The portal took the group to a world of primordial chaos.
The nature of this world blocked everything from sight.

However, the group consisted of strong-willed masters capable of peering through obscurities.

They saw various visual phenomena – a boundless azure engraved with countless grand dao.
Apricot flowers blossomed and their petals scattered downward.
Each petal was an individual world.
Another phenomenon consisted of pagodas pouring down incredible affinities.

This primordial chaos was filled with limitless potential.
Closing one’s eyes and one would be able to live forever in these phenomena.

As long as one dared to think boldly, they would be able to turn anything into reality.
Who wouldn’t want to live in a dream when they had absolute control?

“An illusory realm, but which one?” Li Zhitian looked around and understood where he was.

“Skyrend Paradise.” The old servant immediately knew the exact location.

The three illusory realms consisted of Dream Paradise, Skyrend Paradise, and Soaring Pond Paradise.
They were similar to the four broken realms, only vaster and more enigmatic.

No one in the upper continents knew how large the illusory realms were.
One theory stated that it was as large as one’s imagination and dream.

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Visitors could obtain anything they could ever want with enough imagination and a strong dao heart.

“Skyrend.” Li Qiye scanned the area.

“Senior, do you have your own secret grotto in any of the three illusory realms?” Zhitian asked.

“Trying to figure out who I am?” The old servant uttered coldly.

Zhitian has grown rather bold after accompanying Li Qiye and getting familiar with the old servant.
He smiled and said: “Of course not, Senior.
I’m just curious because an apex existence such as yourself should have a grotto in these places.”

The old servant glared at him and didn’t respond.

“For example, All-things Dao Lord might be in charge of Dao Alliance but he prefers to stay in his grotto instead.
This is true for Swordsea Dao Lord as well.
Everyone knows he prefers his sword ocean grotto to Divine Alliance.” Zhitian still didn’t give up and continued.

He paused for a bit before starting again: “And the same for Illumination Conqueror after abdicating.
Then the legendary Apricot Dao Lord, she is probably here too.” 

The old servant’s expression didn’t change after hearing all these different names.

Zhitian had a good guess on who the old servant was but if the guy didn’t wish to reveal the truth, there was nothing else he could do before it started becoming impolite.

Of course, he was right about apex cultivators preferring to stay in the illusory realms.
They possessed the power to open a vast grotto – their preferred home instead of the upper continents.

“Up ahead.” Li Qiye led the way and crossed through the primordial chaos, eventually entering one of the grottos.

They looked over and saw a beam of light splitting apart the chaos, creating a clear separation between the boundless expanse and the new world.

“Duality, we’re at Duality World!” Li Zhitian was surprised.

The moment they entered this grotto, they found stability and order.
The chaos was actually gathering and maintaining its form.

“Impressive, to be able to open such a vast world while maintaining full stability.
This dao heart is firm enough.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but praise.

“Duality Master is on another level.” The old servant agreed with this sentiment.

“Creating Duality World in this illusory realm, Duality Master is the only one who can do this.
I refuse to believe that he is a mortal.” Zhitian commented.

“His dao heart is supreme, allowing this world to exist.” The old servant said.

Duality World was a legend in all of the six continents.

Previously, powerful cultivators were able to create grottos and maintain their form among the primordial chaos. 

However, when their cultivation or dao heart waved, their grottos would suffer and diminish.
Apex cultivators, for the most part, were able to keep this up.
Relatively weaker cultivators couldn’t do the same.

This all changed with the appearance of Duality Master.

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