Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 361: Tigers Howl School

The two young ones didnt quite agree with their master. In their eyes, how could a mortal beggar create any merit law?

His observation and every action naturally didnt escape Li Qiyes eyes but he didnt really care and acted as if they didnt exist.

Eventually, one day when he was sitting above a pit resembling a lake, the old man finally took his two disciples over.

“My name is Tieshu Weng, current sect master of Sago Palm. Meeting Fellow Daoist here can be considered a stroke of fate. May I have your name?” The old man cupped his fist and asked.

His attitude was quite rare. This was a sect master yet he was quite respectful towards a mortal. Even an ordinary cultivator wouldnt care for Li Qiye, especially in his current sorry state.

Li Qiye was bored to death while looking at the shimmering lake and ignored the old man.

His arrogant attitude irked the two disciples. The male shouted: “Hey! Are you deaf!? My master is talking to you!”

Even though Sago Palm was a tiny sect, their master was still an expert and a sect master. This beggar should consider that it was an honor to be treated in this manner by their master.

“Chener, do not be disrespectful.” Weng shouted before cupping his fist towards Li Qiye again: “Fellow Daoist, please excuse me for not teaching my disciple well enough.”

Li Qiye remained fixated on the lake to the two young ones chagrin. If it wasnt for their masters presence, they would have taught this mortal a lesson already.

After a long time, Li Qiye slowly turned around to look at Weng and said: “Behind courtesy is a hidden motive. You wish to ask me for something.”

“How presumptuous!” The male disciple named He Chens expression turned for the worst as he shouted.

“Be quiet!” Weng reprimanded him.

The female disciple, Shen Xiaoshan, was also unhappy. She spoke softly: “Master, why are you tolerating his disrespectful attitude? Only a mortal, what can he do?”

“Back off.” He shouted again before coming forward and deeply bowed towards Li Qiye: “My disciples are shallow and cant recognize greatness. Please forgive me.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “Out of consideration for your cordiality, you may sit.” He patted on the muddy ground next to him.

There was nothing there, only dirty soil but Weng didnt mind at all. He lifted up his robe and sat down.

Li Qiye smiled at the respectful old man and said: ”I am only a mortal, why do you think Im a master?”

“Burning Rampart is a dangerous place just like a boiling stove, how could a mortal go here? The fact that you are a mortal shows just how amazing it is. Even though your clothes are messy, you are still calm, showing your exceptional heart. Thus, even if you are a mortal, you are someone special.”

Li Qiye was amused by the response: “Weak your cultivation might be, not your vision though. Many experts lack this insight of yours.”

Shen Xiaoshan and He Chen didnt like his reply at all and scowled. Their master might not be anyone in Pure but he was still a Dao Monarch! But now, a mortal called him weak? This person didnt watch his mouth at all and had eyes yet cant see Mount Tai!

“Thank you.” Weng replied: “Im just a bit more meticulous and careful than others.”

“You either want an answer or have a favor to ask of me.” Li Qiye told the polite old man.

“Sir, you are indeed a master, a dragon hidden among men. It is my pleasure to meet you.” The old man was startled.

Meanwhile, his disciple felt that his master was only being played by this mortal.

“A bit interesting. Im curious about why you think I can answer your questions.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Weng busily answered: “Sir, my late teacher taught me that the eyes are the windows to the mind. It can directly reflect a cultivators dao heart. In this place with eternal mysteries, anyone who looks at these marks would have a muddled gaze. However, your eyes are clear, unlike the others. Even emperors cant understand everything here yet you are unperturbed. It shows that your mind must be amazing, able to see through the sun shrouded by the clouds or all the real merit laws behind the chaos.”

Li Qiye nodded approvingly: “Good. Your innate talents are bad but you understand the ways of life. Your master must have been a terrific person too, to teach you something like that.”

“Sir, you are too kind.” Weng cupped his fist.

The two disciples thought to themselves – what was this about a clear pair of eyes? Maybe this mortal was born stupid and couldnt react to any of the markings.

Li Qiye stared back at the lake before speaking: “Its fine if you want to beseech me but that depends on my mood. If I feel like it, I can teach you a thing or two.”

“Sir, if you can answer my questions, Sago Palm will surely thank you…” Weng hastily added.

“Stop.” Li Qiye interrupted him and waved his sleeve: “Your rewards are meaningless to me, such a transaction only debases our interaction.”

“You are right, but if you do need anything, just say the words.” Weng replied.

The two disciples still couldnt handle the mortal posturing like a guru. They couldnt watch their master acting so subservient towards him either and wondered if their master had been struck by a spell or something.

Li Qiye said: “Very well, I shall grant you a chance. Speak.”

The two felt like vomiting blood. This mortal was actually speaking to their master like this?

Weng looked around before quietly said: “This isnt the place to talk. Sir, will you come to our humble abode?”

“Fine. I dont have any business anyway.” Li Qiye nodded.

He didnt mind going to Sago Palm since he had gotten the Mortal Reversion Art right now. It was time to leave Burning Rampart.

“Sir, this way.” Weng stood up and gestured.

“Im tired from a long journey. Get me a carriage.” Li Qiye told the old man.

Weng took out a treasure carriage instantly, one that was pulled by four divine colts.

The two disciples didnt dare to comment even though they were annoyed at their master submitting to the guys every whim.

Li Qiye pointed at Shen Xiaoshan and casually said: “Shell be my driver.”

“You!” Her face turned red after hearing this. Even though Sago Palm was a tiny sect, she was still its First Disciple, a princess of sorts with so many people fawning over her. She quivered with rage after hearing this demand.

“Brat, youre pushing it, dont win an inch and want a foot!” Her Junior Brother shouted in defense.

“Stop!” Tieshu Weng shouted again at He Chen. The boy could only grit his teeth and kept his mouth shut.

Li Qiye ignored him and glanced at the girl: “It is your honor to be my driver.”

Having said that, he got into the carriage and immediately went to sleep.

This treatment made her livid. She had to restrain the urge of beating this mortal up.

“Shaner, do a good job.” Weng reminded his disciple.

“Master…” She felt wronged and wanted to plead. Her master has always doted on her but he still made her the driver now?

Weng reiterated in an urgent manner: “This relates to our sects rise and fall. Do a good job of serving him. If anyone dares to be disrespectful, I will expel them!”

His expression and words were quite solemn and serious.

Xiaoshan rarely saw this side of her master so she swallowed all of unhappiness and indignation. However, she channeled this anger towards Li Qiye instead and held nothing but contempt for him.

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