Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 371: Realm God Coming Into Being

Primordial chaos engulfed Li Qiyes true fate as he sat on the master chair. He chanted incantations in order to absorb these types of energies that were gathering like flowing rivers.

The first realm of the tenth world was called Dust. It meant that when cultivators were at this level, they were no different than specks of dust and were completely insignificant.

This lowest realm only required one hundred units of chaos energy to break through to the next, Dao Ant. It was very easy; even the least talented would only need one or two years. A disciple from a great power cultivating a decent merit law could do so in just one or two months. A few geniuses would be able to do it in just three to five days.

Even for mortals in the mundane realm without a chance of cultivating merit laws from sects, as long as they went to a market to buy any of the three grand arts and try their best for ten years, they would be able to reach Dao Dust without any guidance.

Thats why there were countless cultivators at this realm, even mortals. All in all, one hundred units of chaos energy were very little.

Li Qiye channeled his Mortal Reversion Art and within several short days, he had absorbed more than fifty units of chaos energy. If this kept on going, he could break through the Dust realm in just ten days.

As one of the three most popular arts in the thirteen continent and the most suitable for humans, Mortal Reversion still had a very slow cultivation speed, the slowest among the three.

This sluggish pace didnt quite affect Li Qiye because he was its creator and knew its true profundity.

More importantly, he had thirteen palaces. Even though they have lost their luster at the moment, they were still present. This allowed him to break through all shackles and limitations.

In fact, as long as he was willing, he could raise his cultivation speed and derive Mortal Reversion to its highest state. Under these circumstances, he could absorb one hundred units of chaos energy in just one day. Alas, this wasnt part of his plan. He took his time separating these strands of energy and only took in the purest part. He wanted the best possible so his standards were too stringent.

No one bothered him in the last two days. Only Shen Xiaoshan came to serve him so he had his fill of food and clothing.

The only person in a bad mood was He Chen. He simply couldnt accept his Senior Sister waiting on a mortal so he viewed Li Qiye as an eyesore.

However, he didnt dare to cause trouble for Li Qiye because of Tieshu Wengs order.

On the third day, Weng came back and wanted to talk to Li Qiye. Xiaoshan noticed this and quietly gave them space.

Her attitude came as a surprise for Weng. How could he not know his own disciple? But now, she seemed to have turned into a completely different person, docile and considerate.

“Sir, you are amazing indeed. This disciple of mine had always been arrogant and proud due to her inexperience. But in just two days, she follows all of your order. Looks like your charisma is irresistible.” Weng had to praise.

Li Qiye only smiled after hearing this. He could even teach Immortal Emperors, let alone a girl like Shen Xiaoshan.

Weng rubbed his palms and said: “Sir, I have talked with my friend about the incoming examination at the Jilin Clan. May I ask when you are ready to go?”

“Whenever.” Li Qiye said leisurely. He was ready for a trip to the clan. Of course, it wasnt the clan itself but the item in the clans possession that interested him.

“Great, Ill go prepare everything for you.” Weng became excited after hearing Li Qiyes confident tone.

He wanted to take advantage of Li Qiyes abilities. If Li Qiye could shine, it will be very beneficial for his sect in the future.

“Who is in charge of Pure right now, still the War-Monarch Clan?” Li Qiye asked as Weng was leaving.

The old man scratched his head in response: “Well, the truth is that I am only a lowly character and dont have access to higher level information. Right now, there is no alliance for resistance at all. All races are living together peacefully in Pure; the three races dont have any large-scale conflict with the hundred races. There are still some minor skirmishes but thats it.”

“Thats true, the gods and emperors know to lay low after each expedition so there will be a period of peace.” Li Qiye said slowly.

These higher level beings were aware of what they will have to face so they became smarter in order to avoid any Heavenly Execution.

“Yes, after the sixth expedition, no war has been declared between the races. But you are right, the most influential power in Pure is still the War-Monarch Clan. Rumor has it that they still have five living Grand Emperors. No sect in this place can touch their position.” Weng came from a small sect so he only knew about rumors with no way of verifying them.

“They dare to say that they have five living Grand Emperors? Thats only to scare the uninformed sects like yours.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “War-Monarch Heaven Emperors descendants care too much about their face, just like how he went crazy with the matter of his younger sister-in-law…”

“Oh, my little ancestor!” Weng turned pale and quickly shushed Li Qiye: “Please stop, our sect is over if someone were to hear you say that here.”

This reaction was understandable. A tiny sect like theirs wasnt qualified to talk about imperial lineages, especially not the matter of an emperor. Moreover, War-Monarch Heaven Emperor is still rumored to be alive. No one would dare to talk about these things publicly.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing the nervous old man.

“Well…” Weng hesitated and looked around. He smiled wryly and couldnt restrain his gossipy side and asked: “Ah, what, what is this matter about the emperor and his younger sister-in-law?

He couldnt be blamed at all since Grand Emperors, Immortal Monarchs, and even Immortal Emperors from the nine worlds have always been interesting topics. Their actions related to the rise and fall of their races so how could people not pay attention?

As for the topic of anyones younger sister-in-law, people would never get tired of this. Men always had some stray thoughts about their sisters-in-law so if the grand emperor were to have something going on with his sister-in-law, it would definitely be a hot topic for all the noisy cultivators in the thirteen continents.

“Its not what youre thinking.” Li Qiye smiled: “Its about when Immortal Emperor Wan Shi seduced War-Monarch Heaven Emperors sister-in-law. War-Monarch was furious and wanted to chase Immortal Emperor Wan Shi out of the thirteen continents.”

“Immortal Emperor Wan Shi seduced the grand emperors sister-in-law?!” The old man blurted uncontrollably. He realized his mistake and quickly lowered his voice.

This was even more explosive of a scandal than if the grand emperor had a dubious relationship with his sister-in-law.

“Arent you going overboard?” Li Qiye shook his head: “This matter was well known a long time ago but people have eventually forgotten about it and rarely brought it up.”

“Oh, its because my knowledge is too lacking.” The old man was still as curious as before: “Immortal Emperor Wan Shi really did all of this?”

Despite shallow knowledge, Weng had heard about some stories relating to this emperor before.

Immortal Emperor Wan Shi was the first emperor of the golem race and one of the earlier ascenders. The tales told of his many romantic exploits and the children he left behind everywhere.

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