Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 32: Kun Pengs Six Variants 2

“What do you mean by that?” Ye Xiaoxiao held her little waist and fiercely asked: “Dont tell me youre plotting something devious against me?”

“Plotting?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile and leisurely answered: “Who was it that cried and begged to marry me? Like you said, I am your husband, so do you think I will plot against you? I can do whatever I want already.”

“Bah! Bah!” Xiaoxiao spoke with disdain: “Dont daydream so much, who would want to marry you? Please, I dont like you at all. Im only doing this to make Jianshi and the others mad. Hmph, trying to steal my man? Dont even think about it.”

Despite her tender age, this little girl had a fiery temper and would dare to back her words up in a lawless manner.

“Thats good, thats good. Im really lucky that we arent married.” Li Qiye acted completely relieved while patting his chest: “I would be incredibly miserable if you kept on crying and begging. Aizz, look at you, no figure at all and no hint of gentleness. As for the allure of a woman… where? If I marry such a deficient girl, the remaining half of my life would be very sad.”

Having said that, he intentionally looked her up and down before clicking his tongue as if saying that her figure wasnt worth a single coin.

She was aware that he was deliberately teasing her, but her temper couldnt let this go. She rushed over and arched her slightly visible cleavage while glaring at him.

“Look, tell me, whats wrong with me? Please, I am the prettiest girl in the Jade Sea and loved by the people. Even flowers bloom at my sight…” She was speaking while poking his chest. Her hot temperament was made clear as day from the first glance.

The truth was that Ye Xiaoxiao was indeed very pretty. Even though calling her the number one beauty in the Jade Sea might be an exaggeration, she still grew up quite well with a pair of clear, moist eyes and a flawless nose. Her young age didnt prevent a valley forming between her breasts. No matter how one looked at it, she was an incredible looker and enough to be praised as kingdom-toppling even if she wasnt going to be the most beautiful.

Li Qiye didnt mind her outburst and rubbed his chin while quipping: “Im a person who likes girls with big breasts. Of course, a gentle nature is a win as well.”

“Freak! Pervert! Watch how Ill deal with you to rid the world of your evil!” The livid girl turned red and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks at him. She detested hearing people talk about her modest chest the most.

“Okay, little girl, Im just playing with you.” Li Qiye smiled and stopped her while shaking his head: “Why did you come here?”

“Why should I tell you?” She gave him an annoyed side-glance.

“Nevermind, I dont want to know anyway.” Li Qiye shrugged with a smile.

“Ill make sure you know then.” She wanted to go against him: “I was on the way to the Dragon Demon Sea, but just a bunch of sea monsters arent fun at all so Godhalt seemed better. Sure enough, I found that there are many interesting things here.”

Li Qiye joked: “Are you sure you didnt get lost and run to the wrong place?”

Her fair face suddenly revealed the truth as she angrily exclaimed: “Bah! Youre the one whos lost!”

Li Qiye guessed correctly. Xiaoxiao heard that the Bonesea was very lively, so she initially ran there to play. Alas, she didnt expect to enter the wrong coordinates into the portal so she was directly teleported to Godhalt.

She didnt seem to mind going to the wrong place and decided to have her fun on this continent by robbing people. Many cultivators fell victim to her, especially the disciples from the Spirit Abyss.

She looked at him and asked: “Ey, why are you here? Didnt you go show off at the Dragon Demon Sea? I heard you were being accompanied by beauties all day long, why willingly run to Godhalt, a place where even birds dont want to lay eggs at?”

“Oh? Jealous?” He leisurely looked at her and grinned.

She retorted with contempt: “Bah! Stop being so narcissistic all the time, who would be jealous of you!”

Having grown accustomed to her fiery temper, he continued to smile.

“Ey, out with it already, why are you here? Is a treasure about to appear at Godhalt? I heard there were some at the Bonesea too, did you obtain any?” She unleashed a barrage of questions.

“First of all, my name is notey. Second of all, I dont know if treasures are coming out or not.”

She glared at him in response: “Hmph, if your name is notey, what should I call you then?”

Li Qiye laughed and replied: “I suppose I dont mind you calling me husband since Ive been dabbling in romance recently. Letting you have this honor is still acceptable.”

“Bah, have you no shame?” She stomped on his foot before changing her mood right away with a coquettish blink: “I wont call youey from now on. You will be Ego King instead since all you do is act all domineering and narcissistic.”

Li Qiye chuckled. He didnt mind what Xiaoxiao addressed him with since he only wanted to tease her.

He looked into the distance and asked: “Is Godhalt fun?”

“Of course, theres so much fun going on here.” Her eyes twinkled as she spoke with some excitement and a hint of mystery: “It was lucky that I didnt go to the Bonesea, I wouldve missed out on many interesting things.”

“You find it particularly fun because you arent being suppressed.” He commented with a smile after noticing her expressive demeanor.

“How do you know!” She was shaken and looked at him in astonishment.

“You found yourself just fine so you chose to go crazy and rob people in order to have some fun. In your mind, you can even defeat a Godking in Godhalt. How does it feel being the king of bandits?” He amusingly stared at the startled girl.

She looked at him up and down before skeptically asking: “You werent spying on me, right?”

In fact, she was very puzzled the moment she arrived here. Everyone said that outsiders would be suppressed on this continent, but she was completely untouched. Moreover, she was even able to summon extremely magical and powerful trees that she couldnt in the past!

After discovering this secret, Xiaoxiao grew quite excited and stayed behind to be a robber since she felt that no one here could be stronger than her.

She could easily capture a God-Monarch alive before emptying them completely. Just like that, she became addicted to this lifestyle and didnt even spare the disciples from the Spirit Abyss.

“Little girl, you are being too paranoid, why would I need to spy on you?” Li Qiye pinched her pink cheeks and smiled: “I could calculate a trivial matter like this with a single glance.”

“Calculate? This is something that relates to my bloodline and you know about it for sure, thats why you were able to figure this out.” She gave him a nasty look.

He smirked at the girl without answering. However, he agreed in his mind. This was indeed related to her bloodline that contained a great secret.

She stared at him and fiercely demanded: “Come on, what is my bloodline!”

In fact, her bloodline had always been a mystery. The Golden Isle had two treefathers, so they understood their race very well. Alas, even the most knowledgeable ancestors failed to figure out her bloodline.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said: “You really want to know? Fine, follow me and be obedient, then you can find out.”

“Bah! Youre trying to trick me, arent you? I wont fall for it.” She snorted and gave him the side-eye.

Li Qiye swung his sleeve: “Theres nothing I can do if you think that way, but if you believe me, I will bring you to a secret location at the Divine Tree Ridge. There, you might be able to comprehend the mysteries of your bloodline to its full extent.”

She remained skeptical: “Really?”

He replied: “Do I need to lie to you? Remember, I could have taken you in back at the Golden Isle and your father would have been more than happy about the marriage.”

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