistake.” Li Qiye impatiently waved his sleeve.

The crowd stared at the prince again. Since he was the one who proposed the bet, the fault would be his for not following up. An apology was already a mild punishment.

When two cultivators gambled in this place, if the one proposing couldnt handle the deal, then a money payment would be a light punishment.

So now, Li Qiye only demanded an apology. People felt that he was already kind enough.

The prince was riding a tiger and couldnt get down. He couldnt afford the bet but the alternative was unacceptable!

“Well yeah, if you cant muster it up, dont bet.” People whispered after seeing the frozen prince.

The imperious prince always viewed himself as superior to others but these looks of contempt were really getting to him. He placed a Dao Celestial weapon on the table and shouted: “Ill bet this weapon!”

This was his most precious treasure, the symbol of his position as the crown prince of Heavenly Phoenix.

Their country only had one Immortal Monarch. This monarch was still alive but even if he were to leave his weapons behind, it wouldnt be the turn of someone as young as the prince. They had many powerful ancestors still alive. How could a junior like him carry an imperial weapon around?

This was another big difference between the tenth and nine worlds. There were many more living ancestors in the lineages up here. It was common for one lineage to have several hundred ancestors living at the same time. Thus, a first-rate sect in the tenth world was much stronger than one in the nine worlds.

“Just one Dao Celestial weapon? You think that alone is worth 10,000,000 Dao Celestial Chaos Stones?”

The red-faced prince took out treasures and weapons. In a short time, a pile of them stacked on each other on the betting table.

He let cautions go with the wind and took out everything he owned in order to regain face and kill Li Qiye.

He wanted everyone to know that he would dare to participate in even bigger bets. If he started something, he would never falter even if it meant losing all his wealth!

“Is that enough?” The prince uttered coldly after scooping out all he owned.

Li Qiye did a quick glance before speaking: “Forget it, Im a merciful person, Ill consider that 5,000,000 for all these rubbish.”

“You!” The prince glared at him.

Li Qiye waved his hand as if he was chasing away a fly and said: “Dont look at me like that. Let the workshop appraise them if you want, see how much money you can pawn these scraps for.”

The prince shouted at the appraisers: “Do a valuation on my treasures!”

The appraisers knew that the prince had gotten too deep into this bet. They have seen people like him every day and began their evaluation process. Eventually, one of them said: “Young noble, 5,000,000 Dao Celestial Chaos Stones is acceptable for your items.”

This appraiser put it delicately but the implication was that these treasures and weapons werent worth 5,000,000.

Li Qiye added salt to the wound by patting his own neck: “Youre just all talk with an empty pocket. My head is right here, its just that you cant afford to pay for it.”

The prince couldnt do anything at the moment, completely trapped in this debacle.

“You can borrow 5,000,000 from our workshop because of your identity.” One appraiser reminded him.

The prince became excited right away. He was the prestigious crown prince of Heavenly Phoenix and his brother-in-law was Jin Ge.

“5,000,000 is nothing, Ill take the loan in my name and status as a crown prince!” His eyes lit up just like his own spirit. He placed his fathers golden VIP card on the betting table and said.

He became a gambler blinded by the rush with reckless abandon about the consequences if he were to lose.

In his mind, it was a type of glory to be able to borrow 5,000,000 Dao Celestial Chaos Stones since not just anyone could do it, not even a sect master.

Only an imperial successor like him could enjoy this privilege. It showed the stateliness of his identity!

Of course, the workshop wasnt worried at all. As long as this gambler wanted to borrow their money, they would be more than happy since they werent afraid of his country reneging on the debt.

Heavenly Phoenix only had one Immortal Monarch while the Jilin Clan behind them had three. As long as he dared to borrow, they would dare to ask for both the principal and interest back in full in the future.

So many chaos stones were placed on the betting table and their chaos energy engulfed the area. This was manys first time seeing this great amount and became dazzled by the scene. Some even crazily salivated with greed.

Shen Xiaoshans group was even more amazed since they had never seen the world of the rich before. For their tiny sect, just 10 Dao Celestial Chaos Stones was already a shocking amount, let alone 5,000,000.

One king gazed at the table filled with stones and said: ”A bet for 10,000,000… Only a talent like the crown prince could do something like this. This will be a once in a hundred years match.”

Everyone here was astonished by the number of chaos stones and the betting match that was about to take place. This pleased the crown prince, especially that kings comment earlier about how he was the only one who could produce this sum.

“Little animal, Ill buy your life with this!” He grandly declared after slamming on the table.

At this time, rationality and strategy were thrown out the window, even his role as a crown prince and imperial successor. Only an addicted gambler was left.

With his current state, even if he were to win this, he would keep on going and perhaps find a second person to bet against!

Li Qiye clapped and laughed: “Thats more like it, the crown prince of a country, the style of an imperial successor. How do you want to do this? If you win, my head is yours.”

Li Qiye didnt only want the crown princes life but also to publicly take everything the guy had!

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