Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 370: Battle Against the Divine Tiger

The earlier one could grasp the essences of the grand dao, the earlier they could cultivate increasingly formidable merit laws. Thus, the disciples from imperial lineages naturally wanted to cultivate their emperors laws.

Just think about it, starting with entry merit laws from emperors meant getting access to the highest dao profundity. This seemed like it would be the best foundation before studying even more mysterious arts in the future.

This wasnt the case for the three grand arts. They focused on absorbing chaos and primordial energies instead of comprehending the grand dao. This was the biggest difference between the three grand arts and other merit laws.

Other ones focused on grasping the grand dao before absorbing the energies while the three grand arts treated grasping the dao as minor details.

This was similar for a monk wishing to become a Buddha; the transformation was the ultimate goal. Certain Buddhist skills and abilities obtained in the process were only unexpected extras.

There was one more reason why many cultivators from the hundred races abandoned the three grand arts – the speed of cultivation. The early periods were truly arduous.

With similar comprehension and talents, any other merit laws would yield faster result than the three grand arts. One realm was usually the difference.

The real strength of the three arts would only come out after reaching Dao Saint and Dao Celestial. Not too many cultivators could reach this level after a lifetime of training in the thirteen continents. Thus, it was meaningless for them to pick the three grand arts.

After teaching her the Myriad Law Art, Li Qiye carefully explained the meanings behind the Mortal Reversion Art for her. He did it in a way that was extremely easy to understand.

Under her zen state, Shen Xiaoshan was immersed in the grand dao. She forgot everything at this moment for she felt as if she was part of the original chaos. The boundless primordial energy was engulfing her. Her mind continued in this trance.

After a long while, she finally regained her wits and felt quite comfortable. She could feel the chaos energy all around her.

Even though she could already accomplish this in the past, she could now sense them without meditating. The feeling was quite clear as well.

“What, what is going on?” Her new-found sensitivity to the chaos energy astounded her.

“This is bringing order out of chaos.” Li Qiye said flatly: “The merit law from Sago Palm actually originated from Myriad Law and Mortal Reversion. However, your ancestors thought too highly of themselves and combined the two together for something new entirely. I simply taught you how to distinguish the dao more clearly, allowing you to sense chaos and primordial energies from the origin.”

The slightly astonished girl carefully observed her own body and became excited: “2,300,000 chaos energy!”

While she was ecstatic, he said calmly: “Congratulation on your big harvest.”

“But, but how is this possible?” She had gotten 200,000 more. This session was the same as one or two years of cultivation for her. She simply couldnt believe it.

“Its because your awareness of these energies was at a muddled state. Now, it is finally connected with the world so all the energies are rushing inside like water flowing through a river.” Li Qiye didnt find this surprising at all.

Unlike his calm demeanor, she was still jubilating. Keep in mind that she had only reached the Dao Noble realm recently and only had a bit over 2,000,000 chaos energy. Her master had high hopes for her and believed that in just several more years, she would surpass him. If this trend continued, she would be able to reach Dao Monarch in just two years. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to call her a top prodigy at that point.

The cultivation system in the two worlds was quite similar. The tenth world also had seventeen realms. At the seventeenth, one would be ready to shoulder the Heavens Will to become a Grand Emperor or Immortal Monarch.

From lowest to highest, they were: Dao Dust, Dao Ant, Dao Insect, Dao Serpent, Dao Tiger, Dao Child, Daoist, Dao Emissary, Dao Master, Dao Noble, Dao Monarch, Dao King, Dao Sovereign, Dao Sage, Dao Saint, Dao Celestial, then emperor.

Normally, these realms were decided by the amount of chaos energy.

For example, one would need 100 units of chaos energy to break through from Dao Dust to Dao Ant. The bottleneck point for Dao Ant was at 500, then Dao Insect at 1,000; Dao Serpent 5,000; Dao Tiger 10,000; Dao Child at 50,000; Daoist at 100,000; Dao Emissary at 500,000; Dao Master at 1,000,000; Dao Noble at 2,000,000; Dao Monarch at 5,000,000; Dao King at 8,000,000; Dao Sovereign at 10,000,000; Dao Sage at 30,000,000; Dao Saint at 50,000,000; Dao Celestial at 100,000,000.

As for the emperor level, units of chaos energy were no longer the measurement. The number of Heavens Wills became the factor instead.

Just one session had netted her 200,000 more. Such gains could only be described as lightning speed. This seemingly impossible feat had been carried out by her.

After a long time, she calmed down and bowed towards Li Qiye. There were all kinds of emotions and words in her mind but she could only say one word: “Thank you…”

She didnt know how to address him. All seemed improper.

“Fine, this fortune can be attributed to your effort, I shall grant you it today. You may call me Young Master.” Li Qiye said freely.

This was no big deal to Li Qiye but of course, even when it was easy, he wouldnt do someone a favor for no reason.

Because she had waited on him, he decided to give her this opportunity – one that would be worth a lifetime of benefits.

“Young Master.” She spoke softly. Even though she was completely convinced, she still felt a sense of loss.

Li Qiye nodded in response: “Im a bit tired.”

Having said that, he closed his eyes and slept. However, he was still channeling Mortal Reversion to absorb chaos and primordial energies.

Shen Xiaoshan gently put a robe over him before leaving. When she made it to the door, she still stole another glance at this ordinary man.

Li Qiye took advantage of his stay at Sago Palm to cultivate Mortal Reversion and establish a new dao foundation. After his grand dao was destroyed, it didnt mean everything he got from the nine worlds was gone.

That destruction was just the beginning of a new life for him. The cultivation in the tenth world isnt only a new start of a grand dao but also a new journey.

He didnt want to stop at the imperial level. Being an Immortal Emperor or an Immortal Monarch wasnt enough for him. This was only necessary to pave the way for his future.

In order to open a new epoch, he needed more than the grand dao of the nine worlds and cultivation from the tenth. He would use a completely new style for this new era, a new beginning. Because of this, these little steps in the nine and tenth world were pebbles paving the way for him. Not even one part could be missing.

Of course, he wasnt in a hurry to reach the apex and shoulder the Heavens Wills either. He simply wanted to build a strong foundation, one that could allow the grand dao from both worlds to harmonize with each other.

Stealing those wills wasnt hard. The real test was about jumping out of the confinement. That was the only way for him to be the last man smiling during the ultimate battle.

However, the path towards the dao was endless. It was easier said than done to jump out of the currently established system and herald a new epoch. That would be the beginning of a new river of time. Nevertheless, he was completely confident that as long as he kept on going, success was imminent.

1. Calling someone Young Master is like an end to any possible romance. At least thats my take on it about her sense of loss. Of course, this isnt always the case. Maids get together with masters all the time in these novels, but I dont feel strongly about this character at all. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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