Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 378: Entering The Sacred Nether World

The young merchant walked up and stared at Li Qiye and his companions while still beaming with smiles. He looked like a believer of amiability makes one rich, not a fan of violence at all.

“My brother told me that he had met a master. I, Sheng Laoliu, wish to meet this master.” The fat youth smiled and said.

“What do you want?!” Shi Sou knew that it was trouble but he didnt dare to show a weak side.

“Nothing, nothing.” The youth said: “We from the Hooligan Gang, earn our meals here at Jilin City. Were at the bottom of society so it isnt easy for us. Sometimes, we even have to pry the bones away from dogs.”

Shi Sous group was confused since who would want to call themselves hooligans? This didnt make sense at all.

However, he remained vigilant. Even though the group was wearing shoddy clothing, they were definitely cultivators.

“So what?” The hot-headed He Chen immediately asked.

“It wasnt easy for us to build up a solid and trustworthy reputation at Jilin. It took a lot of work, you know? But your group accused my brother of selling fake goods and besmirched our reputation, even almost hurt our brotherly relationship in the process. Thats why I cant just sit and watch.”

“What do you want then?” Shi Sou became serious.

“Nothing, nothing.” Sheng Laolius eyes squinted from smiling too hard: “Were here to do business to get rich, fighting and killing arent our styles. Im a fair person, since you have stained our reputation and made me question my brother, you must make reparation now.”

He cleared his throat and continued: “Ahem, like this, just buy my brothers item for 8,000 Dao Noble Chaos Stones. This new number is for us to go have some tea on top of compensation for his emotional distress.”

The group immediately understood and angrily glared at Laoliu.

“This is extortion!” He Chen shouted.

Prior to this, that item was only selling for 500 Dao Master Chaos Stones. But now, it was 8,000 Dao Noble Chaos Stones. The price jumped countless times in just half a day.

“How can you call this extortion? A merchants reputation is priceless but we are also reasonable, this is already a cheap price.”

“And if we refuse?” He Chen couldnt restrain his youthful vigor and uttered coldly.

“Its one thing to play nice but if some people want to besmirch our brand, thats a different story.” Despite Laolius perpetual smile, he was getting ready for a fight.

The dozens surrounding group were warming up too, ready to get started at any moment.

The group became anxious and quickly took out their weapons.

“Sir, what do you think?” Shi Sou had to look at Li Qiye and was ready to follow his orders. Even though he didnt wish to cause trouble in Jilin, 8,000 Dao Noble Chaos Stones was not a small number for them.

Li Qiye glanced at Laoliu and smiled: “You dont think I wont flay you and use your skin as a foot towel. Youre fat so I cant make leather boots out of you, but a towel will do. ”

“Haha, your tone is ferocious enough.” Laoliu was still smiling on the outside. Even though he was talking to Shi Sous group earlier, he had been spending more time gauging Li Qiye.

He continued on: “The truth is that my old skin is very rough. People have always wanted to do so but failed. If you try to do it, Im afraid you will hurt your fair hands.”

“Not old at all.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Your skin wont take long at all, now, the old skin inside the old cave is a different story. That one is indeed old.”

Laoliu didnt expect this response and uncontrollably took one step back. In a flash, his eyes were deathly fixated on Li Qiye.

Li Qiye was still all-smiles in face of this gaze.

“I dont know what youre talking about.” Laoliu struggled to maintain his smile and said: “You must have a great background, I still havent asked for your name.”

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye answered with a playful tone.

Laoliu searched every corner of his memories but couldnt remember this name. It meant that he had never heard it before. Nevertheless, he was unwilling to give up because information and espionage were his best skills.

“Its a shame that Im too ill-informed and havent heard of your name before.” Laoliu replied.

“Its not your fault since you arent qualified to know. Go ask Qi Gong, he will tell you.” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Laoliu instantly took several steps back with a pale complexion. He stared at Li Qiye as if this guy was even uglier than a monster.

He established the Hooligan Gang and they enjoyed tricking cultivators and even masters the most. When these victims brought reinforcement, Laoliu would always step up to face them.

However, his identity has always been a secret. Even the members of the Hooligan Gang didnt know where he came from. Nevertheless, despite his lack of tenure in Jilin, his abilities were more than enough to win over the crowd.

In fact, ever since he left his home, he had never brought this topic up to anyone. However, Li Qiye was able to recognize him and even mentioned a dreadful name known by very few people. Such words struck him like thunder.

“This lowly one has eyes but cant see Mount Tai. Please forgive me.” In the end, the pale Laoliu was no longer smiling. He cupped his fist towards Li Qiye before telling his gang: “Brothers, lets go.”

With that, he turned and left, not daring to linger for half a second longer. His disciples were perplexed as well but they didnt dare to ask anything and quickly dashed off as well.

The sudden development left the three slack-jawed since they didnt know what was going on.

“Hmph, cowards, scared so easily.” He Chen snorted after seeing this.

Shi Sou remained quiet and stared at Li Qiye. He naturally knew that Laoliu was no coward. Those who dared to extort people at Jilin City were not so easily frightened.

Though he didnt understand what Li Qiye meant, it must have been some earth-shattering things since it managed to scare off Laoliu. Just think about it, just talking about them alone was enough to send someone running. This was enough to scare him again.

This mortal ahead was too terrifying and made others shudder uncontrollably.

“Old Shi, where do you think youre going?!” Right when the group was about to leave, another bunch descended from the sky and immediately blocked their path.

The group was surrounded again, this time by a matching, uniformed unit. They were robust with an austere appearance. The leader was a youth wearing a four-clawed dragon robe. He was full of chaos energy and had an oppressive noble aura. His high status was quite obvious.

“Wang Xiaotian!” Shi Sou blurted out after seeing the youth.

“Old Shi, looks like your sect is a lot more courageous now, not only daring to wound the duke but also call me by my given name!” The youth was as cold as ice.

Shi Sou was startled by the youths cold glare. Shen Xiaoshan and He Chen were alarmed as well because this youth was the crown prince of West Bank!

The crown prince was quite capable and ruthless. His position was earned with blood and merits and he was almost as powerful as the ancestors from West Bank now. He alone could destroy all of Sago Palm. Thats why Shi Sou was so scared at this moment!

Liang Yiheng came to Jilin together with Wang Xiaotian. After Yihengs face was smashed, the disciples brought him to their crown prince.

1. This guy got a strange name that sounds like a title. I have no clue whether it is a title/nickname or a real name without further context; but it is most likely a nickname. The problem is that it just sounds bad in English. It can be Sixth Brother Sheng/Sacred Sixth Brother in an endearing/street way but the Sheng in front confuses me, it means sacred and it doesnt fit with the mold. Ill keep it pinyin until I get some confirmation that it is a title/nicknamePrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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