Duality Master – a mortal – utilized his peerless dao heart to condense the primordial chaos and open Duality World – a place known as a miracle in the six continents.

This allowed other cultivators to open stable grottos within its domain.
The only limit was their imagination.

In fact, Duality World stretched across all three illusory realms – something never done before.
The ephemeral factor was no longer an issue afterward.
Everything created would stay around, no longer collapsing like a dream.

After finishing a grotto, the builder could leave afterward without worrying.
Declining in cultivation and health didn’t matter either, not even death.
The only way for a grotto to go down in Duality World was physical destruction.

Thus, the initial creation of Duality World shocked all six continents.
Emperors, dao lords, and conquerors had nothing but praises for Duality Master and his immovable dao heart.
Most importantly, they also appreciated his generosity in opening Duality World for everyone after his departure.

Countless cultivators poured into Duality World and started creating their own grottos.
Thus, it became a place with the highest concentration of top cultivators, not discriminating against those from The Race or The People.

If the illusory realms were the undeveloped frontiers, then Duality World was a fertile home welcoming everyone with open arms.

Duality Master was truly a mythical figure.
He never fought anyone and was beloved by all, whether it be Celestial Court or Immortal Dao City.

He could sit down and have a nice chat with anyone, whether it be Celestial Court’s Heaven Burial or Light-dragon Conqueror, even Nether Emperor.
The same applied to the masters of Immortal Dao City and Imperial Field as well.

Due to his friendly neutrality and generosity, they usually addressed him respectfully as “Dao Brother.”

He wasn’t just friends with the apex cultivators.
He had no problem chatting with servants, merchants, and villagers in the mortal world.

Normally, powerful cultivators did not mingle with mortals.
After all, they were from two separate worlds.
Mortals lacked knowledge and were viewed by some as insignificant beings.

Duality Master didn’t share the same view.
He could chat sincerely and befriend anyone.
This was his unique characteristic – not having a prejudice against anyone.

He wasn’t known for his fighting prowess but his exploits were second to none.

Li Qiye had a smile on his face after entering Duality World.
It was magnificent with countless grottos – vast oceans, majestic mountains, palaces hovering above, chaos waterfalls, heavenly flowers, and golden springs…

These visual phenomena were created by powerful cultivators including dao lords and conquerors.

Imagination became reality in this place – a true playground for creative minds.
In fact, some believed that Duality World was home to more top cultivators than any other place including the immortal continent.

“How did he do it?” Zhitian looked around and couldn’t believe the amazing creations made possible by Duality Master.

“The illusory realms make dreams come true.
The larger the dream, the larger the world.” The old servant said: “Duality Master used his dao heart to add a blank piece of paper spanning across all three realms.
People are free to add their art to it.” 

“His dao heart must be amazing for this world to be so vast.” Zhitian murmured.

The old servant normally disliked wasting words.
However, he had the utmost respect for Duality Master so he spoke more than usual: “You can try opening a grotto later in any of the three realms.
Only then will you appreciate the determination and willpower necessary for upholding Duality World.”

“No, I’ll just open one here in Duality World.” Zhitian smiled while looking at the unique grottos around them.

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After all, he was qualified to have a spot here due to his exceptional talent.

“This is a wonderful place, cultivators can revert back to being carefree children and play here.” Li Qiye was pleased with this world.

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