Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 368: Tigers Howl Ancestor

It took a lot of effort for Shen Xiaoshan to finish bathing Li Qiye. The truth was that she had never dared to think about performing such a task in the past.

Even though she was stricken with embarrassment earlier on, she eventually became accustomed to it.

Li Qiyes calm demeanor affected her own. Just think about it, any other man would have other thoughts while being served by a beauty like this. However, Li Qiye was nonchalant with an indescribable temperament. Perhaps this was a natural disposition of a noble. Deep in his bones was a supreme and inviolable aura.

It was as if the guy was a natural born leader, an existence ruling the myriad realms. Thus, others serving him was a matter-of-course. Xiaoshan gradually changed her role due to his own temperament and gently served him as a young maid.

He felt much more comfortable after taking a bath and smiled. Meanwhile, she began dressing him with meticulous care. The initial pridefulness has gone away. She felt as if she was charmed to the point where she was inexplicably enjoying this process.

She fixed his collars and couldnt help but take another look at him.

A common appearance that could be found anywhere. The nicest compliment he could ever receive in terms of his appearance was that it was pleasant to look at.

However, upon closer inspection, his free and unyielding temperament even if the sky was falling gave an ever-rising aura. When one looked at his eyes, they would find that this ordinary pair of eyes was as unfathomable as an ocean. They would inevitably be engulfed inside with no escaping once attracted.

“Im aware of my boundless charisma but you shouldnt stare at me like that without blinking. Youll tire yourself out and plus, if you happen to have a crush on me, youll lose sleep and all your appetite. It would be my fault then.” Li Qiye leisurely spoke and interrupted her observation.

She became red from ear to ear but she didnt retort this time. Even though she might not like the comment, she didnt have the courage to even look at him.

He simply shook his head and sat down on the master chair. He steadied his dantian and calmed his mind to eventually absorb both chaos and primordial powers.

Xiaoshans mind eventually returned. She felt that it was too embarrassing earlier, completely losing to this young man despite being the First Sister of Palm Sago.

She looked up and saw him meditating. It prompted her to ask: “What are you doing?”

“Cultivating, of course. The grand dao is too long for rest.” Despite meditating, he didnt close his eyes and seemed to be ready to chat.

“You, cultivating? What amazing merit law is this?” She teased after glancing at him.

Despite some differences between the nine and tenth worlds, there were still similarities. Regardless of the merit laws, cultivators here wanted to absorb chaos and primordial energy since everything was predicated on them. Other secret techniques needed the support from the merit laws.

“Mortal Reversion Art, the most suitable for humans.” Li Qiye calmly said.

She wanted payback for losing earlier. Because of this, she couldnt help but mock him after hearing about his merit law: “Oh? Arent you a guru, knowing everything with countless books memorized in your head? Why are you cultivating something as common as Mortal Reversion?”

She felt regret right away after the words came out and feared that she might have been too harsh and that he would become angry.

However, her pride didnt let her submit so easily. Thats why she continued to stare at him and nervously waited for a response.

Li Qiye didnt become angry nor threw back some verbal retorts. He simply chuckled and stared outside the window.

This only made her regrets her choice of words even more. She would feel much better if he were to reprimand her instead. This nonchalant attitude of his instilled fear upon her. She was afraid that she would lose something, that he would look down on her arrogance. She lost her will to posture and looked down at her feet.

Nevertheless, Li Qiyes eyes remained fixated out of the window. His silence amplified her fear. Suddenly, she became alarmed with her nose itching up.

“I, I, didnt mean it like that just now. Im not looking down on you, its my fault.” She mustered her courage to quietly apologize.

She admitted her mistakes for the lack of control earlier. She was afraid of being completely ignored by him and didnt want to lose something she couldnt even describe.

At this moment, she was willing to do anything as long as he would stop being angry.

Li Qiye wasnt actually angry at her since hes not the type to get angry over trivial matters. Her comment earlier simply made him think about a few people in the past. Thats why he stared out the window in a daze.

Having heard her apology, he smiled and waved at her: “Come here.”

She was completely obedient to him for some strange reasons and walked closer while looking down at the ground.

Keep in mind that her cultivation was quite excellent in the sect since she was among the top two of the young generation. But now, she looked like a defenseless little girl in front of him.

Li Qiye suddenly pulled the unsuspecting girl on top of his lap.

She couldnt dare to breathe and had to bite her lips while lying flat down. Feeling his masculine air made her entire body hot. Her heart began to beat crazily like a fawn jumping around and her nerves felt as if they were on needles and pins. She felt powerless with a numbing sensation all around with no will to resist. At this moment, she was willing to accept whatever he wanted to do to her.

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