Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 367: Battle Against The Tigers Howl School

Li Qiye smiled at her comment and answered: “Its not about how many, just one that can get into your heart is enough.”

“Please, then what kind of beautiful women have you seen?” Shen Xiaoshan asked with annoyance.

“Beauty alone cant reach the apex. Only a bag of skin and well-sculpted skeleton beneath, not enough to touch my heart.”

She took another look at him and became suspicious: “You must be lying then. Hmph, probably havent seen any naked woman yet.”

He almost burst out in laughter after hearing this: “Do I really need to lie about this?”

“Hmph, who knows? Earlier, you were boasting nonstop. I dont quite believe you. Okay, fine, if you said you have seen countless beauties, then have you seen the prettiest in Pure and her figure?” She smiled, hoping to stump him.

“Who is the prettiest in Pure?” Li Qiye leisurely asked.

“Hah, you dont even know who the prettiest in Pure is yet you still brag about having met countless beauties? In my opinion, you have probably only seen common ladies or courtesans in the mortal world.”

She became even angrier for some reasons after thinking that he was comparing her to women in the mortal world.

Li Qiye only chuckled and didnt bother defending himself.

“Wait, you really dont know Pures prettiest?” Her eyes widened as she stared at him.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “I do not, do I need to know who she is?”

“Youre were clearly bragging now, not knowing about Imperial Princess Jilin.” She snorted and said.

Li Qiye calmly responded: “Only the prettiest in Pure, not the thirteen continents but then again, I dont care about the latter either.”

“Here you go again.” She retorted: “Do you know who she is? Shes the princess of the Jilin Clan, a noble lady with immeasurable stateliness. Rumor has it that she even has the bloodline of an Immortal Monarch.”

Imperial Princess Jilin was very well known in Pure due to her beauty and prestigious bloodline. Of course, Xiaoshan had never seen her before but she still believed that the princess was the prettiest in Pure.

“Only the bloodline of an Immortal Monarch, not a real imperial princess. It only takes a sentence from me for her to become my bed warmer.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

“Youre insane!” She didnt mock him this time. On the contrary, she was scared out of her mind and immediately covered his mouth.

If outsiders heard these words, it might bring about a sect-destroying disaster to Sago Palm.

The pale girl shouted: “You might be tired of living but Im not, same with my sect! If you have a death wish, go die alone, dont take us down with you!”

She was, understandably, spooked out of her mind. Sago Palm was only a tiny sect. There were too many like them under Jilins jurisdiction. They werent even a grain of dust compared to the behemoth that is Jilin.

Not to mention the princess, even an ordinary disciple from that clan is an untouchable existence to Sago Palm. Thus, Li Qiyes rude comment towards the princess could be a source of disaster if the clan were to catch wind of it.

Of course, Shen Xiaoshan was the only one reacting. Li Qiye didnt care at all. This princess was only a normal cultivator in his eyes.

He stared at her with amusement. After a while, she eventually regained her wits.

“Youre taking advantage of me.” Li Qiyes leisure voice sounded by her ears.

She was surprised to hear this and instantly found that the two of them were next to each other. To be more precise, she was lying on top of him.

Both of them were submerged under water. Her wet clothes painted her curves, towering peaks, the flat and grassy plain beneath… These scenes were indescribably beautiful. Worst of all, Li Qiye was completely naked.

She felt her body burning with a strange sensation coursing everywhere.

“Ah!” She immediately jumped up and water splashed everywhere.

Contrary to her shocked state, Li Qiye acted as if nothing special was going on.

“What are you looking at?!” The embarrassed girl shouted before squatting back down into the water in order to hide her exposed body. She had never experienced this before and wanted nothing more than to crawl down a hole.

Li Qiye leisurely said: “Its only the flesh, you saw me completely too.”

Such a response only made her madder. This guy benefited yet he was still posturing.

“Alright, Ill stop embarrassing you.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head. He closed his eyes and went back to enjoying the warm water.

Meanwhile, she took a deep breath to restrain her bashfulness before warning him with a stern expression: “I dont care how talented and knowledgeable you are. You can act all-that at our sect too because we need you, but do not run your mouth like that, especially about the imperial princess. It doesnt matter how great you are, Jilin can crush you with a single finger. You can be arrogant here but before the Jilin Clan, you cant even cause a single ripple!”

She was very serious this time since she didnt want him to be killed and especially for her clan to be destroyed.

“Looks like you know how to restraint your arrogance sometimes.” Li Qiye casually responded with his eyes still closed.

“You!” She could see that he didnt truly take her words to heart.

Another deep breath was required. She put on a rare attitude and spoke with a tinge of gentleness: “Its fine that you are capable but our sect is too small to handle any storm. If you want to speak these domineering words in the future, I hope it wont be here.”

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes and stared at her while being pleasantly surprised: “Thats a better attitude. Looks like you can be more like your master in the future.”

It was her turn to be quiet. The truth that she wasnt a fool. However, Li Qiye was only a mortal so she naturally felt superior and arrogant before him.

With more interactions, she found that he wasnt an ordinary mortal nor was he that simple. Before she knew it, her attitude and mindset started to change for the better when dealing with him.

“Now that Im looking at you again, much sexier than before.” He teased.

Embarrassment and anger quickly returned despite her successful attempt at quelling them just now. She felt her body burning when he stared at her.

It was a numbing and tingly sensation, similar to being slightly electrified. Her heart shuddered with an indescribable sense. She felt that it was getting harder to stand straight. Her red face could no longer bare to look straight at his eyes so she bashfully lowered her head.

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