The more he stared at it, the more he felt the urge to retch all over the ground.
It evoked a sense of indescribable horror and repulsive qualities – a glance into the unknown.

“What is this statue…” He murmured.

“Lord of Derivation.” Li Qiye said slowly.

“Lord of Derivation!” Zhitian blurted out, having only learned this title recently from Li Qiye.

When he said these words, a faint gleam could be seen from the statue – nothing more.

Li Qiye shook his head after failing to catch anything else.

“If you had uttered this title before this statue in the past.” Li Qiye smiled at Zhitian and said: “I’m afraid you wouldn’t like the result.”

“What’s the result?” Zhitian felt uneasy as if something malevolent was looming.

“A parasite will consume your vitality until the moment when you breathe your last, it will break out of your body while you’re watching.” Li Qiye said.

“I wouldn’t want that.” Zhitian shuddered and took one step backward.

“The worst part is that despite knowing the existence of the parasite, you won’t be able to get rid of it.
The agonizing wait is just as torturous.” Li Qiye said.

“So what actually is this thing?” Zhitian stared at the statue.

“One of the oldest and most intelligent existences ever.” Li Qiye responded.

“Really?” Zhitian didn’t see how this thing could be construed as intelligent given its nauseating appearance and aura.

“No need to doubt because you are a fool in comparison despite your innate gifts.” Li Qiye said: “Of course, genius and madman are only separated by a thin line.”

“So it went mad in the end.” Zhitian said.

“I just know that regular people don’t go hanging around blood-sucking creatures and eternal corpses…” Li Qiye smirked.

“I get it, I get it.” Zhitian shuddered.

“Just keep in mind that it didn’t look like this at the start.
In fact, if you had seen its original form, you might have considered it to be an immortal.” Li Qiye elaborated.

“An immortal?” Zhitian couldn’t see the connection between this statue and an immortal in the slightest.

“What happened then?” He asked.

“The world and the villainous heaven did not allow for its existence.
However, it survived the heavenly tribulations, a true miracle, and became a new race, the eldritch.” 

Zhitian would agree with this name after seeing the rotting and disgustingly incomprehensible statue.

Unfortunately for Li Qiye, the statue no longer had any power and divinity left.
Thus, the lack of reaction meant no trail for Li Qiye to follow.

“This is it.” He shifted his attention toward a smaller shrine nearby.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

It was engraved with chaos refined jades at the imperial level – always ready to be used as a portal.

Another statue was situated on top of the shrine – clearly newer than the one depicting the eldritch.

“Heaven’s Allure again.” The group was too familiar with this type of statue by now.

“Interesting.” The old servant has been interested in the mastermind behind this carefully-crafted plan.

“Left with this portal.” Li Qiye observed the statue for a bit before concluding.

“A high-level shrine that can open a portal to anywhere with no trace left behind.” The old servant said.

Did the primal darkness leave Evil Reborn via this portal? Where did it go?

Li Qiye raised his hand again, not to analyze Heaven’s Allure this time but the shrine.

“Buzz.” His pulsing ray caused the shrine to become resplendent. 

Countless sets of coordinates appeared above the shrine and changed at a shocking rate – each representing a different location.

The group didn’t know which was the last one used because there were no traces left on the shrine.
Not to mention Li Zhitian, even the powerful old servant couldn’t trace the route back at all.

As for Li Qiye, he took his time deriving the events again and researching the mysteries of the portal.
Eventually, he managed to find a particular set of coordinates.

“Rumble!” All the power of the shrine gathered together to form a portal.

“Right here.” Li Qiye smiled and entered.
The group didn’t hesitate to follow him either.

Meanwhile, the forsakens remained outside but could tell that Li Qiye was leaving.

They kneeled in his directions and kowtowed while chanting: “Farewell, Supreme Lord.
May you obtain immortality.” 

Although this was their first time meeting Li Qiye, they were still moved to tears.
They grew up learning about his gift to their race.
Thus, they had engraved his benevolence in their heart since birth.

To be able to see him today was the greatest blessing in their life.
Alas, tears streamed down their face since a reunion might not be possible.

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