Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 377: Departure

Shen Xiaoshan and the other two couldnt gather their wits right away. That scene earlier was too shocking and they couldnt describe it at all.

They didnt know whether to be surprised at Li Qiye smashing Yihengs face or that he was able to use the Imperial Clash.

Of course, the shopkeeper was shocked as well, albeit for a different reason than the other three but still on the same magnitude. An ancient and eternal legend had appeared again before his very eyes.

Others didnt know and thought that this man was only a mortal. However, those who knew his identity and have heard of his tales would be stricken with fear.

This was an existence that could make the gods and emperors in the tenth world palpitate and had a penchant for creating chaos.

Li Qiye gave the handkerchief soaked with blood to the shopkeeper and said: “Have a look.”

The blood that was wiped off the Imperial Clash was now depicting a lifelike picture. The shopkeeper used both hands to accept the handkerchief and saw the picture. He became astonished and bowed towards Li Qiye before carefully putting it away.

“Alright, nothing else to do here. Lets go.” Li Qiye smiled and left the Imperial Cabinet.

The three eventually regained their composure and gave chase. Before leaving, they couldnt help but glance at the Imperial Clash inside the cupboard again. Even though they didnt know where this thing called Imperial Clash came from, the power of the three thousand worlds was quite incredible. It was definitely an unstoppable weapon that could slay countless experts.

The most stirring thing was that this weapon was able to be used by a mortal. It even looked like the thing was ready to accept Li Qiye as its master.

He Chen looked up once more when he was outside at the crooked wooden sign. It was quite funny because such a shop assumed a very domineering name. But he certainly didnt think so anymore and thought that “Imperial Cabinet” was a very suitable name.

The three simply didnt know what to say, especially Shi Sou. He stared at Li Qiye with awe and fear, not daring to come too close.

Just think about it, Liang Yiheng was someone even his Senior Brother was wary of. But now, Li Qiye smashed his face on the ground without even batting an eye once as if he was crushing an insect. No, something even less.

It truly shook Shi Sou down to the core since Li Qiye did it in such a carefree manner. It showed that he didnt give a damn about Yiheng or West Bank at all.

Just think about it, a mortal not caring about a cultivation country? Just what kind of power and domineering attitude were required?

More importantly, he didnt think Li Qiye did it out of ignorance but he simply didnt view the guy as anything noteworthy. It made him wonder about Li Qiyes identity.

He felt that the guy was completely unfathomable and worthy of reverence. Those who carelessly oppose him would die without a grave. Shi Sou shuddered again after thinking that his head might be smashed just like Yihengs if he were to antagonize the guy.

He no longer viewed Li Qiye as a mortal but rather a primordial beast. Despite the guys harmless appearance, Shi Sou saw snow-white fangs that could tear someones throat off at any moment! He grew even more impressed with his Senior Brothers insight and ability to win Li Qiyes grace.

Shen Xiaoshan wasnt thinking as much. In fact, she didnt even care that Li Qiye had smashed Yihengs face to pieces. As she was walking alongside Li Qiye, she secretly stole glances of him and enjoyed a sweet feeling as if she was bathing in honey.

“My woman”, these words left her an amazing aftertaste. Her heart was fluttering and she felt she was up there in the clouds.

The young He Chen had a different reaction. He worriedly said: “Since you stomped Yihengs face in, what if West Bank takes this out on our sect instead?”

Shi Sou became nervous after hearing this since it made sense. Even though they were at Jilin, as the adage goes, a monk can run but not his temple. If West Bank were to blame this on Sago Palm, it could be completely destroyed.

“Dont worry, Im sure their king has no time to worry about your sect at this moment. 50,000,000 Dao Sage Chaos Stones are more than enough to make them anxious. Theyre digging everywhere now and even selling their cities and resources to come up with this amount, no time to worry about anything else.” He chuckled and said.

The three glanced at each other and recalled the broken bottle. He Chen shuddered the most. Luckily, he wasnt the one to break it or selling himself wouldnt be enough. He was actually holding it earlier too. Even though it was in the past, his palms still became sweaty.

Li Qiye kept on walking forward. The group eventually made it to a deserted alleyway that had no visibility.

“Okay, time to stop tailing now.” Li Qiye turned around and said.

Shi Sous group was surprised and also turned back. At this time, they saw someone following right behind them. The guy must have been tailing them all along.

Shi Sou was thinking about other matters the entire time so he didnt pay attention. Meanwhile, He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan were too inexperienced to worry about anything.

“Ha, quite vigilant, aren ’t you now?” After being exposed, the person walked up, revealing himself to be a servant due to his uniform. However, he was a cultivator, not a mortal.

“Brothers, they got us, come out and meet our friends then.” He laughed and said.

Shadows appeared in the buildings all around the alleyways and slowly surrounded Li Qiyes group with unfriendly gazes.

Shi Sou and the other two immediately circled around Li Qiye in order to protect him because he was the one without cultivation in the group.

Shi Sou observed them and found that they all wore different items of clothing. Some looked like merchants while others had traveling clothes on. Some robes had sect markings too. In short, these several dozen people were from all over the places. They were all cultivators, not mortal robbers.

The group wondered when they have offended these people.

“Alright, I dont have time to talk nonsense with you hooligans, get your boss out.” Li Qiye leisurely said while being surrounded.

“Boss, thats him.” The dozens made way for one youth and a man to walk forward. The man pointed at Li Qiye and said.

Shi Sou recognized this man. It was the merchant who sold fake goods earlier on the street.

They have forgotten about this matter and didnt think that trouble would arise from that little exchange.

The person called “Boss” by the merchant was a youth. He looked only around the age of seventeen or eighteen and was a little short of stature. He wore a large robe to hide his fat stomach. This looked like a successful businessman, especially his eyes, seemingly capable of finding deals wherever he looked.

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