Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 373: Four Ominous Images

Shi Sou brought Shen Xiaoshan and He Chen to Jilin City with Li Qiye. Staring at this behemoth of a city from the distance was a moving experience.

This sizable city was built within a vast forest and had towering walls made from treasure metals that emitted a cold luster. These impregnable walls shielded the city from the ferocious beasts outside.

Contrary to the thick forests, the city was very lively. It had rolling hills and pavilions built next to each other. The stone paved streets led the way to the valleys and mountains, connected together by many bridges.

Some buildings leaned on the hills while certain palaces were built on mounds. Of course, temples were floating in the sky as well. All of these different architecture pieces decorated the city, giving it a very prosperous appearance.

The streets were filled with people and carriages. Newcomers would be in awe by this scene and left unable to look away.

“Jilin City.” Memories of certain people and things appeared in Li Qiyes mind, causing a slight ripple in his emotion.

Since Pure was the second biggest haven for the hundred races, he naturally left his marks in this city when he was the Dark Crow.

“Young Master, you have been here before?” Shen Xiaoshan asked after seeing his expression.

It would surprise her in the past, addressing a mortal in this manner. But now, she found it completely appropriate.

Of course, He Chen didnt like this but there was nothing he could do since it was his Senior Sisters wish and could only channel his annoyance towards Li Qiye instead.

“A couple of times.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly. The group naturally didnt know that he had left behind some heaven-shattering tales on this land.

“Please, at least try to come up with a plausible story.” He Chen snorted with derision: “Its extremely far from West Bank to Jilin. Not to mention a mortal, even an ordinary cultivator would never be able to make the trip. Next time, do better or people will know that youre lying right away.”

He Chens attack made sense. It would have required too much time relying on their Martial Uncle to fly them to Jilin. That was why they borrowed gateways from the great powers to reach Jilin. Otherwise, this trip would have taken a much longer period.

“Junior Brother, dont speak in this manner.” Shen Xiaoshan no longer doubted Li Qiye. She defended: “He is a knowledgeable scholar and would win the favors of many great powers. Im sure they were willing to lend him their gateways.”

“Hmph, who would believe this? A mortal being viewed highly by great powers? Easier said than done.” He Chen found his Senior Sisters trust in Li Qiye completely astounding.

It was because he couldnt stay close to Li Qiye and interact with him more. There was a lack of awareness so he found such a respectful attitude from his sister to be strange. However, the best he could do against Li Qiye was talk due to his masters instruction.

Of course, Li Qiye didnt care at all and only chuckled in response.

“Well find a place to stay in the city first and wait for Senior Brother to meet up with us.” Despite Shi Sous quiet nature, the juniors still respected him so after his comment, He Chen stopped arguing with his Senior Sister.

The moment the group got inside, they could feel the prosperity of Jilin. This bustling scene could truly mesmerize many experts. The cultivators from the smaller sects would even forget their way home.

In fact, since the olden days, numerous cultivators had their dao heart affected by the allure of life. From then on, they became lost within the coil and never improved their cultivation.

Though this wasnt the two young ones first time at Jilin, this majestic city still made them curious as they darted their eyes around. Shen Xiaoshan was much more reserved, being a girl and all, unlike He Chen. There was no semblance of pride or posturing; the guy looked around like a village boys first time visiting the city.

Shi Sou was much better in this regards since he had been here more often than the juniors. Plus, at his age, he was mature in his conduct. Of course, it didnt last long since he also became interested in certain trinkets and treasures along the streets.

Contrary to the other three, Li Qiye – the mortal in the group – was much more aloof. He walked freely since this city wasnt that new to him. He had seen bigger and older cities.

Shi Sou eventually brought them to a small courtyard in an average hotel. There were naturally more extravagant hotels in the city but Sago Palm couldnt afford such luxury. Even if they could money-wise, it would show too much arrogance and a lack of decorum. Thus, an average hotel like this was perfect for them.

“Lets go take a look outside.” After a quick wash, Li Qiye told Shen Xiaoshan who was waiting on him.

“Where to, Young Master?” She asked.

“Anywhere.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Since were here at this prosperous city, might as well buy some items or weapons.”

She was slightly surprised and softly replied: “The currency in Jilin is Chaos Stone, not gold or silver.”

This was a delicate way of putting it. She was afraid that Li Qiye didnt have any money so she tactfully reminded him, not wishing to see an embarrassing situation in the future.

It was hard to connect her current self with her previous prideful personality.

“I know, I dont have any Chaos Stones though but thats fine, I can get whatever I want in Pure.” Li Qiye naturally understood the implication.

‘This is Jilin were talking about. She thought after being taken aback by his response. Once she regained her wits, Li Qiye was already outside so she gave chase.

Meanwhile, He Chen was also eager to take a stroll. However, they came this time for Li Qiyes examination. Without the permission from the seniors, he didnt dare to go alone so he was quite happy to see Li Qiye going out. He followed right away without caring about Li Qiyes opinion.

Shi Sou had to follow as well. His responsibility was to protect Li Qiye so he didnt dare to let the guy go alone. He wouldnt be able to answer to his Senior Brother if something were to happen.

Li Qiye led the group around the streets. He looked around casually as if there was no goal at all.

Of course, he was looking for a certain place while checking out other items. Perhaps there would be some notable treasures or artifacts along the way. Alas, few items could get in his sight at this moment.

So along the way, he saw many decent items but they werent enough to interest him. On the other hand, He Chen had a jolly good time. Even the reserved Shen Xiaoshan was tempted after seeing some treasures displayed in the small vendors.

Unfortunately, even the Senior Sister in a small sect like Sago Palm didnt have that much spending money. It was a pittance compared to disciples from the great powers.

“Come, come, everyone. Take a look at this Heaven Bestowment Dao Fetus taken from the corpse of an immortal crane, its perfect to make a crescent blade out of. Due to my negative financial situation, I have to sell it for 500 Dao Master Chaos Stones. Come, come, dont miss it!” A small shop was advertising a dazzling dao fetus with a crescent shape.

Xiaoshan was moved to see this dao fetus and couldnt avert her eyes. Plus, she could definitely afford 500 Chaos Stones of this particular grade.

“Fairy, do you want to buy it? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The merchant was quite discerning and recognized her interest right away.

Li Qiye instantly pulled her back and stared at the merchant to say: “Your imitation skill is too rough. Next time, dont spray so much refined powders on the stone, just one-third of this is enough. Its overly bright, those who have seen a Heaven Bestowment Dao Fetus would know right away that it is fake.”

The merchants expression shifted as he took one step back. The two young ones were surprised as well. Even Shi Sou felt the same way because he couldnt tell that the stone was fake.

1. Xiaoshan has started addressing Li Qiye as “sir”, just like her master. However, using “sir” in this line feels weird because she is not talking to him, and the fact that she calls him Young Master on a direct address. The word “sir” has no real direct translation that Im aware of. It can mean “sir”, “mister”, “teacher”. I usually see it used to show respect for scholars, teachers, strategists, poets, and people who are about to take the national examination in ancient China. Basically, anyone with an educationPrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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