Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 356: One Body Two Physiques

Before the Emperor Hunt War, the hundred races had no status in the tenth world. Even though the wise sages and Immortal Emperors did win some territories for them such as the Arrogance and Pure Continents, these races were still under the Divine, Devil, and Heaven Races in most places of the tenth world.

They didnt have the right to migrate or to aim for the Heavens Wills. Certain spots were strict enough to stop them from cultivating altogether.

After the war, the three arrogant races had to sit down and negotiate before finally signing the three-point covenant. The hundred races won property rights and were considered on the same level as the three races, at least on paper.

Everyone knew that during the war, Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen was in charge. Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Yan Shi, and other Immortal Emperors on top of certain Immortal Monarchs from the hundred races participated. In the end, they won and earned the same status as the three races.

Because of this, these emperors were considered heroes by future generations. Alas, very few people were aware that there was a dark hand behind the scene, the Dark Crow!

It was his idea and plan. When he proposed it, Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen was the first to answer. She stood by his side and supported each of his decisions.

Later on, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Yan Shi, Immortal Emperor Mo Gou, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, Immortal Emperor Ba Mie, Immortal Emperor Yu Long and many others joined the Dark Crows banner.

The war finally erupted and these emperors and monarchs from the hundred races began their assault.

They fought till the celestials lost their light and the myriad laws were broken.

The three races Grand Emperors had no choice but to settle for peace. If the war continued on, they wouldnt be able to handle it either due to the heavy price.

In the end, both sides signed the peace agreement. This eternal covenant was sworn on the honor of all the races.

The Dark Crow was the leader on the hundred races faction while World Emperor personally presided over the three races camp. This wasnt their first bout since they had many skirmishes in the past of their long-lasting rivalry.

World Emperor was one of the few with twelve Heavens Wills, a top member of the three races. This was the reason why he fought against the Dark Crow, not because his daughter was kidnapped. The Dark Crow always sided with the humans and the hundred races in the tenth world.

Personal feuds didnt matter to these two. They could even let go of past grievances and sit down to have a nice chat with a cup of tea. However, when it came to these large-scale conflicts, they each picked their own people.

This past history made World Emperor very cautious in the present. He understood the Dark Crow and knew that the guy wasnt a risk taker, not to mention his flawless calculations.

They used a roundabout method to convince the emperors and monarchs in the tenth world to agree in the sealing of the thirteen continents. This gave them a chance to hide the coordinates in this area as well. Nevertheless, no secrets could be kept forever.

People at their level should be able to realize something as time went on. Many monarchs and emperors were on the Dark Crows side, especially the ones groomed by him.

After realizing that something was amiss and finding out about the ambush, these emperors should instantly come to assist the Dark Crow. However, no one was coming so World Emperor found the whole thing perplexing.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren had started the fifth expedition and Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen started the sixth so many emperors on the Dark Crows side have left, especially the most supportive ones. Nevertheless, the ones who stayed behind should still be coming to help.

The lack of reinforcement, strangely enough, haunted World Emperors mind. This made him think that the Dark Crow was conducting another different chess board while they were hunting him. Who was the player and who was only a pawn? This has yet to be decided.

He felt that the Dark Crows death was a bit surreal and couldnt confirm it.

Suddenly, a lotus flower with eighteen petals emerged, eight of which were already sparkling and translucent.

In the blink of an eye, the ninth flower became bright as if something had just lit it up.

The twelve emperors had an ominous feeling while World Emperor was completely aghast.

“Retreat!” World Emperor shouted and instantly took action. He pushed back the past, present, and the future on top of all laws in the world. However, it was already too late.

“Boom!” Ancient laws descended from the sky, filled with chaos aura and primordial power. Moreover, the essences of these laws were even older compared to the Heavens Will. If the chaos aura and primordial power of the Heavens Will were created at the start of the world, then the ones of these laws even predated that.

“Clank!” The laws instantly headed for the Heavens Wills above the Grand Emperors, wishing to restrain all of them.

“Hide!” The fearless Grand Emperors suddenly had felt a tinge of horror in their mind despite possessing the firmest dao heart.

Nevertheless, they were skilled enough to understand each other and react appropriately. No one tried to directly confront these incoming timeworn laws. All of them used the most heaven-defying methods to hide themselves and their wills.

Characters at their level instantly recognized the laws and knew that there was no point in trying to stop it. Hiding was the only option.

At the same time, World Emperor sealed the all the power and temporal affinities in this area with an astonishing speed.

The whole place fell into a hush. There was no grand dao, power, or laws… Nothing was left of this area.

The emperors working together to hide and World Emperor omni-sealing happened in a split second.

“Clank!” Alas, the timeworn laws still grabbed six Heavens Wills.

The four Grand Emperors, who came with their real form, each had one will seized. Two of the eight avatars were slower; each of them had one will restrained as well.

The problem was that Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor and the other three came in person. This made their presence and laws too powerful and conspicuous.

Thus, even though they tried to evade by concealing everything, strands of their auras still leaked out. As for the other two avatars, they slightly lost their composure due to fear. Just this tiniest emotional fluctuation in the shortest period was enough.

Because of this, the timeworn laws detected and grabbed onto these six wills.

The emperors expressions changed for the worst. In their mind, the Heavens Will was more important than anything!

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