Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 381: Immortal Emperor Fei Yangs Inheritance

Li Qiye was indeed very bizarre as a mortal taking three cultivators on a shopping trip. The three cultivators looked like young brides following behind him. Their inexperience was clearly written on their face.

This mortal was the complete opposite. He strode confidently regardless of the location and perplexed everyone. This might be the fiercest mortal the people here had ever seen.

The workers here were discerning enough to know that Li Qiye was the leader of the group. Of course, this made them feel sad as well. Even though the other three obviously came from a small sect, they were still cultivators. Shi Sous cultivation wasnt much in the grand scheme of thing but he was still someone influential in his own pond.

Normally, even cultivators from smaller sects wouldnt care for mortals; they considered mortals no different from insects. But now, Li Qiye looked like the big shot in the group while the other three resembled servants.

One worker, in particular, didnt think profit was possible but he still enthusiastically came up and greeted: “Sir, what are you looking for?”

“Im seeing if your store has any treasure worth looking at.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

The worker was stunned at this outrageous mortal. Normally, mortals would already tremble just standing by the door but this guy was different with his tone. Even kings wouldnt dare to say something like this when they came to shop for treasures and ores.

Shen Xiaoshan ’s group was scared out of their mind to hear Li Qiye. Xiaoshans palms were drenched in cold sweat because she knew that Li Qiye had nothing in his pocket. This still didnt deter him from speaking in his boastful manner. If people were to find out, they would laugh until the group hid down a hole.

However, this worker had seen all types of people before. He smiled and brought Li Qiye to a counter and carefully introduced him: “What do you think about this treasure? This Lionthorn Flexible Armor is a Dao King level armor. You will be very safe wearing it, especially because it is a defensive artifact, thus it doesnt matter if your chaos energy and vitality are too weak.”

The group was instantly drawn in by the armor. Even He Chen was smacking his lips. Their sect only had one weapon at the Dao King level, their strongest. Their master was using it since he was also the strongest member of the sect.

All three really liked it since they were satisfied with just having a Dao King artifact. The actual quality didnt matter.

Of course, after seeing the price, they realized all they could do was look since they couldnt afford it at all. Even their master couldnt.

Li Qiye didnt even bother to look and said: “Forget it, show me the real defining artifacts in this place.”

The three were astonished even more because they thought Li Qiye couldnt get any more domineering but he proved them wrong. The worker was stunned too. This was the most unbridled mortal he had ever seen.

Keep in mind that even some kings and sect masters couldnt afford some of the treasure in their shop. But now, this guy wanted to see the real deals? There was no word to describe this mortal.

A few cultivators and experts in the shop heard him as well. They glanced at him several more times and thought that this mortal was too arrogant.

“Is this guy a newly rich? He doesnt know the immensity of the heaven and earth.” One cultivator shook his head.

The majority of the experts here ignored Li Qiye afterward while thinking that he was only an ignorant mortal. Meanwhile, Xiaoshan and the other two didnt dare to look at other people because Li Qiyes attitude has frightened them completely.

It took a while before the worker gathered his wits and smiled wryly, not knowing how to respond. At the same time, Li Qiye didnt really care about what people thought of him since this was his normal conduct.

The worker then took Li Qiyes group to a counter in the very center of the shop. No one was in this spot due to a very simple reason. Previous visitors knew that the treasures in this central counter had sky-high pricing. Plus, even if one could afford the price, the shop might not sell it to them. It depended on the buyers identity as well.

“The ones here are the most expensive in our store.” The worker said helplessly.

Despite knowing that Li Qiye wouldnt be able to afford it, the worker still brought him here. This was just part of his job since he couldnt exactly chase customers away. Nevertheless, he was too lazy to introduce the treasures to Li Qiye.

There were several treasures displayed with two in the center. It meant that they commanded the highest price.

Shen Xiaoshan and the other two were right behind Li Qiye. If it wasnt for him, they wouldnt even have the courage to enter the shop, let alone take a look at its defining treasures.

One was an archaic zither; its old age was obvious at first glance to everyone. The other was a palm-sized wooden box with a faint green luster, seemingly carved from a whole trunk of sandalwood. Because it was just one piece, there was no opening it to see what was inside.

No one could tell the origin of these two treasures but the store surely had their reasons for displaying them in the very center.

The group of three couldnt see why they were precious. They looked much more inconspicuous compared to the treasures on the other counters. There was no price listed for the two.

Li Qiye only glanced at the zither before focusing on the box. This item actually managed to attract his attention. The others liked the zither more since it was much more prominent than the box.

He Chen was very curious about the price of these defining treasures. He eventually grew bolder and asked the worker: “Why is there no price for this zither?”

This worker was amicable enough and smiled: “It has a heaven-defying origin, a priceless treasure. Money isnt the issue, it will only be sold to the fated.”

“How can you sell it if there is no price?” Shen Xiaoshan asked.

The worker only smiled and didnt answer.

“That Phoenix Call Zither is not simple indeed.” Li Qiye commented while still looking at the wooden box.

1. The term used here is fuerdai. Chinese term that refers to the children of the nouveau riche in China. Think Vancouver or universities with lambos and ferraris.Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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