Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 376: Past Grievances

Shi Sou sighed inwardly after seeing the young mans attitude. What will come shall come and there was no avoiding it. His master worried about this the most but there was nothing else they could do.

He went forward with his head held low and respectfully said: “Please excuse our lack of ceremony since we didnt know you were here, Duke Liang.”

“Old Shi, this isnt West Bank. No need for this type of thing.” The youth arrogantly sneered.

His name was Liang Yiheng, a duke from West Bank. He was a trusted confidant of the West Bank Crown Prince so he had a prestigious role there.

Meanwhile, Sago Palm was only a tiny sect. Just one duke alone was enough to render their sect out of breath.

Shi Sou didnt dare to say anything to the ridiculing tone. This guy was a Dao Monarch and was much stronger than him. Only their sects strongest expert and leader, Tieshu Weng, might be a match for him.

There was no lack of experts on the same level as Liang Yiheng at West Bank. Thus, it was easy for this particular country to destroy Sago Palm.

“I heard your sect master is very busy recently, running around to build relations.” The youths expression turned frighteningly cold.

Shi Sou shuddered after hearing this. The opponents clearly came for this matter. It looked like West Bank had eyes everywhere. Not even a blade of leaf fluttering inside their territory could escape from their eyes.

“Duke, not quite. Senior Brother is only going to meet some old friends because hes getting up there in age and is afraid that he might not be able to say goodbye when his time is up.” Shi Sou quickly replied.

Tieshu Weng was trying to meet people in order to climb up to the Jilin Clan. This was something West Bank didnt wish to see. Why would they let someone else sleep on their bed? Because of this, they began to apply pressure on Sago Palm. Of course, they had to tread carefully since they didnt know whether Sago Palm has been successful or not.

Because of this, Liang Yihengs group came to Jilin for scouting.

On the other hand, Weng and his sect desired a breakthrough or they would always be at risk of extermination by West Bank. Moreover, it would be a silent death. No one would bother asking about it. This was an existential crisis that Weng needed to overcome.

“Is that so?” Yihengs uttered coldly: “He is old indeed with not much time left. Go back and persuade him to get ready for his funeral arrangements so that his children can send him off properly.” A murderous flash appeared in his eyes.

Shi Sou, Shen Xiaoshan, and He Chen were alarmed. This was both a blatant threat and the truth. If given the right opportunity, West Bank would definitely try to kill Tieshu Weng!

“Ah, Duke, youre quite funny.” Shi Sou didnt want to dwell on this topic and waved at Xiaoshan and He Chen: “Come, greet the duke.”

The two had to come and bow despite their unwillingness. Yiheng didnt bother looking at He Chen. He stared at Xiaoshan and said: “Old Shi, your sect isnt smart at all, are you waiting for His Highness, the Crown Prince, to ask? Miss Shen should have been brought to His Highness a long time ago. Fine, Ill speak in his stead since he is here too at Jilin. He doesnt have a maid to wait on him, so let Miss Shen come over to wait on him. She can warm his bed as well and if shes lucky enough, His Highness will grant her a night.” Yiheng sneered again.

The three were appalled at such vulgarity, especially Shen Xiaoshan. She turned red with rage.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a jade bottle came flying straight for Yihengs face. However, he swung his sleeve and knocked the bottle to the ground to pieces.

“The 50,000,000 bottle!” He Chen shouted in aghast. They looked towards the direction from which it came from and realized that the thrower was Li Qiye.

The group became frozen and couldnt regain their wits. It was over, a disaster was coming.

“Who the hell are you?!” Yiheng turned towards Li Qiye and became murderous after seeing that he was only a mortal.

If this wasnt Jilin, he wouldnt be asking any question and would just simply kill the guy!

Li Qiye said flatly with a dismissive glance: “Get out of my sight before I become angry or Ill crush your head to a pulp.”

“Ignorant fool!” Yiheng was livid. He was still a duke in West Bank. Even Shi Sous group had to be respectful towards him but now, a mortal dared to treat him with such contempt?

“Go, break his legs and drag him over here so I can crush his head.” Yiheng shouted at the disciples behind him.

“Little animal, youre the one courting death for provoking our duke!” The disciples aggressively rolled up their sleeves, ready to cripple Li Qiye.

“Watch out!” Shen Xiaoshan and the others were horrified. Li Qiye was only a mortal. It didnt matter how smart and knowledgeable he might be, he couldnt resist cultivators at all.

Li Qiye didnt bother to glance at them. He raised his right hand and the piece of bronze that was inside the cupboard suddenly flew over and latched onto his hand.

“Clank!” Suddenly, a bronze glove covered his palm. It spewed out a metallic shimmer that seems to be hiding three thousand worlds with an awe-inspiring divinity.

“Boom!” He casually swept forward with his right hand and instantly blew them flying while vomiting blood.

Li Qiye then stared at Yiheng and said: “Ill give you a chance to attack.”

Yiheng became pale at the sight of this glove but he had no other choice. He took out his sword and cried out: “Brat, die!”

A white slash rushed for Li Qiye. Li Qiye nonchalantly retaliated with a fist.

“Boom!” The sword crumbled while Yiheng was slammed to the ground with gushing blood.

Li Qiye didnt bother speaking. He punched Yifengs face and one could hear the sounds of bone breaking along with Yifengs miserable wails echoing in the shop.

His face was smashed to a pulp. If it wasnt for Li Qiye sparing his life, even one hundred of him wouldnt be alive right now.

This particular bronze glove had a power of the imperial level. Moreover, it had unlimited usage. Even a mortal could unleash the power of an emperor. However, only emperors could use it with one exception, the Dark Crow!

“Crack!” Li Qiye stomped on Yihengs broken face: “I do not wish to kill in this place so Im sparing your dog life. Go back and tell your master, whoever they may be, to stay out of my way and dont touch my women or Ill massacre your clans!”

Yiheng was a fish on the chopping board at this moment. It was too easy for Li Qiye to kill him.

“Right, you broke a bottle worth 50,000,000 Dao Sage Chaos Stones earlier. Thats on you.” Li Qiye said flatly before turning towards the shopkeeper: “West Bank Country owes you this. If they wont pay, use force.”

In fact, even the shopkeeper was stunned to see the Imperial Clash on Li Qiyes hand due to an eternal and mythical legend in his clan!

“Scram.” Li Qiye kicked Yifeng to the curb, no longer caring about this matter.

Yiheng didnt even dare to fart at this moment. He and the disciples from West Bank kept their mouth shut and ran while pissing their pants out of the shop.

Li Qiye then raised his hand towards Shen Xiaoshan. She took out a handkerchief for him while being very confused.

He wiped away the blood on his hand in a very meticulous manner as if he was fondling a lover. In the end, he sighed and said: “Emperors do not need this item while those that do cant use it. Thus, it can only be left here for people to look at but so few could recognize its worth.”

Clanking noise resounded and the Imperial Clash fell down from his hand. It turned back into the piece of bronze and returned to the cupboard as if nothing has happened.

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