Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 357: Meeting the Realm God

“Nine deaths for one life. I shall trade my death earlier for your Heavens Wills.” The ashes turned back to Li Qiye. This reconstruction process was different than the automatic recovery conducted by ones own body. It was a reversing process that eventually reconstructed Li Qiyes body and true fate.

He stood there – deathly pale – on the verge of falling down at any moment.

“The Death Scripture!” World Emperor was aware of the artifact.

The Death Record, one of the four arts of the scripture – one fate accumulated from three deaths, one item formed from six deaths, one life changed from nine deaths, and eighteen deaths to reach the high heavens.

A while ago, Li Qiye used a supreme method to assume his strongest form while letting Old Xian, South Emperor, and Bloodbull Godfiend kill him. This was his eighth death.

He truly died again for the ninth time during this ambush. He wanted to use his death to trade for their Heavens Wills.

If he could grab all forty, it would be completely unimaginable. However, the twelve emperors and World were amazing enough. They instantly hid their auras so the timeworn laws could only find six.

“Guard!” World Emperor began again. His hands became bright as he pushed them down to seal everything. This force could imprison a supreme true immortal and all the devil kings.

His title and twelve Heavens Wills werent only for show. The guy was completely extraordinary; other emperors paled in comparison.

The other twelve followed his lead and instantly tried to hold the six shackled wills back.

There was no point in attacking Li Qiye any longer in their mind. They were not facing him but an ancient power that originated from the start of the world. It was the power of a Heavenly Scripture! The oldest of forces in the universe.

The six wills were sealed and seemed to be disappearing from the world. Though the timeworn laws have latched onto the six wills, they couldnt pull the wills back to Li Qiye because the thirteen emperors were suppressing the area.

“Geezer, you are so amazing, worthy of being my rival.” Li Qiye chuckled: “But, I have toiled in the nine worlds for generations, you think this is all I can do, just relying on the Death Scripture to come here alone? You are still underestimating me, watch this.”

Having said that, the twisting golden, silver, and iron lights glowed brilliantly.

“Boom!” The three grand dao and the twelve laws instantly floated above his head.

“Its time for me to harvest, no one can stop me!” Li Qiye coldly uttered.

All along, he didnt utilize the other arts of the Death Scripture outside of the Death Record. His whole plan was to wait for this moment.

“Clank!” The record became resplendent with the nine petals like stars illuminating everything.

The timeworn laws that were locking the six wills also wrapped around the second of the twelve laws. In the past, he fused the first law with the Heavens Will from the nine worlds. He intended on fusing these six wills with the second law.

“Not good!” World Emperor was startled while the other twelve knew that something bad was going to happen.

“Buzz.” In the blink of an eye, the second law wished to become one with the six wills. The owners of the wills felt the robbing process.

“Bang!” The world shook and quaked with a new arrival. This person was resplendent and presided above the gods. Even emperors with six wills here were overshadowed.

He could give birth to the yin and yang, master the universe, and end the eternal river of time!

World Emperor has finally arrived with his real body since he had no other choice!

“Rumble!” Visual phenomena appeared in the sky as well as the power of the tribulations, capable of judging all living beings. Even an apex twelve-will emperor was subjected to this arbitration.

“Heavenly Execution!” The Grand Emperors had nothing to fear after their ascension but there was a chill running down their spine the moment they saw this.

Even a twelve-will Grand Emperor would turn to ashes. Flame Emperor, Wave Emperor, and even Immortal Emperor Wan Gu from the nine worlds were prime examples!

“Run!” World Emperor instantly severed karma and the realms. There was no intention of getting the six wills back. He crossed the river of time and peeled off from space while carrying the other twelve Grand Emperors.

He came and left quickly, leaving behind the six wills that were locked. He was quite decisive enough in this endeavor.

His real body didnt come to kill Li Qiye, only to save the twelve emperors even if it meant risking a Heavenly Execution.

This was due to seeing Li Qiyes Death Record and understanding that the match was decided. Unless Li Qiye were to die from old age, his souls were destroyed, or the high heaven; nothing else could kill him.

But the three grand dao and the twelve laws gave Li Qiye a chance to retaliate. The guy wanted all forty wills, not just six, and perhaps even aimed to kill him.

Because of this, World Emperor took action right away before disappearing from sight! With that, the Heavenly Execution also dissipated.

Li Qiye flatly muttered: “The old man has been hiding for too long so the moment he came out, an execution came. That was why dangerous…”

World Emperor had reached the peak long ago with his twelve wills so he had to hide in the past. An emperor of his level had too great of a chance to bring out an execution upon sight. It was almost a certain thing.

In the tenth world, anyone who shouldered the Heavens Will had a certain probability of inciting a Heavenly Execution.

However, it was much lower for anyone under six and especially less for one to two wills emperors. Six and above was much greater, needless to say about the twelve-will ones. Thus, most emperors would start to hide at the end of their generation. Some even did so much earlier.

“Buzz.” The second law fused together completely with the six wills. It became resplendent as if it was full of life.

“What a shame, the geezer is too careful with unbelievable skills or I would be triumphant, harvesting forty wills in one go. Then no need to trap more Grand Emperors in the future.” Li Qiye shook his head with a tinge of regrets.

He was preparing for today long ago. Knowing that the upper echelon wouldnt let him go and the ascension was their best chance to kill him, he waited for the ambush. His three grand dao and twelve laws required the Heavens Wills for gestation.

He even wanted to light up all twelve at the same time. This would give him enough resources for the final battle. Alas, World Emperor was too careful and mighty so he only got six wills in the process.

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