Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 369: Eight-Winged Divine Tiger

After placing her on his lap, he smiled and asked: “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Her face was blushed to the point where it looked like rouge could drip down at any moment. She couldnt describe her feelings, only that her heart was about to flutter away.

“I, I know.” She whispered like the buzzing of a mosquito. It was gentle like the rainy spring season.

“Then go ahead and tell me what you did wrong.” He revealed a half-smile.

Her mind was going crazy with heat waves coming and going. It made her weak and unable to speak due to the unbearable embarrassment. She whimpered: “I, I shouldnt have mocked you. I didnt mean to, it, it was my fault.”

Her three souls and seven spirits were leaving her body. She would do anything to appease him at this moment.

“Its good that you can repent but a punishment is still in order.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What, what kind of punishment…” Before she could finish, she felt her buttocks burning up.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Li Qiye was slapping her round and plump buttocks without showing any mercy.

“Ah!” She cried out in pain but didnt dare to do so again. She bit her lips and felt quite indignant with tears in her eyes. She had never been mistreated or hit like this until today. The strange part was her willingness to endure this treatment.

After Li Qiye got his fill, he put his hand away and gently rubbed her buttocks: “This is only a warning.”

The caress made her mind flutter. It was large with calluses; even though it was through a layer of clothing, the sensation went straight to her heart. It made her forget about the pain earlier. A tingling sensation spread throughout her body. She felt as if she was turning into water and went limp on his lap.

He continued to rub it causing her to moan intimately like a kitten. It made her embarrassed as she tried to bite her teeth in order to avoid making more sounds. However, his electrifying touch made her mind flutter all the way up to the clouds and forget everything in the world.

“Does it still hurt?” He said flatly after one last touch.

After hearing the caring words, she felt as if she was drowned in honey and couldnt think properly.

“No, no, it doesnt.” She whispered. At this moment, nothing else mattered to her, including the grievance just now.

He chuckled and said: “Alright, its over. Stand up.”

It took a while before the shy girl could stand up. Alas, she still couldnt look straight at him.

“Sit down.” He glanced at her before ordering.

The obedient girl sat down next to him while he continued to absorb energy. He explained: “Remove all unnecessary thoughts from your mind and brave your dao heart. Remember, it is easiest to enter this zen state when a person feels the most satisfied.”

She blushed again after hearing his implication but she didnt dare to think too much and quickly followed his order.

It was difficult in the beginning since she sat so close to him but eventually, his masculine odor stopped interfering with her mind.

Under his rhythmic breathing, she entered a zen state by following the same beat. In a short time, she felt infinitely close to the rhythm of the world and became so close with it.

This was her first time sensing this wondrous feeling ever since her dao debut.

“Cultivation and all the other dao are ultimately similar, absorbing chaos and primordial energies. The essential foundation isnt about what kind of invincible imperial laws you have or the best offensive method, its about how firm your dao foundation is. Without the fundamentals, imperial laws wont be as effective.” Li Qiye began his instruction. This was her rewards for waiting on him.

“There are countless merit laws in this world, including coveted imperial laws. However, imperial laws might not be the best to build a firm foundation. They are certainly more powerful with faster speed on top of possessing a greater dao understanding. Alas, they are not the most precious right now.” He took his time preaching in order to give her a new fortune.

“For merit laws in the present, well omit the three races and will only focus on the hundred races.” He went on: “The most suitable merit law in the thirteen continents for the hundred races is the Myriad Law Art created by Immortal Emperor Wan Gu. It encompasses different bloodlines and races, all are suitable with this law.”

“Theres nothing too special about it. The start of cultivation is tasteless and boring like plain water. However, it builds a steady foundation. The real power of this law comes out in the later stages. Thus, real effort and struggling are necessary in the beginning before reaching completion with this law. Of course, one must cultivate the original edition if they want to reach full potential. A few idiots thought that theyre smart enough to change the speed of cultivation for this law. They thought that they have understood its profundity and changed this supreme art completely.” He explained to her the origin of one of the three grand merit laws as well as its mysteries and uses.

One didnt need any guidance for this particular law. Literacy was the only requirement. The emperor back then purposely derived this law to the simplest form.

Moreover, those who cultivated this law with different entry methods would have different results. What this meant was regardless of ones comprehension ability, the chance of qi deviation was very low. Of course, this was limited to the original edition.

The ones being spread in the present day have been changed completely. Very few original editions were available.

Just imagine how great this emperor was. He was the first emperor of the ghost race. Outside of his own Heavens Will from the nine worlds, he trained a long time in the upper realm and eventually shouldered another eight wills.

He was the inventor of the fusion technique, the only person from the nine worlds who had shouldered eight more wills. Some even believed that his lifelong cultivation was on the same level as Flame Emperor!

The simplicity of the law hid the painstaking effort expended by the emperor. Unfortunately, future generations didnt understand his laborious attempt and decided to change his law.

The three grand arts were the most widespread cultivation chants in the thirteen continents but they were used mostly by vagabonds with humble backgrounds or mortals. Even cultivators from tiny sects wouldnt pick this one.

The reason was quite simple. They were too easy to understand. There were no mysteries of the dao to speak of.

What was cultivation for its practitioners? It was about grasping the profundity of the grand dao in order to reach the apex.

Thus, when they had such an easy time cultivating these arts, people from even the tiny sects began to forego it completely.

1. Three grand arts consist of Mortal Reversion and Myriad Law so far, not sure of the third.Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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