Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 364: Tiger Emperor Citadel

Tieshu Weng spoke from the heart. Not to mention all of Pure, even in the West Bank alone, they were only a tiny sect painfully struggling at the lowest level.

The young ones couldnt sense this struggle. He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan have been trained by Weng since they were young. Weng had even more hopes for Xiaoshan so thats why she became a bit arrogant after being doted on for so long as the princess of the sect.

Contrary to their sense of superiority, Weng was experienced enough and had seen the strength of the great powers before. He knew that their sect must obtain some connection with the Jilin Clan. Otherwise, if someone were to destroy them in the future, no one might even hear about it.

For example, West Bank Country; it would only need to send a random elder to flatten their sect. This was the reason why Weng was always anxious about the future.

It rather became a tributary to Jilin than West Bank. It wasnt only because Jilin was more powerful. More importantly, it was much farther away from their own sect.

Due to the distance, Jilin wouldnt interfere or supervise with a tiny sect like Sago Palm. This wasnt the case for West Bank because of the close proximity. Thus, being connected with Jilin would give Sago Palm another layer of assurance.

“The path is difficult, not just for cultivators and training. Sects have a difficult time too.” Li Qiye told the old man.

This type of things happened too often in both the nine and tenth worlds.

The old man forced a smile and asked awkwardly while pointing at the scroll: “Sir, can you solve these symbols?”

“Oh, you dont trust me?” Li Qiye responded.

The old man quickly waved his hands back and forth in denial: “No, no, thats not what I meant. I know that you are full of wisdom. Its just that… Im sure you are aware, these examinations have their standards and the candidates are carefully chosen. I do have some connections that can let you come to the Jilin Clan to show your skill. However, I still need something more tangible to convince them. Otherwise, no one will believe me.”

“All of you are blind men touching an elephant. How can you know the answer? Not to mention you and your connection, even the Jilin Clan doesnt know what they are looking at. Its all just speculations and not even learning anything on the surface level.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

He continued on while looking at the old man: “You might have gotten this thing but definitely not the answer. Even if I explain the symbols to you, you still wont be able to see their profundity.”

In fact, these symbols detailed things that were too profound. Even the ancestors from the Jilin Clan wouldnt be able to understand them, only possessing a superficial knowledge at best. Only characters at the imperial level were capable of true comprehension.

“Sir, I might not understand it but I do have an assessing standard with me. Im sure it wont let you down.” The old man hurriedly said.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Very well, Ill entertain you then.”

With that, he wrote down text in such a smooth manner. The content was profound with esoteric dao laws beyond Wengs comprehension.

Of course, Li Qiye agreed to take the exam wasnt because of Weng or Sago Palm. He simply felt very interested in the items at the Jilin Clan. They, themselves, werent aware of what they had. This was the reason why they started these examinations, hoping someone could understand these symbols.

Weng took a look after Li Qiye was finished. He naturally didnt understand them. The text looked heavenly like stallions soaring across the sky. He became dazed with a headache. Nevertheless, he still carefully folded the paper and put it away.

In his eyes, this text shouldered the fate of his sect. They depended on it to climb up the ladder towards the Jilin Clan.

Of course, Li Qiye really didnt care about these things. No one could stop him from getting what he wants. He stared at the horizon in quiet contemplation with a heavy heart.

The ultimate expedition was an immensely difficult topic. Despite not personally seeing Immortal Emperor Qi Zhens sixth expedition, he already knew the result. His heart, time-beaten and numb, was still affected.

Tieshu Weng didnt dare to disturb him and quietly waited to the side.

After a while, Li Qiye regained his wits and glanced at the old man: “Im a bit tired, time for a bath.”

“Ill have someone prepare one for you.” Weng hastily replied.

“Let your female disciple wait on me.” Li Qiye casually ordered.

“Uhh…” Weng was taken aback by the request. Even though he had such thoughts, especially if Li Qiye were to join the Jilin Clan, it would be too early right now.

“Dont worry, I dont care for her beauty or anything. Let her serve me with a back rub.” Li Qiye answered after noticing the old mans expression.

“I shall do so.” Weng shuddered after seeing Li Qiyes cold eyes again. He believed that the guy wasnt in it for anything sexual.


“What?!” Shen Xiaoshan shouted after hearing her master: “Master, you, you want me to go serve him?”

“Yes.” Weng said slowly: “Do your best without any mistake! This is a heavy responsibility for your sake and the sects.”

“Master, this is too much.” He Chen loudly joined in. His Senior Sister was the prettiest at Sago Palm. So many brothers had a crush on her. Now, she had to go serve a mortal beggar? He Chen didnt know what spell had stricken his master.

“Watch it!” Weng reprimanded: “What do you know?! Even if he is only a mortal, his vision and mind are superior! An extraordinary mortal he is. When dealing with others, do not judge by appearance or youll pay for it one day!”

He rarely yelled at his disciples in such a stern manner in the past. It was certainly working because the two became afraid.

“But, master, well, its too irrational to let sister go serve him.” He Chen lowered his tone.

Weng said: “Who can predict the future? Go, dont be so willful. You are responsible for Sago Palm as well as the First Sister. Be a role model for the young ones instead of acting so immature.”

Despite her unwillingness, Xiaoshan didnt dare to go against her masters wish. She continued on with an unhappy expression. He Chen stomped on the ground after seeing what he perceived as an injustice.

Weng saw everything and said: “Chener, you are letting me down!”

“Master…” He Chen didnt expect these words to come from his master at all.

“You and your sister have great talents, much better than mine. However, the two of you are too arrogant, thinking that youre better than others so you look down on them. I pampered you too much instead of doing a good job of grooming you. I have failed in my role as your master.” Weng sighed and shook his head.

“Master…” He Chens complexion turned pale.

Weng went on: “You should know that the responsibility of taking care of the sect will fall on the two of you one day since Im old now. Cultivation alone isnt enough to lead a sect; wisdom, reading people, and magnanimity are necessary or the sect will fall in your hands. How will you be able to see the ancestors then? The two of you lose your cool too easily while being too obstinate with your beliefs. If you dont try harder to rid yourself of these flaws, how can I ever be at ease to hand the sect over to you?”

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