Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 380: The Villages Secre

Sheng Laoliu was certain that Li Qiye was someone of the overlord level that could shake the world. Others wouldnt be lucky enough to meet someone like him so this was the fortune of a lifetime. Being rewarded by him was the accumulation of good deeds from his previous three lives.

Thats why he exhibited great propriety and left happily instead of continuing to bother Li Qiye.

In the meantime, Shi Sou quietly contemplated and felt that Laoliu did it so much better than them. At this time, he realized that Li Qiye was even more terrifying than inside his imagination. Laoliu recognized this and immediately latched onto the guys thigh.

Even though his Senior Brother appreciated talents, he didnt see through everything and only thought that Li Qiye was an amazing scholar. After spending the next several days with Li Qiye, Shi Sou found out that Li Qiye was something much more.

Shi Sou understood that Li Qiye didnt care for Sago Palm. The guy was only doing this because his Senior Brother was respectful. The sect wouldnt get a reward as Laoliu did just now.

Shi Sou sighed and accepted their lives that were destined to be ordinary. If they abandoned their high posture early on, perhaps they would have been able to win Li Qiyes favor. But now, he didnt care for them.

He Chen didnt dare to say anything earlier. His prior arrogance and superiority complex, at least before a mortal, were gone since even someone like Laoliu kowtowed directly at Li Qiye.

Shen Xiaoshan didnt think as much as she stared at Li Qiye. This man was more amazing than anyone else and she felt proud because of him.

“Okay, lets go to see if we can pick up other good stuff.” Li Qiye smiled freely and led the group out of the alleyway.

Western Market was the largest shopping district in Jilin. It was virtually its own city with buildings spanning for a hundred miles. Shops lined up one after another with no end in sight.

All kind of stores were available in this place. There was even a popular adage – if one cant buy something they want at Western, it means that they didnt have enough chaos stones!

It ranged from the cheapest street front items to unbelievably high-priced supreme manuals, as long as one had enough chaos stones.

There were too many treasures in this vast market. Money and resources always poured in on a daily basis, enough to make people red in the eyes.

No one dared to cause trouble around these parts, especially with forced transactions, because Jilin was the main backer of this economic zone. Causing trouble here was the same as disrupting Jilins financial flow. The consequence would be unimaginable.

Once the group got here, He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan were stunned by the scene. Inexperienced youths like them had never been to Western before on their previous visits. All kind of emotions overwhelmed them.

The dazzling merchandises were an incredible sight to behold. People would need some time to settle down during their first visit.

Those from weaker sects would finally realize how tiny their home was in comparison as well as the lack of resources.

It was no exaggeration to say that a single shop in Western was wealthier than a small sect. Some even had items from Grand Emperors as highlights.

Just imagine, a few countries couldnt even have one imperial possession unlike the shops here. Looking at it from a different angle, one would see just how powerful the Jilin Clan was.

After all, it had three Immortal Monarchs with two still alive. Ordinary great powers were far inferior in comparison.

While walking on these streets with these beautiful treasures and ores, He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan simply couldnt look away even if they wanted to act like regulars.

“What are we doing here? To buy some treasures?” Xiaoshan quietly asked Li Qiye without any confidence.

She was the First Sister in Sago Palm and had more resources compared to her peers. In a tiny sect, she could be considered a rich girl. However, she realized just how insignificant her savings were after coming here and felt as if she was the poorest of the poor.

Plus, the fact that Li Qiye didnt have any money, not even a single chaos stone, made her even timider. She planned on using her life saving to buy whatever he needed but this was far from enough in this place.

“Well look around to see if theres something worth buying.” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

For millions of years now, he had become familiar with finding treasures. It wasnt only due to his discerning vision but also his vast knowledge. A complicated place like this was the best place for a treasure hunt. He felt as if he was a fish returning to the ocean in Western, a very familiar feeling.

Meanwhile, his companions finally looked away from the colorful treasures after a long struggle since they couldnt afford to buy anything.

Eventually, they made it to a pawnshop with an old horizontal inscribed board on top with the words, “Ji Store”.

It was no secret that the Western Market was backed by the Jilin Clan. Thus, the name of this store meant that it was either opened by the Jilin Clan or had great ties with them.

The store was large with no end in sight and was much more extravagant compared to the Imperial Cabinet which resembled a dumpster more.

The treasures were laid out nicely on tables. Some were emitting immortal lights and hymns. The fragrance of medicine permeated deep in the air as well…

The workers in the shop darted back and forth in order to serve their customers who were here to find rare treasures or to pawn their beloved items. They consisted of big shots such as sect masters or nobles and enjoyed the greatest treatment.

Of course, a few were temporarily-embarrassed cultivators as well. They were here to pawn off their heirlooms.

Not all the items here had exorbitant prices. There were some ordinary merchandises inside these shops but the weaker cultivators didnt even dare to come in since they were already intimidated.

The group attracted many gazes. After all, everyone could see that Li Qiye was essentially a mortal while his companions were from a weak sect. Of course, their presence in this extravagant shop would make others stare.

Normally, it was very difficult for Shi Sous group to meet kings and sect masters. Thus, all of the gazes made the group nervously lower their head like brides on their wedding day. They looked very unnaturally following behind Li Qiye and didnt know what to do with their hands. They didnt dare to run around or even speak. This was their first time being to a shop of this level.

On the contrary, Li Qiye was very comfortable and at home as he strolled through the shop.

These customers only took one quick glance before returning to their business. After all, this group was only a bunch of insignificant characters.

Nevertheless, the workers here still treated Li Qiyes group with cordiality despite their seemingly humble background. After all, they were here to do business. Money was their main goal.

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