The group dropped to the ocean floor with the water gone.
The flame then engulfed Li Qiyer but of course, it couldn’t injure him.

“Aaa!” Coldflame no longer restrained the madness.

He maintained his sanity at the beginning but as the madness surged outward, he turned into a giant made of fire.
The icy affinity was no longer present so the flames raged in all directions.

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The stars above were reduced to ashes and the ocean floor turned into lava.
This was akin to the eruption of a million stars, no different from an ultimate tribulation.

Coldflame lost control of his power.
The only thing he wanted to do was to spread the maddened flame to the rest of the world.
He eventually became a part of the fire and madness after a total release.

In this most crucial moment, Li Qiye raised his hand and showed his supremacy.

Sword Queen watched attentively and couldn’t believe her own eyes.
His palm was all destroying – not even her everlasting sword dao could withstand it.

“Boom!” The maddened flame was reduced to nothingness after a single attack.

This naturally obliterated Coldflame’s body as well.
Only his dao fruits were intact, flying away with his true fate.

“Young Noble, I will pay this debt back in the future!” Coldflame’s voice came from the horizon.

The lack of grace was understandable since he was at his weakest.
He needed to hide and rebuild his maddened flame first.

After he was gone, Zhitian stared at the world of lava and thought that the legends regarding the flame were true.

If he had been stuck in the inferno, he would have been reduced to ashes as well despite having twelve sacred fruits.
No wonder why Maddened was able to leave an eternal crater burning in Celestial Court.

“You are something else, Sir.” Sword Queen bowed and invited: “Please visit Imperial Alliance so I can play the part of a good host.”

“I’m still busy.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“When you have time then, Sir.” Sword Queen said sincerely.
Her attitude made it hard for others to refuse.

Li Qiye nodded and she disappeared into the horizon as well.

“Shall we go?” Li Qiye said before leaping into the air.
Everyone else followed him into space.

They traveled among the stars before reaching a divine palace with an altar. 

Li Qiye landed and scowled after seeing the scene – a group of individuals robed in ceremonial white in the midst of conducting a solemn rite around a stone coffin.

Being interrupted ignited them into attacking.
However, the moment they laid eyes on Li Qiye, they became frozen as if struck by lightning.

They immediately kneeled and performed a full kowtow!

“My-my Lord!” They stammered while slamming their head on the pavement without any hesitation or pain.

Li Qiye appeared to be a god in their eyes, deserving of their reverence.

Zhitian and the others were at a loss after seeing this.
They could tell that these worshippers were immensely powerful but now, they smashed the ground so hard as if wanting to break their head.

“Stand up.” Li Qiye stared at them.

The group got up and he glanced over at the stone coffin, commanding: “Open it.”

The group exchanged glances before following his command.
Several of them worked together to remove the lid.

The content inside shocked Li Zhitian’s and the others – a statue of Li Qiye made with impeccable workmanship.

“What is the meaning of this?” Li Qiye saw this and smiled wryly.

“My Lord, you bestowed light and life upon us.” One of the robed individuals uttered the words with relatively inaccurate pronunciation: “Our clan has been worshipping for eras now, wishing eternal life and immortality for you.”

“Well, this is a unique ceremony.” Li Qiye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The others felt the same way.
They wanted to wish him eternal life by placing his statue inside a coffin? That’s a rather strange way of worshipping.


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