Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 30: Twelve Immortal Physiques 2

While Li Qiye had just entered Godhalt, an explosive piece of news spread across Heaven Spirit.

“The Celestial Pavilion has entered the world with the Lunargrasp Fairy coming out!” This news hastily spread and the entire world couldnt react in time.

“Really?” Many big shots were stunned and in disbelief.

“I think so, the pavilion itself sent this message.” Someone quickly tried to confirm and received a credible response.

People immediately went to visit the Celestial Pavilion.

“The Lunargrasp Fairy has actually come into being. I saw it with my own eyes.” A great character swore after returning.

In fact, it wasnt just one or two great characters that confirmed this information. People swore the moment they visited the pavilion, they saw a woman standing beneath the full moon. She stood there as if she was on top of the world as an incredible immortal.

Even though they couldnt see her appearance clearly, many were still shocked all the same. Some even said that Godkings were bowing in the distance with great reverence.

“Lunargrasp Fairy…” Many people were lost in a daze. Even some slumbering old monsters woke from fear.

Heaven Spirit was full of incredible masters and this generation was destined to be a brilliant one. Some ancestors and even older monsters couldnt contain the temptation to come into being. However, after hearing the emergence of the fairy, these ancestors quivered along with the old monsters. They crawled back into their coffins and discarded all thoughts of coming out.

“Even Lunargrasp is coming out.” A dust-laden ancestor murmured in a daze with a long mental lapse.

Cultivators in the present and even those from several generations ago dont understand the significance of the name Lunargrasp. However, the ancestors that had shared this world with her understood full well. The reclusive fairy had come out to the dismay of the slumbering ancestors.

“Not good, something grand will happen in this generation.” An ancestor didnt dare to think further after shuddering. He holed himself up instead of running out this time.

“What kind of generation is this? What is special about this one?” The influential characters didnt understand why the fairy chose to come out. One of them said: “First Meng Zhentian and now Lunargrasp. Will more Era Evaders come out?”

“It makes sense why Zhentian came out. He only appeared during Immortal Emperor Ta Kongs era, so he wants the Heavens Will this time. Its different for the fairy though. I simply dont understand it. She has been away from the world for a long time but she came out without any prior signs.” Someone was quite puzzled.

“The Lunargrasp Fairy isnt considered an Era Evader, she is just more reclusive in nature. If she was an evader, she would have come out long ago for the Heavens Will since no one would be able to stop her. So why this generation? I dont understand at all!” An elderly ancestor with great knowledge was frustrated.

Some of these sealed ancestors realized that there must be a reason, and it wasnt the Heavens Will. The secret in this matter was completely unknown, others couldnt figure it out at all.

“How are young ones like us going to live? Zhentian coming out has already left us in despair, but the Lunargrasp Fairy too? Should we just go kill ourselves?” Young geniuses cried to the sky after hearing this news.

“If the fairy came out for the Heavens Will, who will be unbeatable and become the next emperor? Zhentian or the Lunargrasp Fairy?” Some grew excited and began to speculate.

“Heh, hell meet his match. It wont be easy for him at all with her around. Im sure he wont be sleeping too soundly from now on.” Others gloated about Zhentians misfortune.

Of course, not everyone shared this thought, especially the ancestors who knew about the fairys strength. They shook their heads and lamented: “If Lunargrasp is out for the throne, Zhentian wont be able to do anything. Even Emperor Assailants arent willing to oppose her! Her old rival was Empress Hongtian!”

The storm of her coming raged across Heaven Spirit, resulting in an uproar with countless people discussing this matter.

Even Zhentian, who was in closed cultivation, turned silent after hearing this news. In the end, he came out early and ordered: “Prepare some gifts for a trip to Godhalt. It is time for us to visit the Spirit Abyss.”

Despite all the commotion, Li Qiye didnt hear the news. He was still walking through Godhalt one step at a time as if he was enjoying the beauty of this continent.

A long time later, he finally stopped and turned around: “Come out or Ill force you out myself.”

A shadow flashed and a person appeared not far from Li Qiye. It was Sima Yujian, the famous assassin. She appeared out of nowhere and showed her bloodthirst. She was still as calm as ever with an aura that made others shudder uncontrollably in fear.

He glanced at her and flatly said: “So? Still havent given up? I spared your life last time for a reason, but I wont be so merciful this time around.”

She glared at him and coldly said: “Im not here because of you! It is only a coincidence.”

This was indeed the case since she had another mission on Godhalt. However, after arriving, she found Li Qiye here. An assassin shouldnt have a curious mind, and she was indifferent to everything else besides killing. Alas, his sudden entrance piqued her interest so she couldnt help but follow and find out what he was up to.

“After the failure last time, I thought you would be in closed cultivation. I didnt expect for you to run out again.” Li Qiye smiled.

She retorted: “An assassin does not craft their art behind closed doors!”

She also didnt know why she chose to entertain him. Ever since embarking on this journey, she had never answered anyone. Nevertheless, she committed a taboo of the assassination doctrine. Not only did she track him for no reason, she also chose to answer him. In fact, there were some questions looming in her mind. However, due to her proud personality and occupation, she wouldnt ask Li Qiye for advice.

Li Qiye nodded: “Thats true. An assassin should accumulate experience from a baptism of blood and death in order to improve.”

With that, he looked at her and smiled: “Since you are here to train, who is your target if not me? Who is paying the high price?”

“No comment.” She coldly refused to answer.

Li Qiye accepted this attitude since an assassin naturally wouldnt reveal such sensitive information. He smiled and said: “If I wanted to, I can find the answer even if you dont tell me. It all depends on my whim.”

Such words made Yujian raise her eyes. She didnt doubt Li Qiyes abilities. In fact, she was fully aware of his superiority.

“The Spirit Abyss!” In the end, she finally revealed her goal.

She made it easier for both of them instead of making him investigate because she understood that he would be able to find the right answer and that might negatively affect her mission.

“Its not that Im underestimating you.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “But if you are aware of the gravity of the situation, you should know that this is not a wise move at all. Your dao of assassination hasnt reached perfection just yet. If you were qualified to have the Coiling Dragon Sword, then Im sure you would succeed even if the target is inside the Spirit Abyss. But you right now? You are only going to meet your demise, there is zero chance of success. The abyss is not only strong, it also makes it so that you will have nowhere to hide. A single misstep and you will certainly end up dead!”

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