Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 374: Intimidating The Eastern Hundred Cities

The merchants reaction betrayed him wholly. However, he looked at Li Qiye and saw that the guy had no cultivation to speak of. He grew bolder and sneered: “Ha, ignorant mortal, daring to blabber some nonsense today and besmirching my golden reputation? If all of you dont give a proper answer, dont think about leaving.”

His attitude alarmed Shi Sou. He didnt wish to cause trouble inside the Jilin Clans territory. It could bring about a self-destroying disaster.

He wanted to apologize but Li Qiye raised his hand to stop him and spoke without batting an eye: “Try and see if I wont make a ball out of your head.”

The merchant froze after hearing these strong words uttered in such a calm manner. Even though this seemingly ordinary man had no cultivation to speak of, the merchant still felt an overwhelming chill. He didnt have the courage to react and only stood there looking silly.

Li Qiye turned and left without a second glance at the guy. Shen Xiaoshan gave chase and whispered softly: “Thank you.”

“Just childs play.” Li Qiye smiled freely and continued forward.

At the same time, He Chen stared curiously at the petrified merchant since he didnt quite catch what happened earlier.

Shi Sou glanced at the merchant before quietly following Li Qiye with his head tilted in rumination.

The group strolled randomly around for a bit before they made it to a small shop located on an inconspicuous street.

No one would take note of this particular shop with a wooden sign hanging on top of the door. It was loose and crooked after the long years. This type of shop, surprisingly, had quite a domineering name. The words, “Imperial Cabinet”, were carved on the sign. The powerful calligraphy was expertly done, clearly by the work of a master.

To the top-right corner of each word was a tiny stamp in the shape of a crow. No one would actually see it without paying great attention.

Li Qiye smiled after reading the sign then brought the group inside. After entering, the group found that this small shop wasnt actually that small. It was the size of a chamber despite the tiny entrance. Alas, the content wasnt matching its domineering name at all.

There were a bunch of items inside, a few piles of stones here and a pile of dried wood there. In another corner was a bunch of household items…

In short, this didnt look like a shop at all, only a garbage heap. Everything was casually thrown on the ground on top of each other without any management.

There was an old shopkeeper inside. His eyes were old and blurry; at this moment, he was trying to thread a needle to fix his worn-out cotton robe; it required his full attention.

Li Qiye didnt disturb him and only watched with both hands behind his back as if he was watching an art show.

He Chen was too young and couldnt stand still. He walked around, looking and touching everything he found interesting.

Shen Xiaoshan stood quietly next to Li Qiye as he observed the old shopkeeper. She was curious about why he chose this decrepit shop. Just what was here that attracted his attention?

Even though Li Qiye was virtually a mortal, she was aware of his knowledge and wisdom and respected him for it. Shi Sou was also staring but his target was Li Qiye instead. The guy prompted many questions in his mind. He gradually understood why his Senior Brother was so respectful towards the mortal. Just the guys calm and patient demeanor alone was exceptional.

After a long time, the shopkeeper finally moved the thread through the hole. This seemed to be a huge relief for him as he sighed and finally noticed the waiting customers.

“Sorry for the long wait, everyone.” He revealed a friendly smile: “Old eyes are no good now, cant do anything right. May I ask what you all are looking for? Pawning some treasures or buying some artifacts?”

“You can do that here?” Xiaoshan glanced around again after hearing this. The items scattered on the ground resembled trash more than treasures.

“Yes, we are fair and reputable here.” The old man smiled in response.

“How much is this bottle?” The wandering He Chen found a jade bottle under a table. He blew away the dust and found it quite cute. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it so he inquired about buying it.

In his mind, nothing in this shop was worth any money so he could definitely afford it.

“Ah, Young Noble, you are quite keen. This bottle came from the Gold Continent, an antique. If you like it, then itll be 50,000,000 Dao Sage Chaos Stones.” The shopkeeper responded.

“Fif-fifty million Dao Sage Chaos Stones…” He Chen shuddered after hearing this with a loosened grip. The bottle fell off to his horror but he reacted quickly enough and caught it in time.

“Shopkeeper, are, are you confused? This bottle is worth 50,000,000 chaos stones?” He Chen stuttered.

This was an unimaginable number. Not to mention him, even his sect couldnt come up with just one Dao Sage Chaos Stone. As for 50,000,000 stones… selling his sect wouldnt come close to netting that amount.

This sky-high price naturally scared him. He held the bottle tightly lest it were to fall and break.

“That is really too much.” Xiaoshan found the price inconceivable as well.

“Reputation is very important to us, we do not lie to customers.” The shopkeeper smiled.

“Carved from the rarest Heat-jade in Gold Continent produced by the Qian Clan, a perfect piece even. The crafter has perfected his technique from the Heaven Race and used vitality to gestate it for at least 30,000 years. Moreover, the owner of this vitality had one of the three progenitor bloodlines of the Heaven Race. This, in turn, gives the bottle the ability to suppress both gods and devils…” Li Qiye glanced at it and began to explain: “It is quite old now, slightly before or after Emperor Hunt. So, 50,000,000 chaos stones is indeed a fair price. If this was a bigger store or an auction house, it could possibly be sold for up to 70,000,000 chaos stones.”

The group was certainly shocked. They didnt know whether Li Qiye was speaking the truth or not so they stared at the shopkeeper for verification. The old man was astonished as well. He tidied his robe before cupping his fist at Li Qiye: “I have eyes yet couldnt see Mount Tai. Sir, you are very well-informed, just needing a single glance to grasp everything. This is a very rare ability.”

He Chen stood there with his mouth agape. Li Qiye was completely right with his smooth description. Just how knowledgeable was this guy to recognize this jade bottle right away?

Shi Sou was still a big shot despite his humble background but he couldnt see how this bottle was special at all. But Li Qiye, a mortal, was so clear about this matter. Such vision and knowledge would shame many cultivators.

Shen Xiaoshan was slightly surprised but she took it better than the rest. In her eyes, this man knew everything and was peerless in this aspect. Inadvertently, she took pride in his achievements. There was nothing he couldnt do despite being a mortal.

“It ’s no big deal.” Li Qiye accepted the gesture and leisurely said.

“Sir, we dont have that many merchandises here. Please take a look and comment.” The shopkeeper invited.

Meanwhile, He Chen returned from his daze and carefully put the bottle back to its original position. He couldnt be gentler since he didnt want to break it.

Earlier, he was touching everything in this place. Recalling this sent cold chills down his body. If he had broken something earlier, there was no way of repaying it even by selling all of Sago Palm.

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