Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 362: Charging into the Tigers Howl School Alone

Shen Xiaoshan was quite angry. A First Disciple like her had to be the driver for a mortal? Even though she wasnt a princess, she was certainly treated like one back in her sect but now, this guy was treating her like a servant.

She wanted nothing more than to brutally beat the guy down but she didnt dare to disobey her masters order, especially after seeing his serious demeanor.

Tieshu Weng was much more respectful than his two disciples. In his eyes, a mortal like Li Qiye could make his sect prosper. Thus, he had high hopes for the guy. Even though he wouldnt dare to say that under his control, the gate would grow much larger. He just wanted to gather enough resources and capital for the next generation. This mortal could be the bridge allowing them to cross the dragon gate.

The sect was located in the western frontier. Its scale was quite negligible, only a few thousand disciples. The strongest was Tieshu Weng at Dao Monarch. He was also quite famous in the province.

Not to mention all thirteen continents, a Dao Monarch was nothing in Pure. In an imperial lineage, Dao Monarchs were only common disciples.

This western frontier belonged to the Jilin Imperial Clan. There were countless weak sects like Sago Palm. It didnt even qualify to become a tributary to the clan. It had to rely on a country under the clans jurisdiction, Western Bank.

At the same time, there were more than three hundred countries like Western Bank below the clan. Thus, one could imagine just how tiny Sago Palm was in the grand scheme of things as well as the immense size of Jilin.

The carriage had great speed and took less than a day to arrive at Sago Palm.

Tieshu Weng respectfully invited Li Qiye into his sect and arranged a small quarter meant for honored guests.

The entire sect was very confused. Why was their master so respectful towards this human beggar? Some even wanted to ask their First Sister but she was in a foul mood and had no desire to waste words.

After entering the main chamber, Li Qiye sat down and told Weng: “Take out the things you need help with.”

Weng was surprised and said: “Well, sir, you must be tired from the trip. You should rest and we can talk about it, no rush right now.”

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and said: “What? You dont think Im capable of helping now?”

“Ah, no, no, of course not.” Weng hurriedly appeased: “That wasnt my intention. I was just thinking that you need some rest right now.”

“No need, take it out. Unless it is something difficult, it wont take long. Dont waste my time.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

Weng didnt say anything after seeing the guys insistence and immediately left. After a while, he came back with a tiny box. It was tightly locked with a tiny seal.

His expression was very prudent and serious. One could tell that the item inside was definitely extraordinary.

He unlocked it and removed the seal before taking out a scroll. He carefully placed it in front of Li Qiye before rolling it open and said: “Sir, there are many confusing and old writings in this scroll. Please take a look and decipher it.”

There were strange symbols inside with no particular order. People simply couldnt understand it at all. Upon close inspection, one would find similarities between the ones here and the marks found at the Sky Pit. Both of them were still as perplexing as ever.

Li Qiyes eyes became austere after seeing the symbols. He raised his head and asked Weng: “Where did you get this thing?!”

Weng was shocked to see this gaze even though Li Qiye was a feeble mortal. He felt his legs giving in; this feeling completely shocked him. A Dao Monarch like him was frightened by a mortal.

“Well…” He smiled wryly and didnt answer.

“This isnt something you or a sect like Sago Palm can have!” Li Qiyes voice turned cold.

Under Li Qiyes austere glare, Weng succumbed to fear: “Sir, the truth is that the item doesnt belong to us. A good friend of mine from Western Bank copied the symbols.”

“A country like Western Bank isnt qualified to possess an item like this either!” Li Qiye uttered.

“Sir, how do you know?!” Weng said in a daze.

Li Qiye flatly responded: “Why did you find me? Very simple, it is because you saw me pondering the marks at the Sky Pit, the reason for top emperors like Deepsouth to visit the place. The marks there are beyond your sect and Western Banks comprehension. Thus, even this copy cant be from Western Bank.”

Weng was astounded. This proved that Li Qiye was knowledgeable enough. Even if he wasnt a cultivator, just his knowledge and wisdom alone would make him a supreme mortal.

“You put us cultivators to shame. Were mere frogs under the well compared to your broad knowledge.” Weng bowed, completely convinced by Li Qiye.

He finally waved his sleeve so that He Chen and Shen Xiaoshan would leave. Even his direct disciples couldnt listen to this matter.

After they left, he was still hesitant.

Li Qiye continued: “If you dont tell me, I wont be able to help you. In my opinion, this will be the only chance for your sect to soar.”

Weng eventually clenched his teeth and made up his mind. He quietly said: “Please dont tell outsiders, Sir. The symbols from this scroll are from the Jilin Imperial Clan. Every once in a while, the clan would have an exam for scholarly cultivators or even mortals that can read astronomy within their border. The exams are always secretive; these symbols were leaked by someone.”

He was very careful about this topic because if news of this were to spread, it could bring a sect-destroying disaster to Sago Palm. Nevertheless, he still wanted to gamble with Li Qiye.

After hearing this, Li Qiye stood up with a sour expression. He stared at the horizon through the window without speaking for a long while.

Tieshu Weng was a bit horrified at this moment. This mortal emitted a soul-stealing prestige. No one would dare to offend him.

Li Qiye eventually returned to his spot and his expression eased up. He looked at the old man and asked: “Which Immortal Monarch from the Jilin Clan participated in the sixth ultimate expedition?”

“You dont know, sir?” Weng was surprised.

“Of course I know, Im just asking to chat.” Li Qiye calmly responded.

Weng scratched his head and said: “Rumor has it that Nightfall Immortal Monarch was the one. I only heard it and didnt dare to inquire further, being an insignificant character that I am.”

There were many stories relating to the sixth expedition at the Thirteen Continents. However, only Grand Emperors and Immortal Monarchs were privy to the details. Others only had access to unverifiable rumors.

This was doubly true for a tiny sect like Sago Palm. A weak character like Weng didnt dare to pry about this matter. He only heard experts from the bigger sects talking about it.

Nightfall Immortal Monarchs involvement was only a rumor as well. No one dared to ask the clan about it.

“Nightfall Immortal Monarch.” Li Qiye became quiet after hearing the name.

An Immortal Monarch was the title of Heavens Will holder from the hundred races, such as humans, golems, charming spirits. This was a way to differentiate Immortal Emperors from the nine worlds versus the ones from the tenth world.

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