Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 383: Dream Wishing Tree

nch in the imperial clan. Due to their contribution, the clan bestowed the zither to them. ” The manager replied.

”You do not have the phoenix melody. ” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The manager coughed in response and became a bit awkward: ”We, the descendants, are useless and couldn ’t inherit the melody. Same with the imperial clan itself without the actual zither. ”

”But you believe that someone in this world will know the melody of the phoenix because this zither was brought into the clan in the past. That ’s why you display the zither here as a bait of sorts. ” Li Qiye revealed.

”Sir, the zither is useless without the melody. We do hope that this zither can find the fated one for it. ” The manager hurriedly said.

”I know the melody. ” Li Qiye chuckled. How could he not? The zither was his before it came to the Jilin Clan!

The group was shocked again. They didn ’t expect Li Qiye to know the phoenix melody of the Jilin Clan.

”Sir, you are the fated one. Of course, if you really want this zither, we are willing to sell it to you. ” The manager said.

”No, I do not need this zither. Plus, I don ’t want to take your heirloom. ” Li Qiye spoke.

”Sir, you are willing to pass down the melody? ” The manager became ecstatic and added: ”In that case, you will be our benefactor. Just say the words if you need anything. ”

”I want that wooden box. ” Li Qiye responded.

”The wooden box? ” The manager was a bit surprised. Of course, he knew which box Li Qiye was talking about.

”That ’s not our item, a friend is asking us to sell it. ” He said.

Li Qiye nodded: ”I know. I ’m trading the phoenix melody for an Immortal Monarch ’s defensive art, you think this is a bad deal on your end? ”

”Well, of course not. But we need to ask the clan because it is an imperial law. ” The manager replied.

”That ’s your business. To be frank, you ’re greatly benefiting from this trade. Must I say more about the power of this zither with its melody? Otherwise, it is as useful as firewood. ” Li Qiye leisurely added.

”Indeed. ” The manager didn ’t try to hide it since there was no point. The guy was knowledgeable enough.

He hesitated for a moment before making up his mind: ”Then I shall be bold enough to take charge of this matter and accept your request, Sir. ”

”Since you ’re so decisive, I will be too. Bring me something to write on. ” Li Qiye chuckled.

Of course, he wasn ’t worried about writing the melody down first. He knew that the manager wouldn ’t change his mind or tried to trick him. The guy didn ’t know his identity. A mortal acting so bold before him? This person would either be a madman or completely confident in his skill.

However, Li Qiye was no madman. A mortal not caring about cultivators? This was quite frightening so the manager didn ’t have any ideas about tricking Li Qiye.

After the manager brought a brush and paper here, Li Qiye wrote down the melody. After he finished, the manager carefully picked up the paper with both hands and carefully read it.

Despite losing the melody long ago, a being of his level could definitely tell if it was fake. After confirming that it was real, he bowed towards Li Qiye and said: ”Sir, thank you for bestowing us our inheritance again. ”

Anyone else was likely to hold on to the melody because the combination of the zither and the melody was quite devastating and precious.

The manager personally went to pick up the wooden box and respectfully handed it over to Li Qiye: ”The box is yours now, Sir. ”

Li Qiye accepted it for a quick glance before putting it away.

”Sir, may I ask you a question? ” The manager spoke with a prudent tone.

Li Qiye smiled and said: ”Go for it. ”

”What is in the box? ” He was very curious. In fact, when the box was brought here, he personally appraised it but he couldn ’t tell what was inside. If he didn ’t know its owner, he wouldn ’t have agreed.

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